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Submitted by Jared Hites on 07/24/17


Do you ever wonder how all the personal cars and trucks of Military personnel get to their distant exotic locations after receiving their PCS.  Especially since the Military personnel are traveling together via a Military vehicle, either on ground or in the air.

Well A-1 Auto Transport Inc. has been providing this reliable service for over 20 years. A-1 also provides a Military discount to active and retired personnel. A-1’s Military POV shipping services apply to PCS moves both within the United States, also includes Alaska and Hawaii and internationally. A-1 has a large fleet of transport carriers, including overseas shipping vessels, that operate year round all over the world. No need to wait months for seasons to change or for the shipping available only 2 times per year.  This is a great service provided to our Military service personnel, who continue protect us and provide us with our countries freedom.

A-1 Auto Transport Inc. also provides transportation for a multitude of different vehicles.  Some vehicles you might not even think of when considering your relocation or just the need to get the vehicle to another destination.  Transportation services include: luxury and high value vehicles, sports/muscle cars, classic and vintage automobiles, trucks, pickups and SUVs, vehicles for military personnel, motorcycles, Harley-Davidson’s and sport bikes, ATVs and race car/ high performance vehicles.

Having a professional vehicle transportation company relocate your vehicle for you will give you peace of mind for the safe and secure delivery of your vehicle.  No need to worry about your own personal transportation vehicle breaking down en route, or being involved in an accident, or running into weather delays.  Also not to mention all the time you will save not being on the road yourself.  Let the professional drivers who are trained to operate and navigate large vehicles hauling trailers provide you with the safety, security and peace of mind.  Just like other times when you on call a specialist to make a repair or build something for you, consider calling a specialist for your transportation needs. In the end you’ll be so glad you did.

A-1 Auto Transport Inc. also provides many different transportation options.  This allows you to customize how your vehicle is transported to fit your budget.  Some transportation shipping options are: open air vehicle or enclosed vehicle to protect from the weather elements.  Save time and travel with door to door service.  Allow A-1 Auto Transport Inc. to come to you to pick up your vehicle and then meet you at your destination for delivery.  Or you can deliver your vehicle to one of A-1’s pickup terminals and then meet A-1 at the destination terminal for final delivery.  Final options are for High-End vehicle transportation.  These options provide extra guaranteed pampering for luxury vehicles: additional covering of your vehicle both on open air and enclosed transport, using vehicles with specialized air ride suspension for smooth ride and hydraulic lifts for smooth loading and unloading. Also securing your vehicle with additional safety straps to prevent any shifting or movement during transport. Final option is requesting loading your automobile into the first position in the trailer, this way your vehicle is not moved during loading and unloading when other cars are added and removed.

One of the first steps in the process of transporting your vehicle is to plan ahead.  If you have a specific deadline for delivery in mind you need to schedule as soon as possible to ensure your delivery timeframe is possible. Next, you need to remove all your personal items that are not attached to the vehicle. This is twofold, it helps decrease the weight of your vehicle and prevent any losses which insurance typically doesn’t cover. Thirdly, a detailed inspection of your vehicle before A-1 Auto Transport Inc. takes possession of your vehicle is very important.  This is to note any damage or defects present on your vehicle upon arrival.  This protects both A-1 Auto Transport Inc. and you from any potential problems if a question of possible damage is noted on final delivery possession. Last but not least, a huge safety factor only has about a quarter tank of gas upon arrival for vehicle drop off.  If you think about this it seems common sense to not have a trailer full of vehicles with full gas tanks.  It adds unnecessary weight, but most importantly it’s a fire /explosion hazard.  This risk offsets the inconvenience of you having to fill your gas tank after you take possession.

A-1 Auto Transport Inc. is a reliable, trustworthy company.  A-1 has many fantastic testimonies relating to their customer service and physical services.  A-1 Auto Transport Inc. also goes the extra mile in order to prevent the unnecessary use of our natural resources and pollution of our environment through their Green Initiative.  A-1 Auto Transport eliminates the paper trail.  Using technology which everyone has become accustomed to A-1 can help save millions of trees and lands by relying on the internet to communicate and send official documents. Customers can save their documents on their computers, eliminating the need for “hard copies.” A-1 Auto Transport Inc. has also made many Green Initiatives right in their offices.  By providing reusable utensils and cookware for employees to use in the break room and providing a composting bin for food scraps.  Making sure recycling cans are available throughout the building at add to the easiness of making sure everyone recycles.  Other Green Initiatives which are really great are giving employees their own aluminum refillable water bottles and providing reusable Tupperware to discourage use of disposable plastic containers.

This also shows that A-1 Auto Transport treats their employees with respect and care.  This carries over to the respect and care all employees show regarding A-1Auto Transport Inc.  As most of us know if an employee feels valued by their employer, the employees will strive to pass on the value to all customers because of the pride they feel in their company. A-1 Auto Transport Inc. values its employees and customers equally.


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