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About: Amanda Williams

Amanda WilliamsAmanda Williams is a mother, an author, and entrepreneur. Her pastimes include the San Diego Padres, anything and everything Disney related, reading for pleasure, running for fun, family trips to Sea World, the San Diego Zoo, and Disneyland, and of course, spending quality time with her two beautiful daughters.

Amanda is uniquely qualified to write on all things auto transport, working in the industry as a sales agent for over 10 years and also shipping cars herself on multiple occasions, all of which allowed her to learn the industry from both sides. Amanda also has a comprehensive knowledge of vehicles due to a budding passion and thirst for knowing all things automotive.

Amanda was born and raised in the small town of Santa Cruz, California, but moved to San Diego at age 17 to pursue a degree in psychology at San Diego State University. She graduated in just 3 short years with a Bachelor's in Psychology with a Minor in Religious Studies, but chose instead to pursue a career in finance, working at multiple financial institutions before discovering her true passion for writing.

Posts by Amanda Williams:

Another Autonomous Vehicle Accident Causes People to Question the Safety of this Technology

Another Autonomous Vehicle Accident Causes People to Question the Safety of this Technology Yet another obstacle in the heretofore tumultuous progression of the self-driving, or autonomous, vehicle’s road to success has presented itself. This week, in Laguna Beach, CA, a Tesla sedan purported to be in autopilot mode crashed into a parked police car. Of course, Tesla’s response is that the autopilot mode is not meant to replace an attentive driver, but merely works to support the human driver. In this most recent incident, the driver suffered only minor injuries, but his vehicle was totaled in the crash. This unfortunately…

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Tesla continues to delay production of $35K Model 3

Tesla continues to delay production of $35K Model 3 In March 2016, Tesla Chief Executive Elon Musk announced the company would be designing a new vehicle model to appease the masses at a price point affordable by all. He introduced the Tesla Model 3, the newest electric design for the popular company. Fast forward over two years to now, and you can’t even attempt to purchase a Model 3 for less than $49K, a far cry from the $35K model Musk optimistically promised. So what gives? For one, the company is notorious for being unable to meet deadlines. This disappointing…

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The Death of the Sedan

The Death of the Sedan If it wasn’t obvious to you that the popularity of sedans has drastically diminished, you must not be driving in America. In the fall of last year, sales of mid-sized cars plummeted drastically and October was the lowest volume month for that particular category. Of course, auto manufacturers are also beginning to take notice of this alarming trend and revising their sales strategy in order to capitalize on the development. In fact, in April of this year, Ford made a shocking announcement. Moving forward, the company will only be producing TWO vehicles in their car…

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Amazon wants access to the trunk of your car

Amazon wants access to the trunk of your car- Amazon Key service expansion At the end of 2017, Amazon rolled out a new service dubbed Amazon Key which allowed delivery drivers to place packages inside the recipient’s home. Although some people were skeptical, the service seems to be a success so far. The comfort of knowing that your package will be placed INSIDE your house and not left out and at risk of theft seems to outweigh the risk of allowing a perfect stranger access to your home. Now, Amazon has expanded the service in a way that may appeal…

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Governor Scott considers foregoing stock car race in light of political push-back

Governor Scott considers foregoing stock car race in light of political push-back Car racing and political views are generally not thought to go hand in hand, but this week, an interesting dichotomy is presenting itself that may showcase a unique situation in which the two are indeed related. Vermont’s governor, Republican Phil Scott is well known for stock car racing at the Thunder Road Speedbowl in Barre and has been doing so for decades now. However, this time around Scott is questioning whether or not to race again this season. In light of the recent arrest of a local former…

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Miami Luxury Car Rental Company Owner Swaps Cars for Guns

Miami Luxury Car Rental Company Owner Swaps Cars for Guns A local business owner of a Miami based high-end car rental company recently noticed a disturbing trend- many of his young customers were getting caught up in the not-so-glamorous life of crime prevalent in the Florida city. Instead of resting on his laurels and watching this devastating trend prevail, he decided to take action. Working in conjunction with the Miami Gardens Police force, Rashawn Welch, owner of 305 Elite, is offering free luxury car rentals to anyone in the community who surrenders a gun (or guns). Welch is a 48-year-old…

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Los Angeles to end free express lane perk for electric vehicles

Los Angeles to end free express lane perk for electric vehicles Southern California, namely the Los Angeles area, is known for its intense traffic congestion due to overpopulation and lack of alternative transportation options. To combat this problem, there are two different types of specialized lanes that are aimed at targeting the issue. On some highways, there are carpool lanes which can be used by vehicles with at least 2 people on board, and there are Express Lanes which are toll roads used by people who would rather pay than be stuck in traffic. Currently, green energy cars and motorcycles…

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Trump’s new presidential limousine set to debut this summer

