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About: Amanda Williams

Amanda WilliamsAmanda Williams is a mother, an author, and entrepreneur. Her pastimes include the San Diego Padres, anything and everything Disney related, reading for pleasure, running for fun, family trips to Sea World, the San Diego Zoo, and Disneyland, and of course, spending quality time with her two beautiful daughters.

Amanda is uniquely qualified to write on all things auto transport, working in the industry as a sales agent for over 10 years and also shipping cars herself on multiple occasions, all of which allowed her to learn the industry from both sides. Amanda also has a comprehensive knowledge of vehicles due to a budding passion and thirst for knowing all things automotive.

Amanda was born and raised in the small town of Santa Cruz, California, but moved to San Diego at age 17 to pursue a degree in psychology at San Diego State University. She graduated in just 3 short years with a Bachelor's in Psychology with a Minor in Religious Studies, but chose instead to pursue a career in finance, working at multiple financial institutions before discovering her true passion for writing.

Posts by Amanda Williams:

Formula 1 Racing Technology Used to Create Safer Device to Transport Newborns

Formula 1 Racing Technology Used to Create Safer Device to Transport Newborns Exciting developments regarding the safe transport of infants in medical emergency situations is on the horizon in England.  Williams Advanced Engineering, a branch of the UK-based Williams Formula 1 team, is designing a device known as the Babypod 20 which will be used to carry babies in ambulances.  Using a similar technological concept and the same material as Formula One race cars, the Babypod is made of carbon fiber and can withstand a 20-g force impact.  It is also lightweight, strong, and temperature-controlled so it will be the…

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Hurricane Harvey Ruins Lives, Destroys Houses and Cars

Hurricane Harvey was catastrophic and devastating for Houston and surrounding areas.  The terrible aftermath leaves hundreds of thousands of residents displaced from their houses, and for many, they will never be able to return to the homes that they remember.  Casualties are currently at 63, but expected to rise as rescuers continue to go door to door assessing damage.  Natural disasters are truly a tragedy, for the people affected and of course, their homes and belongings as well. In fact, Hurricane Harvey may have been the most destructive one to date in America in terms of actually destroying possessions.  With…

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New TVR 2017 Debut TODAY

The new TVR is to debut September 8th at the 2017 Goodwood Revival in honor of the manufacturer’s 70th birthday.  Those of you not familiar with TVR should know that the British company was built on a reputation of creating high-end, lightweight specialized sports cars since the year 1947.  At one point, the TVR was the third largest sports car manufacturer in the world, with a diverse array of coupes and convertibles.  Unfortunately, due to a variety of factors, including multiple changes in ownership, this once-great company has been almost completely off the radar since 2006…That is, until now.  Expected…

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Monterey Car Week 2017

Sunday marked the end of this seven day event for collector car enthusiasts located in the beautiful beach town of Monterey, CA.  If you live in the area and didn’t notice the hundreds of enclosed auto transport carriers coming and going, then you must not have ventured outside.  With nearly 40,000 visitors in attendance and thousands of vehicles participating, auto transport companies were kept busy from the beginning to the end. Monterey Car Week is an annual occurrence in August that encompasses 25 different events and six auctions spread over the course of an entire week.  The week concludes with…

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Wooden Cars? Japanese Researchers Experiment with Alternatives to Steel

The popularity of electric cars and the global trend for environmentally friendly vehicles is inspiring auto suppliers all over the world to search for the lightest building materials possible.  Batteries are the most expensive, yet crucial part of electric vehicles, so the more lightweight the vehicle, the less batteries are required for operation.  For this reason alone, manufacturers are testing out every alternative material available in an effort to cut costs. Perhaps the newest breakthrough is coming from Japan, and although it sounds strange, a component made from wood pulp could be the most viable and cost-efficient alternative yet.  The…

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Everyone knows that texting and driving is dangerous practice, but unfortunately, people continue to do so on a regular basis.  Sure, laws are in place forbidding it in 47 states and Washington D.C., but the statistics speak for themselves.  One out of four car accidents in the United States is caused by texting and driving, and this scary practice is six times more likely to cause an accident than drunk driving.  So what if there was a way to drastically cut down on texting and driving using a similar device that authorities have been using to cut down on drunk…

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Bond’s Onscreen Prototype Brought to Life in Aston Martin’s V8 Vantage

For nearly 50 years of cinematic history, Aston Martin has been inexorably linked to the likes of everyone’s favorite super spy who goes by the name of “Bond, James Bond.”  In fact, it would be downright blasphemous to see 007 behind the wheel of anything other than this British-born luxury sports car.  So for fans of action movies and extravagant vehicles alike, it came as no surprise earlier this month when leaked images of the newest Aston Martin’s V8 Vantage looked eerily similar to the non-existent model, the DB10, introduced in the newest Bond flick, Spectre (2015). Although, the film…

