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Submitted byDyllan Taylor
on 12/18/2018

I lost my best high school friend in a grisly road accident on a Friday evening a few years after school. This experience most inspired me to want to help make our autos and roads a safer place and to help people whose lives have been negatively affected by unsafe automobiles, drivers and roads. Many people lose their lives while others are made disabled people by being involved in road accidents. There are many causes of accidents, but the leading ones are unroadworthy vehicles, bad roads, and careless driving.

When people lose their loved ones, especially unexpectedly, in a road accident, it becomes a sad experience. Some even go mad or into a comma on receiving the news that their loved ones were involved in a crash. Sometimes, the emergency catches families and friends unprepared, which makes them get loans, which they find it hard to pay back. Accidents can cause trauma and traumatic stress disorders.

Since I lost my friend that fateful evening, I have never come to terms with the traumatic experience following an accident. Even when it is quite safe, I find myself having some fear while on the roads. I cannot really feel sure about what happened that evening, and up to now, I feel that I should have advised my friend to avoid that road, but nothing can be done apart from ensuring auto and road safety, the activism in which I am now involved.

I have a number of career goals to try to make our roads a safer place. Firstly, I intend to introduce road safety education to everyone; in schools and colleges and the community at large to ensure that every road user is safe while on the roads. I will customize the traffic education programs to suit various levels of understanding and in multiple languages. Despite the many other measures put to ensure road safety, the number of injuries and deaths as a result of road accidents remains unacceptably high.

The traffic education programs will help the various road users understand the fundamental ways of avoiding road accidents and how to respond in case they find or get involved in an accident. By so doing, I will have helped reduce the number of deaths and injuries caused by such avoidable causes of accidents as careless driving and a lack of cautiousness and consciousness while on the roads. Secondly, I will work in partnership with road safety agencies for philanthropist activism to ensure automobile manufacturing companies make the vehicles in such a way that they minimize the extent of injuries in the event of an accident. With these two activism goals, I would have made our roads a safer place.

These activism goals will go a long way to help the future generation of drivers and passengers to be better road users in order to travel more safely. Those drivers who will have undergone through schools and colleges will have undergone my road safety education program customized for school-going kids. Having this type of education from an early age will help all road users to develop into responsible drivers and passengers in order to travel more safely. Besides, for the case of those who do not undergo formal training, they will go through generic safety education programs at the community level in the languages they will best understand, including vernacular languages. The vehicles from vehicle assembling and manufacturing

companies will be customized such that they will help avoid accidents or reduce the extent of injuries in the event of road accidents. These traffic education programs combined with the motor manufacturing companies regulation will help future generations of drivers and passengers to travel more safely.

Submitted byDyllan Taylor
on 12/18/2018

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