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Are you thinking of relocating to Stafford Connecticut? Get a list of the available Stafford Connecticut cheap moving companies and compare their prices.-Make Sure to check various prices provided by Stafford, Connecticut cheap moving companies. Identify at least three movers and let them issue you with a quote. Most of the mover’s details can easily be accessed online. Do some research and compare the rates.


cheapest movers in Stafford


Preparations to make before your moving day

Create a budget

A crucial part of the entire moving process is to make sure that everything gets accounted. When you decide to use professional movers for your relocation, have an estimate of your relocation process as a whole.

If you need to relocate your belongings without the help of a professional mover, then confirm the cost of hiring a moving truck. You do not have to undergo extra charges for services you can handle like packing and unpacking. You can as well invite friends to assist in loading and unloading of items.  Determine and note the cost of food, drinks, and fuel. You can as well decide to thank your volunteers with a tip for their help in providing moving labour at the end of the day. Account for it too.

Pack your items

When having residential moving, consider involving your entire family members to help you sort household goods. Let kids pack their stuff; it will be easier for them to settle when you get to your new home. In case of office moving, delegate different persons to oversee the disassembly of office furniture, electronics, and machines. It is always good to coordinate your move for a stress-free relocation process. Getting done with packing before your moving day is advisable. If you do not wish to tire, you can consider professional movers with full-service moving.

A-1 Auto Transport, Inc. can help you move your household goods nationwide. Call 888-509-3213 to get a free, no obligation to buy price quote on interstate moving services.

Clean your place

Take away anything that you do not want to ship. You can opt to give out or sell through your local second-hand outlets.

Reconfirm the moving time with the mover

Communicate with the mover to know the exact time of their arrival so that you can be able to do a final check. You do not want to leave your important items behind!

What you are entitled to confirm before hiring any of Stafford Connecticut Cheap Movers

Moving truck rates

Professional movers have trucks of different sizes. The bigger the storage space, the higher the price. It is essential to confirm the type of vehicle that will be shipping your belongings and how much you will pay. You can opt to have several quotes from different movers and compare the prices.

The mover should be licensed

Confirm that your mover has the necessary legal documents which authorize them to offer moving services. You cannot afford to hand your commercial products to a mover who is not trusted and has no records to authenticate their services. It is necessary to be keen not to fall prey to scams.

Moving and Storage services should be insured

Whether your move is long distance, interstate or cross-country, the mover should protect it from transit challenges. You can also link with a third party insurance agent to make sure all of your belongings are on a cover.


Ask your Stafford Connecticut mover to provide you with referrals who have had moves in at least the last two months. Contact them and inquire if they had a stressful time with the mover especially in payment. They will help you to know if the mover is courteous and has a trained team to handle the relocation process.

What to have on your moving day

  • Heavy-lifting loading tools– Inquire if your mover has one, if not, source someone to provide.
  • Trash bags- This will be used to store moving surplus and any other disposable items
  • Reserved parking – Make sure to reserve space for the moving trucks.
  • New locks- This will be used to lock your place after you vacate.

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