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Submitted by Cameron Miller
on 11/07/18

Currently, I live in the DC area which is considered a transient area where people constantly come and go. I noticed those who move here usually either sell a vehicle or two to move or make the painstaking drive from some distant place, usually state to state.

When driving long distances, people spend time and money on their personal vehicles to reach destinations, but they may neglect the wear and tear that is shortening its useful life. Our family has moved state to state several times in my lifetime, and each time my parents packed up the belongings and drove their vehicles to our next destination. Needless to say, I am sure wear and tear accelerated new vehicle purchases before it was time.

Vehicle transportation companies who offer state-to-state vehicle transfers help consumers save time and money. They could aggressively advertise the benefits of using state-to-state moving services to reduce wear and tear when transporting vehicles. According to my father, some moving companies already offer this service, but I do not think it is well known.

Even if it is on people’s conscious, the advantages most likely outweigh the disadvantages, but one must weigh the pros and cons based on their preferences. Nevertheless, I believe vehicle transportation companies can use a more active approach to educate the public. For example, they could offer cost comparisons on the long-term effects of continuous driving (e.g. gas consumption, oil usage, etc.) versus using their service (e.g. reduced tire wear, extended engine belt life, etc.). Because the results show financial impact, consumers may relate better to the services being offered. However, the benefit of saving time is also a significant perk because a person frees up the driving time to do more constructive activities.

A service such as this would be perfect for my generation because our lives are dictated by the speed of information in this technological era. For example, phone apps have exploded during this period, because we want convenience and information in near real-time. My father states “he never would have thought he could order a meal to be ready for pickup using a phone app. For his generation, ordering a meal with a phone usually meant speaking with an order taker at the restaurant and having the delivery service bring it .” In the vehicle transportation business, we could create an app that could predict the reduction of a car’s life or project the degradation on components, such as tires or fan belts and provide an output based on the percentage of life remaining.

Consumers would get quick, reliable information to make informed decisions on whether to drive to a destination or use a vehicle service that can reliably deliver their vehicle to their destination. Consumers also can assess the time and physical energy that would be saved using the service.

My generation is expected to have multiple careers, and the likelihood of pursuing a career in a single location is remote. Therefore, as we consider moves from state to state, perhaps even overseas, we need to consider using vehicle transportation services to relocate our vehicles. I value my time, and I do not want to spend my time traveling hours, maybe even days, in a vehicle. I would rather use a professional service to deliver my vehicle so that I can pursue other activities that interest me.

This service is also hugely beneficial for individuals who may move frequently, such as professional athletes, coaches, and some company executives. Professional teams are constantly changing personnel ranging from front office executives to coaches to the athletes themselves. If companies approach the professional teams, they can become exclusive sponsors, which results in premier advertising spots and a way to offer services directly to athletes, their friends, and family members.

If the consumer chooses to use the vehicle transportation company, additional services can be advertised, such as transporting cars overseas, moving motorcycles, or taking classic cars to auto shows. In my area, many people are from other parts of the country, some from around the globe, and I am sure everyone did not purchase new vehicles when they arrived here. With individuals living here from Country A or Country B, I am sure they prefer to drive vehicles they were driving in their own country. This becomes a challenge for citizens whose countries allow drivers to drive on the opposite side of the road, but those from countries with driving characteristics like US citizens, this may be a welcome perk.

On the flip side, US citizens who choose to live or have extended overseas visits can now ship their personal vehicles and enjoy them at their destinations.
With the movement of classic cars, companies can offer enclosed or covered transportation methods, which helps maintain the integrity of the vehicle and reduces the miles driven. This is an attractive option because classic cars are typically for show, and consumers are assured their vehicles will arrive undamaged.

Depending on their business model, vehicle transportation companies could partner with national, regional, and local moving services, which could create a natural feeder pool. If those national, regional, and local moving services are unable to ship a person’s vehicle because they do not offer the service, the vehicle transportation company can easily offer its services. If that partnership continues, this creates another avenue to gain a steady flow of customers using vehicle transportation services.

On the business to business side, vehicle transportation companies also could partner with automotive manufacturers, such as General Motors, Toyota, etc., to deliver new vehicles from factories to showrooms across the US. This vehicle delivery method eases that transportation burden, so they can focus on their respective businesses to maintain or achieve profitability.

Based on the information in this essay, vehicle transportation services are extremely valuable and convenient. These companies take the hassle out of driving to a destination or getting on a plane to meet your car at a chosen destination. As my parents approach their retirement years, they most likely will live elsewhere and need to consider using this service.

Submitted by Cameron Miller
on 11/07/18

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