5 Great Additions You Can Add To Your Home’s Indoors 

5 Great Additions You Can Add To Your Home’s Indoors

Buying a home is a great investment. You can make your investment more worthwhile by remodeling it over time. The main reasons home owners remodel is usually to up the home’s resale value as well as to make it more comfortable for their changing needs such as a new family member. There are hundreds of great home additions to suit any type and size of home. These are our top five great additions that can revamp your home’s indoors.



  • Playrooms: A playroom in a home that has young children is an essential addition to the house. When you are entertaining, you prefer to have the children playing outside, but this can only happen in warm weather. In the cooler months, an indoor playroom will come in handy. Design your playroom with lots of space, and a long-term mentality. Think of it as a space where you will want to spend some time yourself, as you engage your children in play.
  • Window seats: A window seat is a comfortable seating space, located just under a huge window. If your home has big, sunny windows, this is one of those home additions you could easily DIY. Think of it as a cozy space to catch some sun rays on early summer mornings, as you read a book and sip on some coffee. There are dozens of brilliant ideas on how to put in functional yet aesthetic window seats in your home.

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  • Sunrooms: A sunroom is a room extension that is made of mostly glass to get the most of the sun, especially in cold weather. Sunrooms have different designs and types of structure, but be sure to put up a sturdy structure that will keep draughts out. Do your research well and invest smartly in this addition, as it is sure to push up the value of your home if done well.
  • Garage extensions: Adding an extension to your garage will be advised by various factors. You may need extra room for more cars, extra room for storage, or a living space. These factors will determine the kind of extension you will invest in. Garage extensions usually involve knocking down walls usually on the side or the rear, putting in new doors, cabling and so on. Just like any home addition, remember to invest well to get the most out of it in terms of living and property value.
  • Bedroom additions: As your family grows, you will definitely find yourself needing more bedroom space. A new baby will usually require a whole room, the nursery. Your current home may not have one available. It is a viable and worthwhile investment to add an extra bedroom to your house. First determine its location; will it be upstairs or downstairs? This will come with varied costs. Work within your budget, and put up a room you will be proud of.

With these 5 ideas, you now have an idea of what home addition entails. Make a worthwhile addition to your home that will increase your property value, and most importantly make your home a more livable space.

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