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Mazda Announces Restoration Program for First-Generation Miatas

A trend is sweeping the world of classic cars, and Mazda is the latest company to jump on board.  In much the same way that Land Rover and Jaguar rolled out similar programs earlier this year, Mazda announced they will begin accepting applications for restoration of the original NA MX-5 Miata, aka Eunos Roadster, styles immediately.  The work, commencing in 2018, will be done at a “classic center” using genuine OEM parts assembled to factory specifications.  Of course, each restoration will be customized to the client’s request and for now, will only be offered to vehicles domiciled in Japan.  Miata…

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Move Over Formula One, Make Way for Formula E

Just this past weekend, a major race took place in New York, but it wasn’t one you would necessarily hear about…or even hear at all for that matter. This race consisted entirely of electric vehicles whipping around the track exceeding 200 miles per hour, while making less noise than your personal vacuum cleaner. Although those used to the roar of Indy 500 racers may find this lack of noise disquieting, the races are far from boring. The tracks are modeled into miniature street circuits in city centers, so narrow that two cars can barely fit side by side. With twenty…

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Musk’s Hyperloop Obtains Verbal Approval

Elon Musk is at it again. Based on a tweet he sent this week, the constantly forward thinking entrepreneur claims to have provisional government approval to build a hyperloop that would connect Manhattan, Philadelphia, Baltimore, and Washington D.C. This super fast railway system will be able to shuttle commuters from New York to Washington in just 29 minutes. Of course, the chance that this is still a pipe dream is not entirely discredited, despite Musk’s assertions.Especially considering that right now, the fastest passenger train in America tops out at 150 mph while the hyperloop requires speeds of 700mph. The underground…

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Transportation Industry Hit by Massive Cyber Attack

Ever since the birth and evolution of the internet, countless industries have suffered attacks at the hands of hackers, but up until recently the transportation industry has managed to remain relatively unscathed. Back in 2014 however, fear of cyber attacks increased and officially entered the World Economic Forum’s Global Risk Report and this year, it jumped up to sixth on the list. Whether it be the increase in the use of information technology (IT) in logistics or simply the universal raised awareness of how important transportation actually is to our global economy (approximately 90% of world trade is moved by…

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Tony Stewart Returns to Iowa to Race This Saturday

Exciting news shared Thursday morning from the Knoxville Raceway’s Facebook page announced that the legendary NASCAR three-time Sprint Cup Series champion, Tony Stewart, will be racing this Saturday night, July 8th, in the 360 class. Stewart has become a household name for NASCAR fans since joining the circuit in 1999. He only just now retired in November of last year, but not before winning championships in 2002, 2005, and 2011. Of course, retirement will not slow this lifelong racer down, and this race is especially monumental. The last time Stewart raced a sprint car in Iowa was back in 2013…

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The Beginning of the End of the Traditional Engine: Volvo Goes Full Electric

Volvo made waves across the auto making industry by announcing that as of 2019, they will no longer produce vehicles with an internal combustion engine. If all goes as planned, this will make the Sweden-based company the first traditional car-maker to go fully electric. This huge shift in production is thought be due in large part by the 2010 acquisition of Volvo by the Chinese car company, Geely. China has been notorious for being swift to promote electric vehicles, and currently over half of the world’s electric cars are bought and driven in China. The country is the world’s second…

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State of Logistics Report

Earlier this week, the 28th Annual “State of Logistics Report” was released by the Council of Supply Chain Management Professionals (CSCMP) during a press conference in Washington D.C.  Since 1988, this report has been the benchmark and set the standard for recording and distributing all information and costs associated with moving freight through the U.S. supply chain.  This year, the CSCMP collaborated with A.T. Kearney, a global strategic management consulting firm, to create the report which, as in prior years, was presented by Penske Logistics.  Although not widely publicized considering the information only pertains to a very specific demographic, this…

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“Uber” for Kids?

