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Are you preparing for a Beverly Hills move? Moving can be daunting and time-consuming. A wrong approach results in frustration and likely damage to valuables. Fortunately, California movers can offer you professional assistance when moving to or from Beverly Hills.

We also provide vehicle transport services.

How to Ease Your Moving Process

To make your move smoother, you should begin with removing tall the clutter in your household to ensure that you are dealing with the leanest baggage possible. Getting rid of unwanted things makes the load lighter, and the moving cost drops significantly.


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Use numbers on boxes and list them down on a notebook where you will indicate the items inside. Stick differently colored tapes on every door in your new home and repeat the same on the packing boxes so that everyone knows where to take which box. Offloading and unpacking will become easy.

When dismantling devices and furniture, ensure that their counterparts go together. Stick screws and nails on the apparatus from which you removed them to help you locate them easily.

Pack ahead so that when the movers come on the moving day, they will go straight to carrying the boxes to the moving truck. You will save time and avoid penalties.

Ensure the house you are moving to is in order. Clean and check it for flaws. If something needs fixing, alert the homeowner in advance.

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Why You Need a Professional Moving Company

One may wonder why anyone would contract a moving company when all they need is a truck and driving skills. This school of thought is misguided as you can miss several benefits associated with moving companies.

  • Speedy Relocation: When moving on your own, you waste a lot of time looking for supplies, packing, loading, driving, arranging the house, etc. A moving company sends trained crew who complete all these processes rapidly. They provide all services and supplies as a package ensuring a steady flow of events.
  • Reliability: If you rely on friends for help, be ready to be disappointed as they may fail to show up. You may even have to postpone the move. Once you have a contract with a moving company, you can be sure that everything will run as scheduled.
  • Insurance: Your mover is responsible if their actions result in damages. They cover your possessions against risks prone to the moving process. On the other hand, you have to cater for any losses including the ones caused by your helpers if you decide to move without professionals.
  • Equipment: Professionals have proper gear for hauling your valuables efficiently. There’s no manual lifting of heavy boxes. They wrap your luggage appropriately for a secure shipment.

Finding a Reliable Moving Company

Every interstate mover should have a DOT number and a Motor Carrier number. These are the two licenses which allow them to haul consignments and passengers across states.

You can verify that your mover has these credentials by querying the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration website. Consider contacting the American Moving and Storage Association to find out if the company has registered with them.

Give priority to movers within your region. You will be able to visit their premises and see if they have the equipment they claim to have. You can also reach them easily if there’s a communication breakdown during the process.

Avoid new companies as you cannot determine their ability to deliver. Look for reviews and visit the SAFER system to have an idea of how dealing with the company feels. 

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A-1 Auto Transport offers the following services:

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Having served thousands of clients for almost three decades, we have learned and perfected critical moving skills which we continue to employ in solving arising challenges in the transport business. Our team is well equipped to generate tailored solutions which meet your needs exhaustively.

We have modern equipment which enables us to move you more efficiently and safely. We consider your requirements seriously and offer free advice as well as moving quotes.

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