5 of the Manliest Motorcycles on Earth

At A1AutoTransport, we aren’t strangers to super cool motorcycles. We’ve shipped everything from vintage Indians to the gnarliest supercharged Harley’s. For this blog, I want to shine the light on 5 motorcycles that are guaranteed to put hair on your chest—just by looking at them.

Cook Customs Rambler.

For our first bike, we chose this new Cook Customer Rambler. Given our understandable fixation with Sturgis, we figured we would feature a bike that stole the show at the AMD World Championships in 2009. With a chromed-out skeleton, this bike gives you the feeling of riding on top of the world while being weirdly close to the afterlife. Take a little off the throttle if you start hearing voices.

Zero Engineering T5.

For our next bike, we take a quick trip to the East. Zero Engineering is a Japanese company that takes American bikes and creates “Samurai Choppers”—most notably, Harleys. Zero Engineering is all about black and white and removing all of the bells-and-whistles to highlight the chest-rattling engine. Interested in the bike? Make sure you’ve greased up your pocket book.

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Gustav Skippone.

With this custom Gustav Skippone bike, Yuri Shif beautifully crafted a retro-future steampunk bike. The motorcycle boasts a 107ci S&S V-twin motor with 95 horsepower, which is plenty a power to knock the socks off your Belarussian girlfriend. Bringing up the rear is a Harley Springer handling suspension to keep the ride as smooth as possible as you cruise the highway.

Triumph Rocket III Roadster.

The Triumph III Roaster breaths pure testosterone from its dual exhausts. Strapped with a 2.3 liter, 3 cylinders, 146 horsepower engine, you won’t find a worse ride on the road. Oh, and did I mention is has 165 lb-ft of torque? Yep, don’t even think about taking your grandma out for a joy ride unless you’re ready to pick her wig off the interstate.

Ferrari V4.

Did you know that Ferrari created a motorcycle? Me neither. But as soon as I laid eyes on this bad-boy, I knew I needed to remortgage my house to get one. Built with a Ferrari Enzo V12 engine, I’m not quite sure how anyone is supposed to stay on this bike. This concept motorbike was imagined by Amir Glinik, an Israeli designer with a rich pedigree for creating luxury rides. Is this motorcycle going to be available for sale anytime soon? Of course not, but a man can dream.


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