The newest breakthrough in the popular ride-sharing trend was designed by working parents with the intention of marketing it as a service for children, or rather as a convenience for their parents.  Operating similarly to popular ride-share technology companies like Uber and Lyft, these niche app-based services are popping up all over the United States.  HopSkipDrive is one of the most prominent companies so far and is currently operating in Los Angeles, Orange County, and the Bay Area.  The company’s website boasts a 15-point certification process, that includes background checks, care-giving experience verification, vehicle inspection, and an in-person meeting and…

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Mexican Auto Transport Scandal

The auto transport industry made headlines this week, but unfortunately, it was not portrayed in the most positive light.  Seven companies operating in Mexico have been fined a total of $32 million due to allegations of a collusion between 2009 and 2015.  The Federal Economic Competition Commission (FECC) determined that the companies in question drafted business agreements that unfairly assigned transport routes to specific shippers.  These routes span the course of five different Mexico ports, as well as covering seven countries all across the globe.  By creating these corrupt agreements, the companies effectively reduced competition and were able to unjustly…

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HOT CARS in the Summer

Just this past week, nonpartisan legislation was brought before Congress that has the potential to save hundreds of innocent lives.  Helping Overcome Trauma for Children Alone in Rear Seats, or the HOT CARS act of 2017, requires car manufacturers to implement technology that would alert drivers of a child left in the car once the car is shut off and before the caregiver exits the vehicle.  Pediatric heat stroke due to a child being left in a car unintentionally is a common occurrence and is the leading cause of non-crash vehicle-related fatalities.  In fact, heat stroke in cars has been…

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Trouble in Uber Paradise?

Unless you have been living under a rock the past five years, you have surely heard of the revolution in ride share transportation made popular by companies such as Uber and Lyft.  Although the principal goal of these app-based services is transportation, the companies are still categorized as technology.  This allows them to reap the benefits of often extravagant valuations, while at the same time avoiding the regulatory burdens imposed on transportation.   Unfortunately for Uber, and other similar companies, all of this may be about to change.  What begins as a lawsuit against Uber Spain in Barcelona during which a…

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Get Ready for America’s Cup!

Get Ready for America’s Cup! Proudly holding the rank as the oldest international sporting trophy, the America’s Cup is awarded to the winner of an international yacht racing competition. Although not as heavily publicized as the Super Bowl, the prestige and history of America’s Cup is unparalleled in the boating world and beyond. It is not just an event for the world’s top sailors and yacht designers, but also draws major sponsors, as well as affluent entrepreneurs. It is a test of sailing skills, boat design, in addition to a conglomerate effort of fund-raising and management. Excitement abounds as we…

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Memorial Day 2017

Memorial Day marks the unofficial beginning of summer, and the three day weekend is often filled with barbecues, swimming, camping, and adult beverages with your nearest and dearest. Although a wonderful excuse to celebrate with friends and family, it’s important to remember the true meaning of this all-American holiday. This special day should first and foremost serve as an important reminder to honor all who fought and died to preserve our freedom in the United States. A-1 Auto Transport ships vehicles worldwide. Click here or call 1-800-452-2880 to get a free, no obligation to buy price quote to ship your…

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Self-Driving Cars: No Longer Science Fiction

Not a fan of taking the wheel? Prefer to be the passenger? Never fear, autonomous cars are here. It is predicted that nearly 10 million self-driving vehicles will be on the road in the very near future, as soon as 2020 in fact. Industry leaders, BMW, Mercedes, and Tesla already have fully operational autonomous vehicles currently being tested on city streets, and nearly 30 more car manufacturers will be throwing their hat into the ring in the next year. In fact, there are vehicles in production now that could very well be available for public use in 2017. Keep in…

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Six Amazing Car Accessories to Improve Your Ride

Welcome to the future.  New vehicles now come standard with so many awesome gadgets and gizmos, but what about your older vehicle?  Are there any upgrades you can try out without breaking the bank?  If you have no intention of buying a new car with all the bells and whistles soon, there are still some budget-friendly accessories you can install in your current vehicle that will greatly enhance or upgrade your driving experience. Key Finder – Before you even set out to drive your car, you first need to grab your keys.  Unfortunately, hundreds of Americans misplace these vital accessories…

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Does Diesel Stand a Chance? 5 Noteworthy Options Coming SOON

Ever since the 2015 Volkswagen scandal during which the company admitted to cheating on emissions tests for their diesel-powered passenger vehicles, cars running on diesel fuel have become all but obsolete in the United States.  Even now, with the final penalties dealt out to the offending parties, and the affected consumers, at last, receiving their proper payouts and compensation, car companies previously known for their diesel-fueled vehicles have been years out of the game.  During the initial debacle, Volkswagen understandingly bowed out of the market, but quick to follow were Audi, Porsche, and soon after, Mercedes.  There was a rapid…

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Elon Musk Unveils New “Boring” Plan to Fight Traffic

Tesla founder and CEO, Elon Musk, is fed up with traffic, especially that which occurs daily in the greater Los Angeles area.  To combat this regular annoyance and inconvenience, he has hatched a plan, that although far fetched, is far from “Boring” as the project’s title would have you believe.  His idea is to actually dig tunnels under LA that would allow drivers to bypass and avoid the traffic that has held daily commuters hostage for far too long.  Although the idea is just in the beginning stages, he has composed a team, mostly part-timers and interns, to start working…

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