A Bridge To Another Culture

Submitted by Breanna Comunale
on 03/09/18

She had ash blonde hair and round eyes filled with a hazelnut hue. She possessed a keen eye,
always searching for the next challenge. When I met her, she was eager to learn about me, but I was interested in learning about what she had to share about herself. She began to tell me about her daily life in a country that she said can be easily overlooked on a map since it is situated between the “country of romance” and “the boot.” She lived in Monte Carlo, Monaco: the country is best known for its casinos and home to the Grand Prix, where Alfa Romeos and Bugattis are commonplace sights.

She inhabited a small apartment with her beloved dog, Luna, and her mother. Although some of
the buildings around her were old and dilapidated, she looked beyond the facade to find a new
story, and harnessed a powerful ambition to share her Monaco with the world.
She told me about her school life and the many nationalities that interact there. She decided to study a topic in the humanities because she appreciated learning and analyzing human culture and society in order to use those aspects to fuel her passion for storytelling. The language was also an important part of her identity. When she spoke to her parents when they called her, I was surprised to witness the ease with which she could transition from speaking English to speaking Italian and French.
Outside of school, she enjoys analyzing cinema and finding new ways to tell stories through this medium. She mentioned that if she wanted to explore new ideas outside of her home, she had to walk. Getting around the principality was difficult enough since her mother is the only one that has access to a car in her family and has to go to work early every morning. Although she has the opportunity to experience her country and all that it has to offer from a new perspective on foot, she wished that she could travel even further to discover the hidden places in her country and venture beyond those borders to add a more global perspective to her craft.

While we spent time together and talked about our lives in different countries, I thought about how it would be possible for her to travel to different places when she had a new project in mind.
As we were walking in the park, my attention was piqued by rows of cars loading onto a ferry as if they were ants marching up a picnic table in search of a feast. What if there was some way to use a transport service by the sea in order to ship her a car? At this moment, any person would ask me why she couldn’t buy a car in her own country. As a matter of fact, a couple days before, we had passed through a residential neighborhood to enjoy a quiet walk and saw that one of the residents was selling their car since they were moving. It was a car in good condition at an affordable price, and she looked at me with an expression of delight. It was a cherry red color with a black interior. She told me that she wished she could be able to take that particular car back home, but it seemed practically impossible to do so.
I turned to her and asked her what she thought of the idea. She peered searchingly toward the bay and wondered at the feasibility of this plan. All she could think of were the headaches and worries one would have to endure through the whole process. Would the car get damaged? How
would I be able to track the car to know when it will arrive? Will the ship get lost in the Bermuda Triangle?

If I had known of A-1 international transport services at the time, I would have been able to quell these thoughts that she had. With more than 20 years of experience, A-1 would be able to handle this idea. I was glad to hear that the cars are taken care of as well as the customers. It is difficult to imagine how one could let go of their car to travel alone overseas, and simply wait anxiously to be able to soon be comforted that it has arrived at its intended destination. This fear would be inexistent through A-1 since they have used the age of technology to everyone’s advantage! I would be able to track the car from my hometown all the way to Monaco and be able to let her know where it is at any moment (and maybe even have a countdown party when it is almost there). I am also a big supporter of any actions that go toward helping the environment. A-1 has been able to uphold efficient and sustainable operations, exhibited through their membership of the Environmental Protection Agency’s SmartWay Program. Their environmentally conscious mindset cuts cost at the same time for clients, essentially covering every corner and benefit that could come out of a car transport organization.

Just last month, I spoke with her during one of our monthly phone call sessions filled with
laughter and news. I had mentioned to her of A-1. I told her that although that car has probably been sold by now, I promised that I would send her a car in the future after we have our respective jobs as a reminder of our first meeting together. She laughed and then there was a pause in the conversation. I thought back to the time we first met and how making this friendship has changed my view of other cultures and the world. Although using A-1 to transport a car overseas to a young teenager like myself seems like a great thing to carry out at this time, the thought symbolizes more than what it initially gives off. Making a connection to someone overseas in some way brings the world and everyone in it a little bit closer, even though talking about a car.

Submitted by Breanna Comunale
on 03/09/18

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