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Do you intend to move to or from the City of Burbank? Many people dislike moving due to the chaos that can arise in the process especially when relocating a big household. Many things can get damaged, lost, or broken. However, moving can be more bearable if you have the right shipping companion. Instead of struggling with a truckload of chores, professional California movers can give you a peaceful Burbank move.

We also provide vehicle transport services.

How to Ease Your Moving Process

Moving involves a lot of tasks failure to complete them in time can be frustrating. To avoid such a scenario, begin packing beforehand.  You will have enough time to sort and wrap items, and set up your new house quicker.


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Ensure you have enough supplies. To be on the safe side, order plenty of boxes to avoid overloading them. Heavy packages are cumbersome to carry, and can easily tear. Agree with your supplier that they will take back any surplus for a refund.

Safeguard your valuables. Have a special box for things like jewels and certificates and set it aside. If possible, move it independently for better security. Make copies of vital documents and keep them in a separate place.

Ask a moving company to assess your load and give you a quote. Compare the prices from various movers and obtain the best bargain. Set the most convenient date for moving based on factors like availability of the mover and the rates for various seasons.

Ensure you have the correct address to the new home and map out the best route. Communicate the same to your movers to ensure that they dispatch the shipment to the right house.

A-1 Auto Transport, Inc. can help you move your household goods nationwide. Call 888-509-3213 to get a free, no obligation to buy price quote on interstate moving services.

Why Professional Movers Are Crucial

Some people underrate moving and opt to handle it singlehandedly thinking they will save money. However, small mistakes here and there can amount to enormous losses. Here is why you should always hire a professional moving company.

  • Free Insurance: When moving on your own, you bear all the damages unless you spend some money on extra coverage. Moving companies, on the other hand, provide insurance for all consignments in their hands.
  • Professionals Are Accountable: In a DIY move, you will probably seek the help of colleagues and family. If a friend damages something by accident, it would be absurd for you to demand compensation. By default, professional movers reimburse for any damages they cause.
  • Direct Estimates: Moving companies provide direct quotes which cover the entire process. A DIY move can be hectic because you have to do the math yourself and probably make errors while estimating, or omit some crucial details.
  • Peace of Mind: When you let a professional take up the move, you are sure of reliable, timely service. You can take your mind off the relocation project and concentrate on areas where your input is of more importance.

Finding a Reliable Moving Company

You can get many referrals from friends or the internet, but what matters is the experience and reputation of the mover. Select a moving company which has been in existence for years.

Experience means that the company has high chances of meeting your needs. You can check the company’s history from the Safety and Fitness Electronic Records system.

Always insist on registration with the Department of Transportation. State to state moves requires the dealer to have a USDOT number and a Motor Carrier number.

Ensure that their insurance policy sufficiently covers your property. Read the company’s compensation plan and see if you need to obtain extra coverage.

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We have helped countless customers across America to ship various consignments to different states and countries for about three decades. We have the equipment and skills for dealing with any property over long and short distances.

We have received positive feedback from our clients with many of them amazed by how we exceed their expectations. Our customer service is top-notch, and we give you free advice.

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