“A car is a living organism”

Submitted by Iulia Tertilova
on 03/08/18

“A car is a living organism”. It has its own heart and soul. It knows that we love her by the way
we treat her” those words of my Father rested within me and shaped my little brother’s and my
attitude towards cars.
When my brother and I were small, our favorite place in the house was the room of our Dad; he
is a mechanical engineer. It was a little world full of nuts, screws, soldering irons, different old
radios, record players, and computer systems. We liked playing with all of these treasures, our
Dad carefully explained to us how everything worked, and what was every little nut was for.
Growing up, our Dad took us to the garage and set up the whole excursion to discover the car.
We explored how the car looks from the inside and was amazed by the complexity of all the
little things in it. Every metal piece was connected to the next one and all these pieces of this
harmoniously developed system could make the vehicle breath a life of its own.

Not surprisingly, my brother had many cars when he was young and we loved pretending to be
in the movie, “Fast and Furious”. The special car of his was a tiny reproduction of a real
“Subaru WRX STI” car. This blue little car had doors that actually were possible to open, and
had the ability to drive so fast (in his mind). My brother was so proud of this car. It was his most important possession in this 6-year-old’s life. He took it everywhere with him: to kindergarten, for a walk, he swam in the river with it. This car was like his best friend. He even constructed its own little garage for Subaru. He took care of Subaru just as my dad took care of his car.
One day, my brother lost his Subaru and he cried for 3 days. He looked for it everywhere. He
cleaned the whole house and checked all the neighbors’ houses. He even printed pictures of
Subaru and put them all over town just as people do when they lose a dog or a cat. I was twelve
at the time and seeing my brother so upset was heart-wrenching. This was terrible for him and I needed to try to help. I made this fairy tale for him.
Once upon a time, there was a little boy named Vadim (that is the name of my brother too). He
had a very cute little car named, Subaru, Vadim carried Subaru with him always. They were
best friends and it seemed like nothing could keep them apart but once the car was lost. Vadim
was frantic and cried for weeks. He was looking for it everywhere but Subaru was nowhere to
be found. Subaru’s loss broke Vadim’s heart but as the weeks turned into months and the
months turned into years, Vadim finally stopped trying to find it because he had looked
everywhere and tried everything possible to find Subaru.
Vadim grew up and one day after school, when he was waiting for his marshrutka (a bus to get
home) he was blinded by the lights of a luxurious car with a loud engine. It was a Subaru WRX
STI. The car drove up to Vadim really slow and told him:
“Hey, Vadim, don’t you remember me? I am your friend, Subaru, the little car that you lost when you were 6.”
Vadim was 18 and he could not believe what the car told him. He was so surprised that he ran
to the car and gave her a big hug saying: “No way”. Vadim could not believe his ears. “I cannot
express my feelings, Subaru. I am extremely happy to see you after such a long break. I was so heartbroken and thought I will never see you again. But how did you find me? Last time I saw
you, you were so small?”
Subaru replied: “I know. You are right. I was small. You lost me in the forest. I was there alone,
crying and screaming for you. I was so small in such high grass that you could not see me when
you were looking for me. I missed you so much and I wanted to find you so much that this
desire made me grow. I was growing and growing all these years. When I finally grew up I was
able to find you. And now I am here and I am so happy to see you. Now I know I will never lose
you again!”
Vadim was so happy that he jumped into the car and drove home to share the exciting news
with everybody. On the way home, he realized that even the impossible can be possible. The
main thing is to set up a goal and work for it. If the tiny car was able to reach an impossible aim, he can succeed in everything. Subaru also taught him that there are no barriers to true
friendship. Since then there was nothing to separate the two best friends.
My brother jumped out of his bed. “Is it a fairy tale about me??”
“Who knows, maybe”, I replied with a smile, caressing his head.
I wish everything; including fairy tales were possible in real life. I cannot make this happen, but I guess there are some fairies that are called auto transportation companies who do car shipping overseas, internationally, who provide different auto transportation services. These people make dreams of someone like my brother’s come true. These people deserve to be thanked and respected because of the miracles and the magic they do for other people. A car needs so much attention, care, time, and love to look so excellent when the customer obtains it. It cannot have any flaws or dings. That is why people who work in this area, I assume, treat cars the way my family treats it. Although I am 18 now, I still think that cars have their little metal hearts and souls and if people spend time and care about them, they will live a long and happy life together with us. They will continue serving us and help us to shorten our precious time we spend on the rides and make most of the ride to make it comfortable and enjoyable.

Submitted by Iulia Tertilova
on 03/08/18

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