Auto Transporting for Dummies

Submitted by Kayla Taylor
on 03/08/18

Every day, you trust your vehicle to safely deliver all your precious cargo from point a to point b. When your vehicle becomes the cargo, why should it be treated any different.  A1 Auto Transport is a safe and reliable source for all your transporting needs. They provide numerous types of services such as transporting luxury and antique vehicles as well as military vehicles, shipping both nationally and internationally. If you’re anything like me, you are not that familiar with the world of auto transporting. I took a visit to to see if I could find out more about the process of auto transporting. Sure enough, I came across a page that details the entire transporting process, including what you can expect and what needs to be done by you. I like to know what I’m getting myself into, and A1 Auto Transport tells you exactly what you can expect when working with them. Before visiting their website, I knew nothing about hauling around cars and how its done. After visiting their website, I can now explain to you the whole process of transporting a vehicle and what you expect from it.

So, who exactly needs a shipping company to help them transport their vehicle anyway? Anyone who can’t transport it themselves may want to use a shipping company. There are common customers that they see, however, such as individuals and families who are moving, military personnel, and companies. They even serve car enthusiasts, athletes, students, and senior citizens. If you don’t fit into one of these categories, don’t worry. They don’t discriminate. All they care about is making sure your vehicle is delivered safely and on schedule.

The first step to transporting a vehicle, as with most things, is to plan ahead. Nobody wants to attempt to set up a shipping time only to realize that their desired time frame is already booked. You already planned where the car is going and by who so why not plan the time ahead as well. For whatever reason you may need a vehicle shipped, life can get stressful, and having a delayed vehicle will not make it any better. So, what are you waiting for? Go to right now and book a shipping time slot right now!

The next step to transporting a vehicle is to make sure it’s squeaky clean. Before shipping, you need to ensure that any personal items are removed from the vehicle. You may think that this is just to avoid any lost or stolen items, however, there is a more important reason. Trucks that are transporting vehicles must meet weight requirements that are very strict, and anything left in the vehicle could cause a delay and may result in an extra charge. Also, insurance does not cover anything left in the car so removing any personal items might be a good idea.

Step three and four of the process finishes off any pre-transport preparation. It is very important to do a complete and thorough inspection of your vehicle before having it transported. After completing the inspection, give the results to the transport company before handing your vehicle over to them. Another important step is to make sure you have a quarter tank or less of gas in your vehicle. Also, be sure to remove any loosened parts that may be blown off if left during transport. Doing these last two steps helps prevent any unnecessary hazards to the safety of the driver, your vehicle, and others.

The next step involves delivering your vehicle to the company to be transported or having the company come and pick your vehicle up themselves. This step is reliant on what type of transporting style you choose. You can choose the door-to-door option where the company will come pick your vehicle up and deliver it directly to your chosen destination. You can also choose to drop the vehicle off to them and come to pick it up at your destination. This last option often saves you more money.

After your vehicle is securely loaded on a transport truck, it will then be safely delivered to your destination in any of the fifty U.S. states or even an international destination. Once at your destination, the truck driver will coordinate with you to decide on the best location of either pickup or drop off. Depending on the location, the driver may not be able to deliver the vehicle to your exact spot. You may need to meet them at a nearby location. If your vehicle is not on the schedule for its delivery, there may be an important reason. Truck drivers are limited to 500 miles a day at most for safety reasons. There is also the possibility of breakdowns, uncontrollable weather, and unanticipated traffic. This is another important reason to complete the first step, plan well in advance.

I originally began my research on the auto transporting industry completely blind. I have never had to interact with an auto transporting company, so I never thought it was necessary to try and understand how the whole process works. I lacked a more detailed understanding of what this industry is about. All I knew has they somehow moved a vehicle from point a to point b. I never knew all the detail and planning it takes to efficiently deliver a vehicle to its new location. After conducting my research on the auto transporting process, specifically for A1 Auto Transport, I now know what all goes into getting this task done. If I ever find myself in a situation where I am in need of a vehicle being transported, I know who to call. I will already know the basics of the process, so I won’t have to waste time reading up on the details or even looking at reviews. I can get a head start on planning my delivery timeframe. I know that A1 Auto Transport will guide me through the process while safely delivering my precious cargo to my desired destination. I have a new-found respect for those in this industry. From now on, whenever I see a transport truck pass by, I will wonder where they are going instead of wondering what they are doing.

Submitted by Kayla Taylor
on 03/08/18

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