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How to Run a Stress-Free Move in Menlo Park California

Every mover hopes that the moving day activities run on efficiently and in conformity with their budget estimate. But did you know that office moving or residential moving process is only as good as the preparations you put into making it a success? To achieve an affordable and stress-free moving process, you need to match up your moving needs with reliable Menlo Park, California cheap moving companies as well as where to source moving supplies at better rates. Here are some few tips on how to ensure you move out on time and that you have less stressful moving day experiences.


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Create a to-do list

Moving can be quite overwhelming. With so much to do in seemingly limited time, you need an actionable plan lest you get lost in this confusion and have the moving day dawn on you unawares. To achieve the best, you will need to come up with to do list, highlighting all the possible pre-move activities.

This list should include such highlights as taking inventory of your household goods, finding affordable Menlo Park, California cheap movers, sourcing for quality packing materials, and setting up a moving day. Remember to include every other important aspect of the move such as conscribing friends and their moving trucks if you intend to self-move.

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Set a timeframe for each objective

Go on and set up a timeline for each of the pre-move tasks. Set up a deadline by which you must have vetted available Menlo Park, California the cheap moving companies reviews, checked on their products like the full service moving package decided to hire their service.

You should also set a timeframe for the time it takes to source for moving supplies such as the relocation truck, packing, and even the heavy lifting equipment. Set out enough time to pitch different commercial moving and storage companies for quotes confirming the price of the supplies using these to calculate their market rate.

This timeframe should also explicitly state the time needed to start packing and ensure that you are done before the moving day. If you hope to self-move, let the timeline also indicate the time by which you should have conscribed enough moving labor in the name of friends to help with loading, unloading and unpacking as well as a time by which you should have secured the moving truck.

Most importantly, if you are to embark on interstate or cross-country moves, you need set a definite timeline by which you will have secured the necessary permits. If you are hiring your trusted company to do the office moving, have you enough time to confirm their registration details like whether they are insured or if they are licensed to run national moving operations.


Taking on these tasks solely would require more time and thus the need to multi-task. Consider reviewing the quote from the local moving storage company as you go about sorting bulky furniture and fragile antiques. Nonetheless, ensure that all the pre-move tasks fit your timeline.

Hire the full service moving package

The most straightforward way to a stress-free experience when moving to Menlo Park California is by hiring a professional moving company. These aren’t just experienced in conducting similar moves but are also well equipped with the necessary equipment as well as courteous and highly trained in dealing with equally valuable household goods and ensuring that they unload them safely at your new home.  Don’t leave anything to chance. In case there is something that is unclear, be sure to ask.

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