5 Tips On How To Land A Job In A New City Fast

5 Tips On How To Land A Job In A New City Fast

You have finally made the big leap and relocated to a new city. Now you need to find a job, and depending on your circumstances, this may rank highly on your priority list. Finding a job after a move may seem like an intimidating task to undertake.  However, with these 5 tips you are well on your way to getting hired.



  • Be yourself: There is no one more authentic than you, to play your part. You may think that reinventing yourself is the key to finding work in your new city. This could work, but you might end up losing who you were to begin with. Being yourself will keep you at ease since you are not trying to put up appearances. Dress as you always did, speak in the same accent you always used and you will be surprised how easy it will be at job interviews.
  • Plug into social networks: The value of using social media to find a job cannot be overstated. Join professional groups on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn among others. You will make invaluable connections, and land tips on new job openings in your field of expertise.

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  • Do not badmouth your former employer: It is a cringe-worthy trend lately to speak ill of your former employer. Some people are ill-advised that this will give them higher ratings in their new job. If anything, this will work against you in any job interview. Focus on your skills and strengths as well as what you are bringing to the table for your prospective employer.
  • Be relentless: Send out your resume to as many different companies as you can. Most people get rejected at least 15 times before landing their first job. Do not give up on applying for jobs. Keep sending out resumes to jobs that you are qualified for. The worst that could happen is that you will be juggling more than one job offers. And that is not such a bad thing!
  • Dress the part: We may sometimes overlook the power of appearances, but a first time glance at you by a prospective employer may well decide your fate in a job interview. Some companies require a professional look, while others may call for a more laid-back, smart casual get-up. Research and find out what the dress code is like, and show up for interviews looking the part.

These tips should help you find a job after making that huge leap of moving to a new city. You should also be able to make your move less stressful by enlisting the services of a professional moving company. Be on the lookout for a moving company that will offer you an affordable and reliable package in terms of moving your essentials in a safe and secure way. Focus on the part that you are in control of, which is looking for and getting yourself a job as soon as you can.

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