About the security check in travel

Submitted by Fu Buyun
on 03/10/18

I am a college student who studies in law, living in China at present. To acquire
the specific knowledge, I have to move to different places to live where is
close to school, and they are always far from my original home. And, I am
familiar with different kinds of public transport, which can help me travel
through the city. There is an ordinary thing, that is the security check before
passengers get boarding on the vehicle. The security check is similar to the
one before we get on to the airplane. Well, firstly I thought it does help the
passengers to get a safe travel, for what I usually being taught in the class or
at home, but I gradually found that it had some drawback, especially when I
need to get hurry to the destination.
I had a special Lantern Festival when I was 16, on that day I missed a coach
to my dormitory because of the long line waiting for the security check. I
have waited in the queue for nearly 40 minutes. And after I entered the
bus station, I found the last chance has gone away.
Since that unmemorable Lantern Festival, I began to thought about the
security check, which I have experienced a lot, in subway stop, railway
station, coach center, etc. When it comes to a peak period, the queue waiting
for the security check was long, which gathered a large amount of people in
a narrow hall. This scene could lead to security risks, for it made so many
people couldn’t leave the place and the queue moved slow. But when I been
to Paris in summer, 2015, the city was crowded for welcoming tourists from
all over the world, I found that there was seldom the security check in public
transport. After I stepped into the Paris de Nord, passengers could come in
and step out the central railway station freely, which is the same in metro
stations. I was stuck in deep thought when I realized that, I began to chase
the link between the safety and efficiency of transportation, and the
security check. It might not only for China, the country having one-fifth
people in the world but also for the people who enjoy the convenience the
rapid transportation has brought to them. That became one important
reason I decided to study in law, which I thought the most powerful tool for
citizens to secure their safety.
Well, we have to recognize that the security checks have saved a lot of people’s
life. Some dangerous goods which could lead explosion had been found
before the carrier got on board, and a potential explosion had been cut off.
But we need to understand that, it is not everyone should be treated as a
criminal. It is not everyone who take the dangerous goods might do
something hurt the security of the vehicle. Just like the transportation of
bulk cargo, the carrier needs to make sure that the goods are legitimate, but
he doesn’t need to prove that the goods will be absolutely safe. So as the passenger’s
travel, they also have the right to take the good they need, and
it has to observe the rule and contract within passengers and carrier. And
we all know that there are a lot of place into the world we need to use the ID
card or passport to buy the transport ticket. So we could briefly conclude
that the passenger who holds a ticket and illegal goods have their rights to
get on board, no matter is there a security check.
Should we reserve a rule for our safety? I hope the answer is yes. But we do
have our right to change it, just like the security check, we could make the
transportation more efficient, more freedom, even if we were passengers,
the citizens, the people.

Submitted by Fu Buyun
on 03/10/18

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