Can Your Estate Agent Charge You For A Cleaning Service If You Leave The Property Dirty?

Can Your Estate Agent Charge You For A Cleaning Service If You Leave The Property Dirty?

You are done packing, loading all the items in the truck and ready to move on to your beautiful new house. However, you know you should leave the house clean but you really don’t have the time to do the cleaning or the money to hire professionals. Is it a must for you to clean up after you move? Will the agent charge you for the cleaning services?



Deposit deduction

The simple truth is yes, you will be charged if the agents hire someone to do the cleaning after you. Usually, they will deduct that amount and any other expense from your deposit money that they have been holding for months. The downside to this is that the agent doesn’t care about your money so they can hire the most expensive cleaners and repair-men and ensure that nothing remains of your deposit. Ideally, it is much cheaper to hire the cleaners yourself if you can’t do the cleaning.

Discuss the parameter of cleaning after the move

Most realtors will still hire professionals to do the cleanup even if you cleaned the house. In this case, it is important to ask and discuss what your part entails so you don’t go overboard. If they require you to just clean the obvious places like floors and windows, you should not hire professionals to clean the ceiling and HVAC unit plus all the appliances. Do your bare minimum and leave the rest to the landlord as long as you have agreed on it.

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It’s the right thing to do

Over and above the fact that landlords and agents have the right to deduct from your bond because of cleaning services, leaving their property dirty will piss them off. It shows disrespect and lack of care because you found the place clean when you moved in. If your agent happens to be vindictive, he will use up all you deposit just to be piss you off right back. A little respect goes a long way and shows that you do care about the property and that you did your best to leave it presentable.


If you just pack up and leave, you will likely not notice some of the places that have been damaged over the course of your stay. The agent will indeed notice them and charge the repair fees on your deposit plus their markup. It is therefore wiser to get the minor repairs taken care of before you leave. Remove all the nails on the walls and remove any stains that will cause trouble with the landlord.

Getting back your deposit is something most people look forward to because the amount is equal to their monthly rent. Unfortunately, the amount you get back is under the discretion of the real estate agent or the landlord depending on the condition of the house. One of the best ways to ensure you get the full amount is to just clean up the house and do some minor repairs before you leave. You can have that done before you move or on the moving day depending on your schedule.

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