5 Signs That You Need To Change Your Moving Date

5 Signs That You Need To Change Your Moving Date

You have found the perfect house, picked out a reliable moving company and even found a new school for the kids. Everything is all systems go and all you need is to confirm the date to the movers. Can anything change your mind about moving on that day? Here are 5 signs that you should change your moving date immediately:

Weather forecast

The weather forecast is there for a reason. If you hear that there will be a storm on the day you are planning to move, it is best to change the day instead of getting caught up in a storm.



There are also other weather conditions like heat waves and snow that will make the move complicated.

High cost of moving

If you had planned to move on a certain date because of convenience and didn’t consider the cost, it may be good to rethink that decision. During peak season when so many people are moving, it is hard to even find a reliable mover and if you do you will have to pay double the price. If it is possible, hold off the move for a few weeks until the peak season madness is over.

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Sale of your old house

If you need to sell your house before moving to a new location, it is best to ensure you have a sure buyer before setting a moving date. Some people fix a date before the house is sold and then they lack someone to buy the house in time. If your moving date is a week or a month away and the house is still not sold, that is a sign that you should change the moving date.

Another occurrence is when your lease ends before the moving date. Make sure that you set a date that correlates with the end of the lease or before so you won’t be kicked out of the house and left stranded.

Renovations and incomplete house

Does your new place need some renovations here and there before someone can move in? Did you underestimate the work required to finish your new house? All these are things that happen to people and they end up without a place to stay for days or weeks. Check the new place a month before the moving date to see how much work is needed and go with a contractor so you can change the moving date and maybe pay another month’s rent before it’s too late.

New house is still occupied

Many times people plan to move to a house on a specific date when it’s still occupied in the hopes that those people will be out by then. Unfortunately, things happen and people change their minds. Don’t settle on a date before the people actually move out.

Changing your moving date is not uncommon and the best moving companies anticipate such things to happen. However, make sure that you call and make the changes early enough since making a very short notice can cost you money.

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