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Planning On Moving? Here Are the Moving Options

You are probably planning your next residential move or shifting your office to a new place. You are already aware of the stressful packing and heavy lifting that comes with relocation. Therefore, make a decision on which moving method is best for you. Like every other decision, this one too has its consequences. The option you choose affects the amount of time and money you’ll spend to move your household goods.


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While hiring local Kankakee cheap moving companies, may not be a bad idea, it is also advisable to know about other moving options. It gives you an opportunity to weigh the available options and decide which one is the best for you. Here are the options;

The do-it-yourself (DIY) move

Hiring a professional moving company can be expensive if you’re moving on a budget. With this moving option, you will have to pack and unload all your stuff by yourself. However, you could use a few friends to help with the moving labor. All you need is to have a car or a van to transport your belongings and friends to help you pack. Be courteous enough to buy them some pizza and drinks; it’s the least you can to appreciate your friends for assisting you in packing. Besides, it will present some good time for bidding goodbye to them. For long distance moving, this method is not the best option for you.

Renting a moving truck

Hiring a truck is one of the most common moving options for interstate, residential moving. Moving trucks offer plenty of room for you to pack tour items without squeezing them unlike when using a van. Compared to DIY move, renting a truck can be expensive. You will need to decide on the size of the truck you need depending on the goods you have. This will help you estimate the price of renting trucks. You can consult your local truck rental company to help you determine the right size for your goods.

Consider the charges

Most of the commercial truck renting companies charge an hourly rate in addition to the cost of fuel. However, these rates may vary at different times of the year. For affordable prices, we recommend renting a truck on weekdays rather than weekends.  The demand for trucks is low on weekdays; thus the renting price is low. Be sure to check if the truck is licensed and insured to guarantee compensation in case of damage to your property during shipping.

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Check for moving storage facilities

Similar to renting a truck for a cross-country move, you can opt to rent a moving storage unit. Various Kankakee cheap movers are offering the service at an affordable cost. You can hire a storage container weeks earlier before the moving day, to pack all your items efficiently and safely. After packing, your moving and storage company will ship the items to your destination. To save you from the agony of packing and unloading, you can hire trained personals to do all the work or you.

Full service moving

Full service moving is the most expensive moving option on the list. You don’t have to worry about packing, moving unloading and unpacking since its well-taking care of in this package.  You will, therefore, have to go through reviews of various companies to find a trusted one. Be ready to pay the hefty price that comes with full-service moving.

Hiring Kankakee cheap movers is one of the most common methods used when moving to a new place. However depending on your moving needs, residential or office moving, other options may be of a significant advantage than the traditional way of hiring cheap moving services. Use the above-detailed information to help you choose the best moving option.

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