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Smart ways to save on costs when moving to a new home in Kenai Alaska (AK)

It is every mover’s dream to have their household goods, and office valuables moved to the new premise efficiently and on time without any harm, and most importantly, without spending an arm and leg in the process. But this isn’t always the case, especially considering the fact that the more risks a relocation activity is exposed to, the higher the rate for different cost items that translates to a higher moving price on the quotes you receive from Kenai, Alaska cheap moving companies.

What can you do to bring down these moving prices and attract an affordable quote from one of Kenai cheap movers? Here are some of the cost-cutting options at your disposal.


cheapest movers in Kenai


Plan your move early

Before you even consider approaching cheap moving services providers for a quote, check on your moving needs. For instance, how many standardized packing boxes would your household goods need, plus what is the average size of your furniture or do you have fragile items that need special handling?

These moving needs play a critical role in determining the size of the moving truck and moving labor needed for the move. Additionally, the value and the delicate nature of your belongings also determine whether you need professional and trained labor or not.  You also need to know whether you are looking for a local or long distance move.

Note that a better understanding of your needs helps you match them with the right local moving and Storage Company. You even stand to enjoy discounted prices if you book early.

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Negotiate for better rates with moving storage companies

After identifying your relocation needs, it is now time to match them with a trusted interstate or cross country mover. Ask for suggestions from friends while consulting online reviews about the moving storage company’s experience, their quality of service, whether their employees are courteous as well as whether they have hidden charges on their final estimate.

Go on and request for quotes from several preferred companies and compare the charges for their full service moving package to identify the market rate for different cost factors. Such information gives substantial grounds to negotiate for better rates, especially when you have bulky goods that need specialized heavy lifting equipment or specialized trucks.

Handle the packing and unpacking

Did you know that while the full service moving package guarantees a less stressful residential moving, it isn’t always the most affordable? If you are after spending as little as possible on a moving day, consider going for a package that allows you to play an active role in the relocation such as packing, loading or unloading. Companies offer packing and unpacking services separately from the commercial truck and labor, and this gives you an opportunity to pay less when you do more.

Insure your products

Before hiring an office moving company, confirm that they are insured and licensed. However, for maximum safety of your products and stress-free experience, consider insuring some of your expensive products as well as others with high sentimental value. And while this wouldn’t ensure that you get to unload them in one piece, it guarantees that should any harm befall them or third parties during transit you will be excused from any liabilities.

Bottom line

Don’t just hire a Kenai Alaska mover. First, ensure that they can be trusted with the safety of your belongings and are willing to go the extra mile and create negotiation room for a more affordable rate without neglecting the quality of service.  Welcome to your new home.

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