A Simple Guide to Moving

Submitted by Alanna Du
on 03/10/18

I moved to a new house at the beginning of 5th grade. After my first day at school, while attempting to walk home from the bus stop, I became utterly and hopelessly lost. I had gotten off two stops too early and I barely knew the new neighborhood. I ended up “taking a tour” of my neighborhood while my parents calling the police and my school teacher drove around looking for me. Eventually, I was able to make it home safely. It’s no wonder why in a list of the most common fears, right up there with public speaking and death, is Tropophobia, or the fear of moving. My family had only moved from one side of the city to another, and the event could only be described as stressful and hectic. From organizing the expenses, backing countless boxes, cleaning both houses, taking apart/rebuilding the furniture, etc, moving only combines and intensifies already painful tasks. Thankfully, many of our belongings could be packed in our car and driven across town in small batches, quite literally lessening the load for us and breaking the moving process into bite-size pieces. I can only imagine the difficulty involved in long distance moving, the thought itself is unsettling.


Because we were only moving 30 minutes away from our old home, a DIY move was

relatively simple. We just used our family cars to transport most of the small items. For larger pieces of furniture, we rented a U-Haul and a few family friends came to help, allowing for an economical move. For many who have to move long distance, especially to a completely new area, this just simply is not feasible. Instead, they must rely on professional movers to transport their belongings. Fortunately, this does take much of the stress out of moving as the family will literally not have to do most of the heavy lifting since professional movers can efficiently and safely move furniture.


On the outside, one of the most complicated and risky parts of moving long distance seems to be transporting a car. Unlike your dining room table, an entire car can’t simply be placed in a U-Haul and driven to your new home. Instead, most people will have to ship their vehicle through an automotive transport company. This is where A-1 Auto Transport comes in.


After giving A-1 Auto Transport basic information about the car and destination, they will happily and quickly give you a free estimate of the cost to transport. The bigger transporting choices that will need to be made include what kind of shipping and what kind of storage will be needed. Most cars can be moved in an open-air transport. These are the same types of trucks that are used to move new cars to dealerships and involve transporting eight to twelve cars at a time. This is the most economical method of transporting. Some people may choose an enclosed transport service for greater protection against the elements. This option includes a choice of soft-sided enclosed transport or hard-sided enclosed transport, with hard-sided offering the most protection. Even more protection options are available for vintage or luxury cars.


Some preparations will need to be made, such as: cleaning the vehicle, making sure the gas tank is no more than ¼ full, checking fluid levels, recording any existing damage, and disabling the car alarm. After this, you must prepare your car to be picked up, this could mean making sure your street can fit a large truck. During the transportation, the moving company will probably send you updates and then deliver it to your door, unless another delivery type is requested.

After all of your belongings have been moved into your new home and the furniture is organized and the decoration is placed properly, you have to consider how to adjust to a new neighborhood and create a house that truly feels like home.


There are many ways to make a new house more home-like. One way this can be accomplished is by arranging the furniture in a similar fashion to your old house. When we first moved, we organized our living room to look almost exactly like our old one, with lamps, couches, and tables in the same relative position. Although this was odd at first since it did not really suit the new space, but it did allow for a young me to properly adjust to my new home. After my family became more familiar with the house and felt more comfortable, we rearranged the furniture again to better suit the room. It was kind of like moving two times for the price of one! Saving and placing old mementos or photos around the house can also make it feel more homely too. Since these are pieces you will have an emotional connection to, they can also help you develop an emotional connection with your house. I remember one of the first things we did was set up all of our old photo frames and mementos from China. every time we saw them, we were reminded about fun family trips and loving relatives who lived across the world, and it really made the house feel more like a home.


Another important part of getting comfortable in a new area is making friends with your neighbors. These new friends can help you navigate the new are, and they can be lifelong friends as long as you make a great first impression! An easy way to do this is to introduce yourself to neighbors soon after moving in. Optionally, bringing them some baked goods or somethings small can show that you are excited to meet and befriend them. Since we had a garden in our old home and had to uproot most of the vegetables when we moved, we had an abundance of organic, fresh bok choy, tomatoes, cucumbers, and peppers that we gave to our neighbors. They were very thankful and we are still close friends with all of our surrounding neighbors seven years later!


Although nothing will completely remove the stress and difficulties of moving and adjusting to a new area, there are many things that can be done to lessen them. For my family, moving was still daunting, but we did a lot of things to make the whole process easier. By making friends with neighbors, creating a cozy home, and choosing the perfect auto transport company, moving might not be so much of a fear after all.

Submitted by Alanna Du
on 03/10/18

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