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Submitted by Hana Al Asadi
on 09/12/18

For someone who moves on a lot, we have lots of transport companies and happily, all our things come to us safely.
My grandfather bought a car to my dad in his college days and it’s still with hem so far he really take care of it and we help him sometimes wash it clean it from inside its really fun i hope my dad give it to me one day I know its so much old but I love it.

All the times we move on, we chose a good company to transport our lovely car. we did not tray the company ever but we have good companies too in our country, we travel a lot by using our car, wetraveled more than 1000km and more that it’s hard sometimes but its still a fun experience.

If anyone asks me what type of car I like it’s for sure Mustang, am in love with this kind of cars but its expansive to me but I’m happy with my dads car, I don’t want my dad or anyone to buy a car for me,I will buy It for my self and from my hard work , but if you want to buy a car you should ask your self ,”What car style do I need?” Whether you need a family car, a pick-up car or a sports car? “Considering how much you will use your car, whether, on holiday, normal daily, commuting to and from work, delivering your children to school, moving goods at work.

You may lose a lot if you are in a hurry to buy and later regret it. What your friend bought might not be right for you. Pay attention to choosing the best car for your life and uses. For example, if you drive the car to work every day for more than half an hour, Living in Sharjah, living in Dubai and working in Abu Dhabi, you need a comfortable and fuel-efficient car at the same time.

In the country I live in they let the women’s drive since one month ago, I know it’s weird but really before it was not allowed for women to drive a car, happily that’s now in the past now you can see women’s driving all across the country. Anyway, I want to thank all the car transport companies cause they take care of our cars and bring it safe with no crushes or any things and for making our life easier.

The important thing you should think about when you are driving is the safety of your self and the people who are with you and the people outside, You should follow the instructions always so can protect people lives, I saw many accidents while I was traveling I was scared, so much it’s really hard to see like this, I hope everyone thinks about people life’sseriously, but there are many benefits of cars for those who follow the instructions correctly.

The means of transportation is one of the greatest blessings that God pleased us in this life and helped us to approximate distances and save time and effort, we are now in the age of speed, and all of us need to reduce the lost time in between trips and travel.

In addition, the means of continuity in our time have helped to provide comfort and bring people closer. With the great development, it has helped to bring people closer together and improve communication between them.
Transportation is very different in our lives, every country has different modes of transportation, although there are some similarities. However, some countries have means of transportation as a measure of the well-being of the people, and the provision of government to the needs of the people.

Anyways, when you compare the modern transport and the old it sounds a bit funny, for example, they used to transport by animals, cars, skis, steam trains and ships, but now we use the train, the car, the plane, and the bus, but I think that every time has his beauty it was hard for them for sure using this kind of transport, I think that they were happy with what they have.

The youth are the future of the homeland and they are the basis of society by which society rises and develops for the better. Youth have the required to do many great works that help in the development of society and civilization. Countries should pay attention to and invest in their talents and encourage them to develop them. Yet, many are trapped in poverty, with few opportunities to learn or earn a decent living, youth is the spring of life, it is the age of discovery and dreams, they have the power to transform the nation into a better place. They also have the ability to lead their citizens in the right direction. Young fighters are fighting for identity in society, one of the problems is the world faces today, each hoping for a world full of opportunities, even great minds can be conquered and individuals become better.

They need good morals and values to deal with conflicts in a positive way. Everyone should encourage everyone around him, big and small, to think creatively and positively. You Don’t know, maybe soon we can ride a flying car, the future is a little scary if you think of robots, flying cars and other things that we see in fantasy films that will all be real one day and the human will do it one day am sure.

Do not think you are less than anyone, I believe within each person there is greatness, you can do anything whatever your age, your economic situation or your country, if you have a dream to do something you will undoubtedly do it and all the people that frustrate you must get them out of your life.

Submitted by Hana Al Asadi
on 09/12/18

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