Advantages Of Securing Storage From Your Mover And Not A Third Party

Advantages Of Securing Storage From Your Mover And Not A Third Party

Do you need to move some stuff to storage during a move for one reason or another? Do you already have a great moving company you are working with? If your answer is yes, you should probably ask your moving company if they offer storage as well. Unfortunately, not all moving companies offer storage services due to lack of space or other reasons. If one of their clients requires a storage facility, they turn to a third party storage company for solutions. While this may work, there are reasons why you should look for a company that offers their own storage instead of using a third party.



Here are some reasons:


You can expect convenience when you use one company for both moving and storage. This is because they will take care of the entire moving process. They will come for the stuff, store them and then deliver to your new home when the time comes.


If you use one moving/storage company, you can save a lot of money as compared to using third party storage. For one, you are only paying one company so they will give you one quote including everything which will be lower than using two companies. Second, you won’t have to hire them again when it’s time to leave storage.

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Hiring one company for all your moving needs will limit the number of hands handling your items. The same people who packed your belongings will likely unpack them and you don’t have to deal with more strangers. If you have done your due diligence and found a reputable company that cares about their clients and reputation, they will take good care of your items and make sure they are safe.

Prevent damage

Hiring a third party for storage subjects your stuff to a lot of exchange. The moving company has to pack the stuff from your house to their truck and then unload in the storage unit. After the storage time is over, the stuff has to be loaded back in the truck and unloaded in the new house. All those movements will definitely cause some damage. One moving/storage company will only pack the stuff once and then unpack at your new home so minimal to zero damage will be seen.

Enjoy discounts

Most companies will give you special discounts for using their storage services. They will also charge you less because the entire job will be counted as one service with one quote.

Since not all moving firms offer storage services, it’s critical that you take your time to find a good company that offers all the services you want. The secret is to start as early as three months before the move so you can research, interview and compare different companies as well as book a storage space. Find out also if you can access your stuff and sign a contract to specify the timeline and cost of the storage.

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