A1 Auto – hand by hand with my dreams

Submitted by Emelia Yelencich
on 02/03/18

So if you’re going to dream, you might as well dream big, right? While reviewing the A-1 Auto Transport site for inspiration I landed on the Yacht Transport tab. Wow – here I am looking to earn scholarships for college and I’m thinking about what it would be like to not only own a yacht but to need to transport it somewhere, across the country or around the world.
Obviously, as a high school student, I am narrowing down my career path and planning for my future. We all want a rewarding career but in all honesty, we’d all like to be wealthy, as well. Can I find a career that would offer me personal satisfaction and enough money to afford a yacht? What might that be? I love art and while I would love to make that my college major the reality is the term “starving artist” came about for a reason. But if I’m dreaming anyway, I’m going with it – I’ll be a world-famous artist.
I’ll call myself something cool, like Pink or P Diddy, but better. My art will be sought by millionaires around the world. My preferred medium will be paint but I may dabble in others as the mood strikes me. One day I get a call from my agent letting me know that a reclusive billionaire is building a home and wants to commission numerous pieces from me and I need to hop on a plane to Italy to meet the client.
Off I go to Italy and I arrive at the address I was given and I am greeted by a butler of some sort but he is wearing the strangest outfit consisting of a grass skirt and a Hawaiian shirt. He doesn’t speak but nods his head and motions for me to follow him. We go back to the house and he leads me to a couch and points for me to take a seat. As I am sitting and waiting I see that there is a curtain across the middle of the room and I’m curious as to why but all of a sudden I hear a booming voice coming from behind the curtain singing Jimmy Buffett’s “Cheeseburger in Paradise.” Ok, who doesn’t love a good Buffett tune? I’m enjoying the serenade and tapping my fingers along to the beat and then all of a sudden the butler breaks through the curtain, singing and dancing away. The song comes to an end and he takes a seat next to me and tells me that he is actually the client! I’m surprised but my agent told me he was eccentric so I knew I was getting myself into something unusual.
As we talk he tells me he is a HUGE fan of Jimmy Buffett and his vision for the art he would like to have in his home and around his estate is all inspired by his favorite musician. We toss around some ideas and he gives me measurements and I’m whisked back to the States to start my work.
After several months of toiling away, I am notified that the estate is almost completed and I need to get the pieces back to Italy for installation. We get them all packed up to be shipped and then I find out I’ve been asked to come back to Italy for the grand reveal. He’s paying for my trip and he’s paying me for the art so before I know it I’m heading back to Italy.
Once we have all of the pieces situated the billionaire takes a tour of the completed art and he’s speechless! He loves them so much he wants me to make copies of them so he can gift them to his friends. This is how I create my “Pineapples and Parrots” collection that goes global.
Now, when you’ve become a global art sensation you simply must buy a yacht – a BIG yacht. I live in East Tennessee and we have a pretty big lake but one gets bored with a yacht in a lake. Since I am a globe-trotting artist I need to travel and I need my yacht. Here’s where A-1 Auto Transport comes in. Because of the excellent service they provide, I can take my yacht wherever I want to go. My favorite places to visit are international ports but from time to time I just need a quick trip out to the West Coast and A-1 Auto Transport helps me with that, too. I even have them take my super expensive fancy car sometimes because they do such a good job with the yacht and I like to have my super expensive fancy car with me to drive around when I am not on my yacht. (I’m dreaming but I don’t know any super expensive fancy car brands to insert here.)
All in all I think maybe I could have a nice life as an artist. I think I need to talk to my parents now and tell them I’m going to change my major, actually, maybe I won’t even go to college – “Pineapples and Parrots” are my future! Just kidding – I still need the scholarship money, please.

Submitted by Emelia Yelencich
on 02/03/18

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