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4 Golden Ways to Save Money on Your Next Move

Let’s face it: There is nothing that is ever free. You pay for what you get- could it be a service, a product, and even an experience. However, what matters is getting what you want at an affordable rate. To get things done at a competitive price, you need to have a good plan and do thorough research. Relocation is no exception. The process of executing interstate or cross-country moves have cost some homeowners a fortune. However, with professional Harvard cheap movers, you will save a few bucks, and at the end, your residential moving process will be less stressful.


cheapest movers in Harvard


Here is what to do to save money on your relocation

Hire a Reliable Moving Company

There is no surer way to lose your hard-earned cash than hiring bad movers- dishonest or incompetent ones.

Rogue movers will come up with a lowball estimate to rip you off. Worse, they can disappear with your money and never show up on the Moving day. Some will even steal your belongings and charge exorbitantly for alleged additional services.

Inexperienced movers will turn your commercial or office moving process into a nightmare. They are not trained for heavy lifting and will, therefore, risk your valuable possessions. They lack professional know-how in packing your household goods. Moreover, in the process, they may damage your prized items, and you will end up losing cash as you will need to repair or replace damaged furniture.

To avoid all these;

  • Read reviews and ask for recommendations
  • Verify if the company has a USDOT number
  • Get quotes from various movers. Later, request in-house inspections for you to get accurate cost estimates.
  • Steer clear of lowball estimates
  • Compare the received prices and choose the mover that offers cheap moving services.
  • Verify that the potential mover is licensed and adequately insured.

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Move during Off-Peak Season

Relocation is not just about packing, loading furniture into a moving truck and speeding off to your new home. It involves myriad of activities and lots of informed decisions to make. Relocating during summer, national holidays and on weekends will cost you up to 25% more than the regular moving labor charges.

To save some money, move during off-peak months, and on a weekday. However, if your move will be in summer, book the full-service moving company at least 10 to 12 weeks in advance.

Plan Your Move Well in Advance

Whether you are making a local or a long-distance move, never make a mistake of hiring a mover at the last minute. Once you hire a moving and storage company at the eleventh hour, you will not have a room for negotiations, and you will likely take any offer given to you.

If you want to have a stress-free move, then avoid last-minute arrangements- unless it is an urgent move. Take your time and research a company that will shift your home at competitive rates. Ensure their trucks are well-maintained to avoid endless breakdowns en route.

Get Rid of Unwanted Items

If you want to move all your earthly possessions, you may make more than one trip. It will also take hours to unload your goods which might attract an extra fee. Cut down the moving storage cost by reducing your belongings. Remember, the final relocation cost is heavily based on the weight of the shipment. Bulky loads will attract high price and vice versa.

To save money when moving, DE clutter your home or office, and get rid of worn out, outdated, or damaged items.

Save Money with Harvard Cheap Movers

Moving to a new house should never cause you a headache. With the help of Harvard cheap moving companies, you can be sure that nothing goes out of control. We have mastered the art of unloading and unpacking your goods with precision. We have courteous workers who are well conversant with the relocation process. We are trusted globally, and we never hesitate to deliver your possessions on time.

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