Trump’s new presidential limousine set to debut this summer When Obama first became president back in 2009, he was presented with a brand new transport vehicle, which he described as “a Caddy, basically on a tank frame.” So when President Trump arrived at the White House, it was quite a surprise that he did not receive a newer, upgraded fleet, but simply took over the keys to the previous version. Turns out, Trump’s “Beast” (affectionately dubbed as such by the Secret Service) was just not quite ready. It is now so close to completion that pictures of the nearly finished…

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Popular automaker, Audi, debuts REAL LIFE Gran Turismo concept car

Popular automaker, Audi, debuts REAL LIFE Gran Turismo concept car Audi has created revolutionary reality out of virtual reality by designing a real life Gran Turismo concept car capable of racing in Formula E. Inspired by “Vision Gran Turismo” which was a challenge launched in 2012, proposed by the legendary video game creator, Kazunori Yamauchi, to celebrate the fifteenth year of the extremely successful PlayStation racing game. The innovative project encouraged popular automakers and designers to create their own virtual custom creations that could be played within the game. Although it was groundbreaking at the time, no one, not even…

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ViaVan: Mercedes-Benz launches Uber competitor in London

ViaVan: Mercedes-Benz launches Uber competitor in London Ride sharing is certainly all the rage these days, and despite some controversy, it seems like a trend that is here to stay. Most recently, yet another company has decided to throw their hat into the ring by launching their very own version. Mercedes-Benz debuted their join effort with Via in London Zones 1 and 2 of the city. Unlike Uber, the ViaVans don’t come directly to you, but usually pick-up locations are just a short walk away. The cost is extremely affordable with rides to and from Zone 1 roughly $4 for…

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JumpStart Auto Shop: Changing Oil and Changing Lives

JumpStart Auto Shop: Changing Oil and Changing Lives An innovative concept is being tested in the small town of Appleton, Wisconsin, an idea that has the potential to spread nationwide and change countless lives if it is executed successfully. The business model is simple, an automotive shop ran entirely by women, for women (primarily). The shop is called JumpStart Auto Repair and it is the brainchild of both Harbor House Wisconsin and Christine Ann Domestic Abuse Services. Although operating similar to a traditional automotive shop, there is actually a dual purpose behind this women-ran business. For one, the shop will…

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EPA announces roll-back of Obama-era fuel emissions standards

EPA announces roll-back of Obama-era fuel emissions standards In a statement made by Scott Pruitt, EPA Administrator, this week, the EPA will be rolling back Obama-era fuel efficiency and emissions standards for automobiles. Said to be another step in President Trump’s regulatory agenda, Pruitt called the standards “inappropriate” and said they “should be revised.” The proposed change in policy will relax the standards for vehicles manufactured between 2022 and 2025, but no revised standards have yet to be provided. The current regulations which went into effect just before President Trump took office required automakers to increase the fuel economy on…

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University of Michigan Researchers Create Glasses to Beat Motion Sickness

University of Michigan Researchers Create Glasses to Beat Motion Sickness With the unstoppable advancements in technology paving the way for autonomous cars to take over our roadways in the near future, one problem has presented itself that could negatively impact the vast potential for productivity while “driving” a self-driving car. That seemingly innocuous issue is motion sickness. It is estimated that roughly half of all adults suffer from motion sickness, a condition that occurs due to the disconnect between our sense of motion and what we can see. Basically, our brain cannot determine if we are stationary or moving and…

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German Automakers Under Fire for Testing Emissions on Monkeys

German Automakers Under Fire for Testing Emissions on Monkeys Volkswagen, BMW, and Daimler (the parent company of Mercedes-Benz) were recently outed for financing extremely controversial and borderline immoral experimentation back in 2014 involving monkeys in an enclosed space being forced to breathe diesel fumes. New York Times broke the story just last week, but the testing was also briefly touched upon in the first episode of a Netflix investigative documentary series entitled, “Dirty Money.” The study was completed in an attempt to prove how much cleaner diesel engines were at the time in comparison to their predecessors. The irony is…

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Steer a Car via Mind Control

Steer a Car via Mind Control Nissan just announced a new project that involves using brain waves to control your vehicle. Dubbing the technology as “brain-to-vehicle” aka B2V, the Japanese automaker plans to unveil the prototype already well in the works this coming week at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas. They intend to use brain-decoding technology to predict a driver’s next move which can put that decision into play 0.2-0.5 seconds quicker than a human is physically capable of performing. Although, the fraction of a second increase seems like nothing, it will actually improve safety by helping…

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Toyota’s New Concept to Combine Ride Sharing and Delivery Services

Toyota’s New Concept to Combine Ride Sharing and Delivery Services Toyota unveiled an unorthodox prototype vehicle at the Consumer Electronics Show in Vegas this week. Initially appearing to be an unattractive autonomous black box on wheels, the e-Palette’s actual purpose could revolutionize the consumer delivery industry entirely. The Japanese automaker is already assembling a unique variety of companies from a multitude of industries to form the e-Palette Alliance. So far, they have Uber, Pizza Hut, and Amazon just to name a few, and they are in talks with some other big names that should help them to dominate this new…

