After The Move: What To Look For In The Moving Invoice/Bill

After The Move: What To Look For In The Moving Invoice/Bill

In a world where so many people lack integrity, it is important to ensure that your moving costs are correct before paying for or signing anything. Checking the inventory, bill of lading and the final invoice is one of the main reasons why you must be present at your new home when the movers arrive. You must go through these three documents word for word to ensure that everything is in order and avoid being scammed. Here is what you should be looking for in the moving bill or invoice:




When you contact a moving company, they should send someone to your house to take a look at what you need moved. He shall thereafter issue you with an estimate depending on how much stuff you have, distance to the new house and the services you require. There are essentially two types of estimates that most moving companies go by; binding and non-binding estimate. A binding estimate means that the amount they state there should be what you pay even if anything changes later or they realize you have more stuff. The other estimate is not binding at all and is therefore subject to change as you go along. When checking your invoice after the move, make sure the estimated amount is very close to the final amount charged.

Modes of payment

Every moving company has their own accepted mode of payment and it’s usually indicated clearly on their tariff or bill of lading. The modes can be cash on delivery, certified check, bank check or travellers check. Make sure that you know what forms of payment they accept beforehand so you can avoid causing delay after the move is done.

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Hidden/incorrect charges

Incorrect charges can be as a result of two things; honest mistake/clerical error or hidden charges. Make sure you go through each and every figure to determine what it’s for and that it’s correctly charged. You can even get a calculator and confirm the calculations just to be sure. While some companies will sneak some charges in there dishonestly, others are just plain mistakes that can be sorted out if you speak out. You have the right to dispute an incorrect moving bill if you find ay discrepancies.

Services rendered

The moving bill as well as the bill of lading will have a list of every service that was provided to you and the applying rates. Make sure that you actually received all those services such as packing, packing supplies, moving special item such as piano and storage. The reason for confirming that is because you can be charged for a service that you did not receive.

Charging criteria

Last but not least, be sure to check how they have charged the move. Is it based on distance, hours spent or weight of the cargo? These are terms that should be clear to you before the move even begins but you must confirm that the said criteria are what they actually used.

It is important to go through the invoice before the movers leave so you can avoid losing money. Any discrepancy can be sorted out by the moving company before you pay and that will save you some time and money you could otherwise spend on litigation.

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