Buying a Car from eBay

Buying a car from eBay is something that is much more popular than you would think. Many people frequently visit eBay for the purposes of trying to find a great vehicle at the best price possible. But, even though auto sales are eBay’s biggest revenue source, buying a vehicle online should always be done with caution.

However, if you follow the suggestions below, you won’t have much to worry about:

Make Sure To Do Your Research

You should try to do as much research as possible on the vehicle that you’re thinking about buying or bidding on. Besides doing the research on the model and make, you can also e-mail the eBay seller and ask him or her any questions that you may have. You should ask for Proof of Inspection and a copy of the car’s title.

Additionally, eBay has their own Autocheck system that makes it easy to check the car’s history. Plus, there’s always CarFax, where you can get a complete history of the vehicle.

Check the Seller’s Credibility

You can find out the seller’s review history on eBay. Check out as many of the comments as possible, and if they don’t have any reviews yet, check to see if they’re a new seller or not.

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Make Sure You’re Not Overpaying

Buyers that don’t do their research can end up paying more for their car than it is really worth. It can be easy on eBay to get into a massive bidding war, which, of course, drives the price of the car even higher.

You should avoid this completely, and instead, set a max bid amount that you’re willing to place. If it goes over that, don’t worry. You’ll find another car.

Check out Edmunds and Kelley Blue Book at and respectively to get information on the listed book values of vehicles.

Consider Delivery Costs

Depending on where the seller is located, you will need to consider the delivery costs associated with it. If it’s not in driving distance, you will have to have the car transported, such as through a reliable auto transport service. E-mail the seller if you want to know more about the potential costs. Read more about shipping a vehicle you purchased off of eBay.

Take Advantage of eBay’s Vehicle Protection Plan

eBay has their Vehicle Protection Plan in place that can help protect you from various issues associated with your car purchase, such as unexpected damages, fraudulent claims about its mileage, performance problems, and so forth.

View the Cancellation Policy

The seller should have a cancellation policy in place in most circumstances. You should be able to cancel the sale after you have had it inspected or have viewed it yourself. The sellers that don’t have a cancellation policy in place and state that the purchase is final may be trying to deceive you in some way.

Buy From eBay’s Certified Pre-owned Vehicles

eBay has some of the cars inspected and certified. These vehicles also have the advantage of coming with a warranty. You can be sure that if you purchase one of these vehicles, it won’t have any unexpected problems or issues present.

Only Pay Through Certain Methods

There are only certain payment methods which you should agree to. Financing options are fine, and so is PayPal or paying in cash on delivery.

Follow the above tips and you should be completely fine! eBay is a truly good source for finding cars at great prices.

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