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For many people, a car is an essential possession. Without it, getting to work, the mall, the gym, school, etc. would require seeking public transportation which is entirely not reliable in some counties. Therefore, when it’s time to get the car shipped from point A to B, you’ll appreciate fast, prompt and timely delivery. There is no other firm that offers these three qualities better than A-1 Auto Transport.


ship a car to or from Calhoun County 


We have been operational for the last 25 years, growing and perfecting the art of car shipping over the years. We are resourceful in both laborforce and resources, guaranteeing clients from Calhoun County the best services in Mississippi. Besides, we have a wide variety of services that cater for both household and commercial needs when shipping cars to or from Calhoun County.

Areas we serve within and around Calhoun County

We are well-versed with Calhoun County. We understand the major roads and routes serving the towns in Calhoun County. Additionally, with the help of state of the art GPS navigation, we are able to serve every client from any area when shipping cars to or from Calhoun County.

 Our scope of service covers Bruce, Calhoun City, Derma, Vardaman, Big Creek, Pittsboro, State Springs, Baileyville, Banner, Bently, Blueberry/Tater Bed Hill, Bull Mountain, Chickenbone, Cottage Lane, Dentown, Ellard, Elzey, Hollis Switch, Loyd, Macedonia, New Gaulley, New Liberty, Old Town, Reid, Sabougla, Sarepta, Spring Hill and Wardwell. Moreover, we cater to the Calhoun car shipping demand from clients in the adjacent counties including; Lafayette County, Pontotoc County, Chicksaw County, Webster County, Grenada County and Yalobusha County.


  • Open carrier services: We are resourceful in open carriers which come in handy when clients require several vehicles shipped. We can ship about 8 assorted vehicles onto one carrier. This is a budget-friendly mode of shipping as it introduces a cost-pulling advantage even for clients shipping a single vehicle. Sedans, compact SUVs, vans, trucks, ATVs, motorcycles and motorhomes as well as heavy equipment are best shipped using this mode of transportation.
  • Enclosed carrier services: Collector cars, classic cars, luxury cars and supercars all have one thing in common. They are expensive to acquire. This is why they are referred to as ‘high-end.’ The costly nature of such vehicles compels the need for extra protection against external elements that may harm them along the course of transportation. Such elements include extreme weather conditions such as hail or low lying twigs. Also, their flashy nature attracts attention during shipping. Enclosed carriers provide the much-needed protection and privacy for such vehicles.

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There are many more services from where these came from. Visit A-1 Auto Transport’s service page today and get further insight on what other services you can enjoy when shipping cars to or from Calhoun County.

Zip codes included in Calhoun County

  • ZIP Code 38839 – Derma
  • ZIP Code 38878 – Vardaman
  • ZIP Code 38913 – Banner
  • ZIP Code 38914 – Big Creek
  • ZIP Code 38915 – Bruce
  • ZIP Code 38916 – Calhoun City
  • ZIP Code 38951 – Pittsboro
  • ZIP Code 38955 – Slate Spring

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