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How to safely transport your Christmas tree

How to safely transport your Christmas tree Tis the season to be jolly, but it is also the season to be safe. And since transport is our area of expertise, A1 Auto Transport wants to help make sure your tree makes it home safely, so you can enjoy a festive Christmas. According to the AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety, between 2011 and 2014 over 200,000 accidents occurred that involved roadway debris, and some of those involve Christmas trees. There is also the risk of damaging your vehicle during transport, or even damaging your tree before you get it home. A-1…

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OPP Cuts Down on Distracted Driving

Provincial police in Ontario are experimenting with a different way of seeking out distracted and dangerous commercial truck drivers by patrolling the roads in transport trucks. In a five-day safety blitz initiative taking place this week, Ontario Provincial Police will be behind the wheel of transport trucks which will give them a better vantage point. The OPP Commissioner, Vince Hawkes, says that this year alone, more than 6,200 collisions have been reported relating to transport trucks, and inattentive driving is the cause of over a quarter of these commercial vehicle collisions. Of the collisions investigated by the OPP, 69 were…

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Sharemine As AirBnB approaches it’s 10th anniversary, and Uber has been around nearly as long, the sharing economy that has become so commonplace continues to improve and advance. The latest and greatest development hails from the UK and combines elements of the two aforementioned drastically different popular companies. Octo Telematics subsidiary Omoove, Europe’s leading shared mobile technology provider has developed a platform known as Sharemine that allows car owners to rent out their vehicles when not in use. While this may appeal to individuals stuck in the office all day, allowing them to earn some extra income while their unused…

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Dubai Offers Significant Incentives to Consumers Driving Electric Vehicles

Dubai Electric Push All around the world, countries seem to be banding together in a push toward electric vehicles. With carbon emissions, greenhouse gases, and air pollution being a common theme in congested cities, there really isn’t a lot of other options. In alignment with the common goal, we have popular companies like Volvo promising an all electric line-up in the near future, while China (where over half of the entire world’s electric vehicles are made) has a rather ambitious goal of 5 million electric cars on the road by 2020. Some countries are even taking a more proactive approach…

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FHWA Considers Revising Car Hauler Definition

FHWA Considers Revising Car Hauler Definition The Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) is currently considering the possibility of revising the definition of automobile transporter in order to reduce frustrating regulatory burdens on the industry. Of course, this directly affects A1 Auto Transport, so we are very much vested in the outcome of this deliberation. Current regulations define an “automobile transporter” as “any vehicle combination designed and used for the transport of assembled highway vehicles.” The three main most common types of potential car haulers included in this general description are traditional, low boys, and stinger steered. In addition, the regulations also…

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Autonomous Vehicles Debut in Retirement Community

Autonomous Vehicles Debut in Retirement Community With updates on the technology development of self-driving cars taking over the industry, it’s no surprise that a company has already launched two of their fleet in what seems to be the ideal environment. Voyage, a subdivision of Udacity, has introduced a pair of fully-autonomous Ford Fusions into Villages Golf and Country Club, a retirement community, located in San Jose, California. The gated environment makes for the perfect test course, composed of 15 miles of road to drive on, with pedestrians, golf carts, and roundabouts serving as obstacles the vehicle can learn to circumnavigate….

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World Maritime Day 2017

World Maritime Day 2017 September 28th of this year was World Maritime Day and the theme was, “Connecting Ships, Ports, and People.” Although not a traditional holiday in any sense of the word, World Maritime Day is in fact an official United Nations day. The International Maritime Organization recognizes the importance of the maritime sector and the huge part it plays in international relations, commerce, and shipping. Each year, the theme changes, but it always centers around raising awareness for the impact that trade by sea has on the Member States of the UN. Not usually viewed as the most…

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Founder of Dyson Announces Plans to Make an Electric Car

Founder of Dyson Announces Plans to Make an Electric Car Dyson, best known for making vacuums, air filters, and hand driers, is branching out and joining the already crowded and competitive field of auto making. Founder, James Dyson, just announced the company’s plan to build an electric car by 2020. In an investment that dwarfs all expenditures spent on research and development in their current field of expertise, the company intends to allocate $1.34 billion dollars EACH to the development of the car and the creation of solid-state batteries to power it. The current competition in the electric car battleground…

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Day Without Cars in Paris

Day Without Cars in Paris This past Sunday, the city of Paris experimented with an entirely car-free day in an effort to help raise awareness about air pollution. From 11a.m. to 6p.m., only buses, taxis, and emergency vehicles were allowed on the streets, making it perfect for people to explore on foot or by bicycle. This is not the first time something like this has been attempted, but it is the first time an entire city has participated, which amounted to a whopping 40 square miles. Officials were serious about enforcing the ban too, so if people were caught driving…

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