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Submitted by Jacob Anania
on 09/02/19

Classic cars are treated by most people like a second child because of either the rarity to society or the sentimental value brought by driving or seeing it. For example, my Grandpa owns a 1968 Impala and when he got it all he could do was spend time in the garage working on it adding the bits and pieces that make the car unique and making sure it was always show quality ready. This event also brought my uncle to be more involved with him because he was a mechanic and it was treated as a family car. So when cars of higher value are shipped all across the globe and in the states they have to be treated with extra care.

The easiest and least expensive mode of transportation for anything is by car. Cars if being shipped for auto shows or to houses have to be in a climate controlled environment to allow for the car to not be affected to its body. So transport of any car of rarity has to delicately check often due to changing road surfaces. Trucks can have harder times moving due to their size and ability to change speeds.

So when on the road a truck driver has to be sure that at every stop they make must be calculated to insure the cars are in a secure position and fix issues dealing with the load like climate settings based on the car experts opinions. When the truck driver arrives at their destination a good idea for them to avoid reckless drivers is parking in an empty lot if possible. This would allow for the client to feel safe about not unloading it on a busy street or in front of a huge crowd.

Cars that are going to car shows by trucks have special requirements and to respect the owners of the car it is better for them to handle the unloading of the car because of liability doesn’t fall on the driver or the company. Cars of different countries have become hot topic especially for rare and exotic cars like Ferrari to Volkswagen. So transportation companies have been tasked with creating safe, convenient and innovative ways to meet the rising demand of shipping international cars to the USA and vise versa.

To transport these cars there are only two ways to meet the demand. One is by airplane but that is the most expensive. Planes are faster than boats and the only way to send them would be by a cargo plane. Cargo planes like boats have to rent space for shipments and the space a boat can carry and a plane can carry are dramatically different. A cargo plane can hold 875,000 pounds for 4,450 Nautical miles, that means a cargo plane like a Boeing 747 can hold up to 50 cars.

An industry sized car cargo ship can hold up to 8,500 cars. The plane is used for specialized shipping because it is faster to fly with fewer cars than having an industry ship with almost nine thousand. To make sure both function properly, people from every stage of the loading to unloading process must understand the importance of each car. A plane has to be loaded with cars strapped on special braces.

Cars are under strict inspection for illegal substances and the gas tank can’t be more than a quarter full. To keep the cargo safe a good way to inspect it while flying would have someone during flight assigned by the client to keep check of the cars on a one hour basis. This would help keep nerves of the pilot at ease and the clients who wait the arrival of their priceless gems. An example of a rare car transport on a plane was eight Rolls Royce’s on a Boeing 747 which was transported from Amsterdam to Johannesburg, South Africa.

Cargo ships are used as industry carriers based on their size and less expensive and take more time to travel because of the sea and horsepower of the boat. Cargo ships are used by most car manufacturers because they can ship major tons of cars to the mainland and gives time for them to advertise that their coming to the United States or country of shipment. To keep ships like rare cars safe on journeys that might include extra attention by the crew to keep the car maintained.

This might mean keeping covers on rare cars because of the sea and waves can sprinkle water through the deck. Boat captains can also warn clients before their transportation of the seas nature and what preparation they can do to ready the car. When the car arrives from the journey from sea the client should be the first one to contact the captain on how he wants the car to be taken off and if there is an option for his own people to do the task of unloading.

These three modes of transport for rare cars help show the world the beauty of the past and the future for the industry. But to keep these cars transported right the people dealing in these cars have to have the same passion as the client. Like my grandpa’s story in the beginning if a shipper thinks his job is just dealing with a regular car will most likely not look at the fine details of the shipment from beginning to end.

But if a shipper and the people who deal with this cargo have the same passion of cars as my grandpa will take more time to appreciate their job. Because sometimes as a shipper your job might involve just sending a car to a rich investor spending his money. But you might be giving an opportunity for someone to surprise their family with a car that means more than car. Or helping ship a car that is being used to collect donations to help fund a public project. So shippers is more than a job because rare cars have a special bond to humanity.

Submitted by Jacob Anania
on 09/02/19

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