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Submitted by Kara Leitch
on 02/22/18

People of all ages enjoy driving and looking at classic cars and trucks. In nearly every
county all across America, you can find a car show at some point in the year. With the beautiful
paint jobs and old body styles, it is hard to own an antique vehicle without being proud of it. But have you thought about how you would go about moving your beloved classic long distance?
A-1 Auto Transport provides reliable moving services for the ultimate safety of your automobile.
As a classic truck or car owner, the safety of your vehicle is important. A-1 offers a
variety of shipping accommodations to make sure your vehicle is well taken care of from point A to point B. With over 25 years of experience, and service to all 50 states as well as international shipping, A-1 is your best option for transporting your vehicles; daily drivers and trophy cars alike.
Most people choose enclosed shipment for their antique cars. When traveling across the
country, you are bound to run into extreme weather of some kind. Enclosed shipping provides
protection against extreme weather conditions such as rain, snow, or hail. It also gives your car
cover from the powerful bleaching powers of the sun. Enclosed shipping also protects your
prized car from getting chipped by rocks and debris.
As well as protection against the weather, covered shipping protects against theft. We
know that people are often times the most dangerous threat to our vehicles. As you are waiting
for your car to be shipped across the country, you can rest easy knowing your car is not being
stolen or broken into.
With shift-resistant transport carriers and air-cushioned suspension, A-1 Auto Transport
ensures your vehicle to have a smooth ride. Shift-resistant carriers prevent cars from moving
around and bumping into each other. They also secure the car in its spot during turns and in
case of sudden braking. Air-cushioned suspenders help protect your vehicles suspension as
well as the car itself. When the cars ebb and flow with the truck hauling them, the cushions aid in supporting the body of the car by smoothing out any rough or unexpected bounces.
Shift-resistant transport and air-cushioned suspension help prolong the life and quality of your
vintage car- things A-1 cares about nearly as much as you do.
Door-to-door transportation is a convenient option while moving your older car across
the nation. Not only does it eliminate the need to drop off your car at a depot, it gives you the
opportunity to oversee the loading and unloading of your vehicle. Another bonus of door-to-door shipping is the fact that you can personally meet the driver who will be taking care of your car the entire trip.
As well as shipping classic cars, A-1 frequently transports vintage trucks. While the
details of shipping a truck are mostly the same as shipping a car, there are a few differences
because of the increase in weight and size. A-1 is a nationally certified truck shipping company
that strives to provide the best service with the lowest prices. By taking into account the size,
weight, equipment used, and location, you are sure to get the best bang for your buck when
shipping your truck.
A-1 also provides all the information you need to know before shipping your car on their
website. They have a price estimator, list of locations, and a list of what to do in order to prepare your vehicle for the move. There is even information about how A-1 is striving to protect the world we live in.
Speaking of protecting the environment what are all of the reasons to ship your car
instead of drive it across the country? As well as reducing the number of cars driving long
distance, there are many personal advantages to shipping your classic cars instead of driving
By taking advantage of the enclosed shipping A-1 offers, you protect the body of your
car. The risk of denting your car in a fender bender, as well as the risk of chips from flying rocks, is eliminated. The paint on a vintage vehicle is part of what makes it so beautiful. Why risk ruining the charming hue of your ride when you can ensure it will be shipped unstained and unscratched?
All vintage trucks and cars have a large number of miles on them. Even if the engine is
new or rebuilt, the frame of the car itself has had its fair share of wear and tear. By shipping
your wheels across the country, you save some of those precious miles on your car for
something fun. Maybe even driving to a car show to show it off!
While antiques are handsome, they are not always reliable for long distance trips. Even
the most well cared for engines would be better off riding across the country than driving across.
Let your mind and your mechanical skills take a rest while you allow A-1 to move your classic
car or truck for you.
What makes A-1 Auto Transport superior to other car transport companies? Overall,
your comfort and convenience is A-1’s priority. With the ability to get an accurate quote online,
A-1 does not leave you guessing how much shipping your car will cost. A-1 wants what is best
for you, so they offer you several delivery methods in order to best suit your needs. A-1 does its
best to accommodate all of your needs ranging from insurance coverage to delivery dates at little to no cost. Finally, A-1 has excellent customer service. They will be glad to answer any
questions or concerns you may have at any time.
Entrusting your vintage car to a stranger can be a nerve-racking experience. A-1 Auto
Transport has been a trusted company for over 25 years. Customer service is their number one
priority. For years they have been listening to and accommodating the special needs of each
individual. A-1 has fine-tuned their services to provide the best possible experience at
budget-friendly prices. With bonus features such as GPS tracking and insurance coverage in
every quote, there is no reason to doubt the ability of A-1 to help you ship your classic cars.

Submitted by Kara Leitch
on 02/22/18

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