Buying and Installing New Appliances; Water Heater, Air-Conditioning Unit

Buying and Installing New Appliances; Water Heater, Air-Conditioning Unit

When you move to the new house, you want the place to feel like home. After all, you struggled to make it look like a place you would want to live in. Therefore, some of the things you would want to fix are new appliances. The cooker, washing machine, the solar heater, the air conditioner among others. That is an opportunity to put things right before you move into your new residence. So go ahead, get everything checked on functionality then determine what you need to buy and install.



Fresh installation

This is essential when you are moving into a new house, which had no appliances installed before. Get a skilled person, who has experience in installing appliances. Some of these will be installed permanently such as the air-con and solar heater. Therefore, they must be fixed in the best way possible so that you don’t have to keep doing repairs and replacements. Let the cookers, the washing machines, and other heavy consumers be installed where there is minimal disturbance. They are affected by movement so keep this in mind before you install them.

Repair/Buying new

As you move to your new premises, you need to decide on whether to repair a broken appliance or buy a new one. The 50/50 rule will apply here; if the cost of repairing a washing machine will be more than 50% of its value, then you would better buy a new one. This directly implies that its rate of depreciation is fast and a new one would be economical. Where necessary, consider taking the old one to the garage and dispose at a lower cost. This will reduce the moving cost.

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This is the bottom line. No matter how much you need that new gadget, what will determine whether you get it is if you have the money to buy a new one. An air conditioner can wait if the area you are moving into has favorable weather. Pay heed to the condition of your wallet and then prioritize accordingly. Again, you could opt for low-cost appliances that have a shorter lifespan; this can help you as you look for money to buy the more durable kind.


You are not interested in something that will blow off on the second helping. One way of checking how durable an item is, is by comparing its price to others. Cheap is expensive, the adage goes and there’s a lot of truth in this statement. Check also the year and the country of manufacture. Some countries are known to manufacture durable items as compared to others. Choose quality, not cost if you are keen on durability

Yes, you need all those things and they really look good and make you feel proud even as you move into your new house. However, whatever you want to install into your house; do not rush. Take your time, prioritize, and ultimately you will make your house look exactly how you picture it looking.

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