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Why Do You Need an In-Home Survey from a Helena, Alabama (AL) Residential Moving Company

The American moving and storage association recommends that you get an estimate from up to three Professional Helena cheap moving companies before hiring the right mover. But why should you encourage an in-home inventory inspection from several Helena, Alabama cheap movers? Does it have any impact on the affordability of your residential moving process? Here some reasons a mover requests for a home or office physical inspection and why you should encourage it.


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Why is the importance of the inspection to the cheap moving services provider?

To calculate the quotes

You have probably come across a mover that advocates for phone survey as opposed to an in-home physical inspection. Understand that, unless you are moving to an apartment studio and have moving storage unit for extra belongings, always insist on a physical inspection. Otherwise, how would a local company quantify the rate of moving your things in the closets and drawers over the phone?

An inspection is meant to present the mover with an opportunity to create a list of items that need moved and price the operation. In most cases, an inspector will draft a final quote for you before leaving your premise.

To understand the nature of your household goods

What worked for one small enterprise in their office moving practice won’t necessarily work with another given the uniqueness of different offices and homes. Therefore, to understand the type of moving truck as well as the size of trained moving labor to assign you, the moving company must have an idea about the stuff you need to be moved. And this can only be achieved through an in-house inspection.

Additionally, the commercial mover has to ascertain the level of care required to move your fragile furniture and other office valuables. For instance, does the operation need heavy lifting equipment or special trucks? Answers to such questions lie in the inspection.

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 To iron out preferred moving package details

After considering company online reviews about moving, you might have decided to hire a full service moving package for your upcoming long distance or interstate moves. But you must still want to know about other affordable moving packages. The mover then takes this opportunity to break down the rates for different packages as well as factors they put into consideration when setting these prices.

Why encourage the inspection?

Provides a negotiation ground

Different companies take into account varied costing factors such as packing and unpacking when determining the cost of relocation. Comparing different cost estimates can nonetheless help you figure out the market price for some of the cost items thereby presenting you a solid negotiation base.

Gives a better view of the moving and storage company better

What does your preferred moving package entail? What service and moving materials will the company be providing during the moving day? For instance, does the company help set your new home in order after they unload your wares and what is your role in the loading and unloading? Do they even provide new moving boxes for the process, or do you have to acquire them at an additional price?

Most importantly, has the company insured its services and is it licensed to offer cross country moving services. You also get a chance to confront them about any negative customer reviews they might have accumulated over the past. Let them understand your interest in such factors as whether their employees are courteous and if they ensure that the process runs on efficiently and your belongings delivered on time.

Helps relieve moving anxiety

Planning relocation can be quite stressful. However, meeting a professional mover and settling on an affordable and less strenuous moving package goes a long way in guaranteeing a stress-free moving day experience.  And it all starts with in-house inspections from trusted Helena, Alabama (AL) cheap moving services providers.


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