Auto Transport, Necessary?

Submitted by Marisa Sully
on 03/08/18

As a student from Texas going to school in Pennsylvania, the decision to bring my car to school is a tough one to make. The almost 1,500 miles, 23 hour car ride seemed unfathomable and not one bit convenient. Hesitations about price, distance, time, and ability limited my vision about having a car on campus. I went my freshman and sophomore year without a car, dependent on uber drivers, trains, public transport and kind friends if I needed to go anywhere off campus, most of the time I settled for what was on campus and what was accessible.

As I begin my junior year of college, the conversation of having a car on campus has come up again. I have a car back home in Texas sitting in the garage as I am in school giving little use to my family. Having a car on campus would provide access to job opportunities that would be related to my future career as an occupational therapist. I would be able to go to the grocery store and have healthier, more affordable food with a larger variety than my options on campus. A car would also give more freedom and the chance to explore the city and state that I have chosen to go to school in, because as of now, after two years in the Philadelphia area, I feel I know very little since I have been restricted to staying on campus.

This is where Auto Transport comes into play. My mom, nor I, could not grasp the thought of driving for over 23 hours across country on unknown roads. This would take time, money, and add unnecessary mileage to my car. As a college student, I need to save where I can, and this means looking after my car and making sure that it is well maintained and cared for. Auto Transport takes away all of these worries and provides a safe, trusted, and affordable option when deciding how to get my car to campus.

After talking with other students on my campus who come from far parts, all of them say how they shipped their car here and the payoff has been enormous. Being from far away, it is nice knowing that you have control over where you are in the moment. Having your own car gives some comfort when you are in unfamiliar territory.

Auto Transport is convenient for all people and especially college students with door to door delivery. This allows a student and their family to not have to worry about where their car will be or how they will get it. They know that the whole time their car is being transported it is in the supervised care of Auto Transport and it will come straight to them where they can drive it on their campus for the first time.

Another plus for students that have to travel far from home is that Auto Transport also helps you move long distances. They make sure you have the right boxes and are completely organized so that when you reach the door of your dorm, you are prepared and can start your college year on the right note. This takes away the stress and worry if you have everything because you did not have enough space to pack it all and the ease and convenience makes move in a breeze, allowing you to spend more time with your family when they are on campus to send you off.

This is a company that can also be used in the future when it comes to coming back home or moving to where a job opportunity is after college. The services are invaluable and make sure you do not forget a single item or detail of the process. Transition phases come with a lot of tiny details and one mistake can cause a domino effect of process. With Auto Transport though, you minimize the chance of something going wrong. Moving is stressful enough, why not take every precaution to have peace of mind that you are doing it right?

The experts at Auto Transport have been through the process and journey that comes along with going the distance and they are aware of even more aspects that a normal person is since they have seen it all and more, before. Knowing this, can making being far from home and getting to your new college “home” easier since the distance seems less of a problem. People do not know everything and advice makes things so much easier and better because you learn from others.

I think being aware of services such as Auto Transport is important in the college decision process since so many questions and unknowns can arise with colleges that are far away. This might end up limiting a student’s choices and making them feel that the distance is too much for them to be able to handle effectively and efficiently.

Auto Transport gives people options and control over their lives, allowing them to venture and explore places that seemed inaccessible. Auto Transport gives a sense of control and direction over unknown territories and is a company that one should always have in the back of their mind. With this company there is nothing that is unreachable or unmovable.

Aware and informed about the benefits and affordance of Auto Transport has opened my eyes and made me see that I do not have to worry about being far from home because with Auto Transport it makes it seem as if I’m right next door to everything I need. This is an example of a company whose mission really is to serve its customer and make sure they are satisfied with the service that is there to help them during a transition phase of their life. This is a service that I can see coming into play with my future life as well and I plan to be a loyal customer because this is a company I can rely on and trust.

Submitted by Marisa Sully
on 03/08/18

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