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Submitted by Alice Richardson on 08/16/17

A-1 Auto Transport, is a US-based company working as one of the largest auto shipping companies globally. A-1 Auto Transport provides services for an array of different transporting demands. Whether you are an individual wanting to ship a personal vehicle, or a large company relocating, A-1 Auto Transport can provide the service you need for the quantity that you want to move. A-1 Auto Transport, additionally provides specific services for the types of vehicles you may want to transport, ranging from ‘exotic cars and collector vehicles, to aircraft and boats, golf carts, military POVs and recreational vehicles including jet skis! From heavy equipment to shipping belongings for college students relocating, plus more!


A-1 Auto Transport is built on three key values/philosophies to maintain a high standard and effective company. The first being efficiency. An efficient company is equally beneficial to both A-1 Auto Transport and its customers. Efficiency is carried out through the incorporation of the most recent available technology and state of the art equipment. A-1 Auto Transport strives towards efficiency through the economic coordination of logistics to on the ground efficiency, such as fuel efficient carriers. A-1 Auto Transport fundamental value of efficiency has economic benefits for both the company and its customers. A-1 Auto Transport’s second chore philosophy is ‘communication’. Communication is key for such a large-scale business. A-1 Auto Transport ensures that customers always have access to the status of their shipments because each shipment has real-time satellite trackers fitted onto them. There are numerous offices around the world that ensure customers always have direct access to staff. customer service is held with great value to A-1 Auto Transport, thus ‘communication’ is a key philosophy for the company. The final chore philosophy of A-1 Auto Transport is ‘sustainability’ A-1 Auto Transport is committed to the environment. they work with the environmental protection agency ‘Smart Way’ and have developed their own green initiative to decrease their environmental footprint. The initiative includes practices such decreasing excess waste by providing compost and recycling bins in offices, the use of low flow toilets to conserve water, and saving power by ensuring all unnecessary power is turned off whilst office buildings are not in use. See photo below of the certificate awarded to A-1 Auto Transport for their commitment to a green initiative.

I will now describe in greater depth some of the different services provided by A-1 Auto Transport. One of the services provided by A-1 Auto Transport, that I found particularly interesting is the transport of luxury or collectible vehicles including cars and motorbikes. Such vehicles require a different level of care, precautions and procedures. A-1 Auto Transport takes extra care when loading and unloading such vehicles because they know how much these vehicles are loved needed to be respected and cared for. To illustrate extreme case of care of precious vehicles performed by A-1 Auto Transport was when a shipment of Harley’s was needed to be moved from Florida to California in the middle of Summer. It was vital to ensure the transporting truck did not overheat, with the Harley’s inside. The drivers of the A-1 Auto Transport truck maintained an appropriate temperature by keeping drive times to a minimum and making stops throughout the night as they were necessary for temperature control. Ultimately the bikes ended up arriving before schedule to California, in perfect condition, due to the commitment to quality of transport by the A-1 Auto Transport company.


Information on ‘how to ship a car’

A-1 Auto Transport, simplifies the process of shipping vehicles to make things easy for everyone. A-1 Auto Transport works to ensure that customers can get a quick, accurate price quote in a ‘matter of minutes’. Furthermore, quotes for shipping come at zero cost to the customer. Rough guides on the costs of shipping different kinds of vehicles can be found on the A-1 Auto Transport website, however enquiring will give customers a more specific quote, based on their individual transporting requirements. What affects the prices of transport includes;

  1. The type of vehicle to be transported: bigger vehicles cost most, for instance boats and Rv’s. Smaller vehicles such as motorcycles are cheaper to transport.
  2. Distance and Location
  3. Shipping Routes: If your vehicle is able to travel along a primary transport route, such as between major US cities, it equates to a cheaper cost, as opposed to more indirect or less used routes.
  4. The delivery method: whether you choose your vehicle to travel in an open-air carrier or an enclosed truck carrier that is guarded against any potential damages or ‘curious eyes’ costs more. An enclosed vehicle is the premium delivery service provided by A-1 Auto Transport.


A-1 Auto Transport provides other extra services to cater for different transporting requests. These additional services come at added costs, but they enable you to customize the service that you specifically require. Such additions include door to door drops off and extra insurance. When looking at the cost of A-1 Auto Transport, customers should also consider whether they require storage once the vehicle arrives at the new destination whether they require storage for their vehicle, if storage is necessary, it can be arranged by the staff as A-1 Auto Service company.


It is important to note the specifications as to the state customer vehicles should be in prior to the transporting process conducted by A-1 Auto Transport. There are minimal requirements but they are necessary for the service to be carried out effectively and efficiently. Firstly, the vehicle must be washed both inside and out, with all non-permanent objects in and around the car removed (for instance bike racks). Ensure your vehicle isn’t holding more than a quarter of fuel in the tank. Check the fluid levels (leaks can be very dangerous on the road!). Check the vehicle for pre-existing damages including small scratches and marks and take photos of them. Finally, disable the fire alarm.

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