5 reasons to choose A1 Auto Transport for Shipping Classic car

Submitted by Abu Hansat MD Rhydwan
on 03/08/18

Classic cars often have antique value rather than just monetary value. They are a piece of history. But transporting this kind of cars can be problematic for its owner. These cars are usually vulnerable in comparison to today’s car. That’s why extra care needs to be taken for shipping classic cars. There are many ways for shipping classic cars, but for risk-free shipping, one should always rely on experts.


A-1 Auto Transport, Inc can be the perfect solution for shipping classic cars. They are the ultimate expert for this kind of job. Their journey started almost 20years ago. Since then they have been doing quality shipping and has become one of the largest shippers in the US today. They do various types of auto transport depends on owner’s need. They provide special service for classics cars. Trusting a company for transporting your antique car isn’t easy. That’s why one needs to be absolutely sure before choosing an auto transport company.
Here are 5reasons to choose A1 auto transport as classic car shipping solution:

  1. Enclosed Transport for older model cars: Older model cars get vulnerable with times. Therefore, transporting them isn’t the easiest stuff ever. Transporting them like normal cars can cause both body and internal damage. Enclosed transport can be a good solution to this matter. Enclosed auto transport carriers are made especially for carrying this kind of vehicles. They have necessary security items and ropes to minimize both vehicle movement and road shock. This type of transport cost is usually higher than open transport as it carries fewer cars than open carriers for providing more safety. Another reason for the higher cost is due to adding an extra layer of security. But the additional cost is worth it as it gives an extra perk to the auto owner.
  2. A trusted company with long experience: For shipping valuable stuff like classic cars one need to very sure about shipping quality. A1 Auto Transport can provide that without any doubt. They have vast experience regarding this kind of stuff. Their long experience of providing quality shipping make them an easy choice for customers. Customers can rely on them based on their amazing ratings.

3.GPS Order Tracking: Customers like to navigate their stuff especially when it’s something antique like classic cars. A1 transport provides GPS order tracking to its customers. One can sit home and determine the location of his car anytime he desires. This process is convenient and user-friendly.

4.Excellent Customer Service: One of the key factors in choosing a shipping company is customer service. In this matter, A1 Auto Transport is one of a kind. They provide 24/7 customer service. Customer satisfaction is their priority. One can find any information regarding shipping anytime he wants from A1 Auto Transport.

5.Insurance Coverage: Insurance coverage is a big issue for almost any kind of shipping. It became an even bigger issue while transporting stuff like classic cars. Owner wants to make sure they won’t face any kind financial problem if the shipping isn’t completed in time or receive any damage. Insurance coverage is included in every quote while shipping with A1 Auto Transport. This makes car owner tension free.


After getting all these one doesn’t need to think of a better shipping option rather than A1 Auto Transport. This is the absolute best for shipping in this business today. They value their customers’ opinion and deliver the absolute best. Therefore, for seamless and safe classic car transport A1 Auto Transport is the best.

Submitted by Abu Hansat MD Rhydwan
on 03/08/18

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