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Submitted by Richard Levites on 09/18/17

Imagine the trust you need to have in a person, a company and even yourself, to ship something as valuable and personal as your car. You don’t even trust professional movers enough to the point where you rented a personal truck and packed all belongings on your own. And that was just an upsize to a bigger home a block away. However, this is different. You’re not just leaving home; you are leaving your homeland. Whether it be for work, family, or love, you must move overseas to meet the demands of your life. It is a step forward, a chance at a new life. It’s not going to be easy, and although words of others may comfort you, you know that it’s just a temporary reassurement. However, it is something that must be done.

First, comes the news that you must move. It’s heavy, but an excitement hums like electricity through you. It’s something new. As you ride home, you don’t play your usual radio station. All the traffic lights are green, and you are focused, but lost in thought. Who are you breaking the news to first? What will you leave behind? Will they agree to go with you? You suddenly realize that you are sitting in your driveway. You’ve made it home, and it welcomes you.  Looking up at your house, it hits you that you have built your life here. Still lost in thought, you head inside. It is a lot to think about, but there is a lot of work to complete.

Moving your whole life, it’s going to be a hassle. There is paperwork, and you will be signing off so many X’s and dotted lines, you might as well buy a stamp with your signature on it and just use that. But that is the least of your worries. You are more worried about leaving on time to get to the airport, more concerned about making sure that your close ones, whether they are traveling with you or staying behind, are prepared for this.

The following night, you stay up reading regulations and residency rules of your new homeland. More paperwork, more signatures, more contracts. But with each lift of the pen and turn of the page, you get closer to the end goal. You go to sleep feeling accomplished.

Now, you are worried about the proper transportation of your more heavier belongings. The cabinet your grandfather passed down to you, the tv you and your best friend shared through college, and lastly, your car. You spent hours working overtime, weeks of sleepless nights but you did it. The title belongs to you. No more is there curfew on when the car has to be in the driveway. It’s your car, and you couldn’t spare to leave it behind. You want only the best and the safest transport for it.

That’s where A-1 Auto Transport comes in. They ensure the safety of your vehicle. They understand that this isn’t just an object to you, but a part of your life. Though the attachment is not the same, they treat it as their own. A-1 offers three methods of transportation: Ro/Ro, Container, and Air Freight. Each method ensures your car will arrive, but each offers something the previous one doesn’t. With the Ro/Ro process, your vehicle is strapped to a deck on a transport ship and sailed across the seas. This method is the most cost-effective one. The Container method will ship your vehicle on the same ship as the previous method. This shipping style is of higher cost, but that is because it offers more protection and security to your car. It will be strapped and locked away in a container, avoiding all elements of the weather. The final and most costly approach is the Air Freight method. Your vehicle will be transported via airplane, safe and secure. Though the costliest, it also the quickest way.

A-1 Auto Transport counts on customers like you to trust them. They understand the proportion of these types of moves, whether permanent or temporary, offering you the best they can. The service they provide to you is unique, as are their prices. You can always sit down with an agent of theirs and discuss what you want, and how you want things done. Since it’s your belongings, they bend and shape around your needs.

Fast forward three months, and you’ve just landed at your new local airport. It’s busy, but you are in no rush, so you head over to the conveyer belt to pick up your luggage. You watch as people nervously wait to get their bags. The number of individuals around you start to dwindle, and you soon realize that it’s just you and that same gray duffle bag that no one is claiming. Watching it pass by you again, you attempt to keep calm.

Done waiting, you approach an attendee of the airport. They return to you with an update. Your baggage had been loaded on the wrong aircraft. A great start you think. You exchange info and are promised a call when your belongings arrive.

As you step outside, the new area embraces you with dark clouds. A wave of stress hits you when your attempt to reach back and grab your luggage is futile, as it is halfway across the world. Your phone beeps and sends you to a location. You’ve been expecting this message, but its arrival is sooner than you thought.

Watching the taxi pull away, you feel a cold drop on your hand and start walking briskly to the front gate. As the worker leads you past the various containers, you release a sigh of relief. It arrived and in one piece. At least something went right. As if luck was finally on your side, it starts pouring as soon as you get in. Staring at the steering wheel, you are glad of the people you chose to transport your car. A blanket of security enwraps you as you drive out the entrance of the port and onto the main road.

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