4 Steps to Shipping Cars to Hawaii

Shipping a car to Hawaii is much like interstate car transportation but with a few additional processes. Transporting a vehicle to Hawaii requires a number of responsibilities to be undertaken such as finding an overseas car transport agency and ensuring the vehicles smooth transition. Each of these steps have been discussed below for your benefit.

1. Begin Browsing.

The first most important step in shipping cars to Hawaii is to find a reliable, reasonably priced auto carrier that offers port to port delivery for shipping vehicles to Hawaii or internationally.  the obvious choices do to this would be the internet or yellow pages which allow you to get a quote over the phone or online.

Do not jump at the first company you find, get a quote from a number of well-known businesses and compare the prices and services offered to find the best deal. There are a number of websites today that offer Transportation reviews and ratings from customers that may be helpful to you, which will come in handy when you are in doubt about a particular service.

2. Value Added Services.

As transporting a vehicle overseas requires containment to protect it from the sea, salt and sun ensure that your preferred auto carrier has the means in place to ensure that your car is in one piece when it reaches Hawaii. Opting for Marine Shipping Insurance is something you ought to consider as the insurance for most shipping companies only covers damages up to a certain amount. Keep in mind that you can opt for door to door shipping and special handling for luxury cars.

3. Cost Saving Techniques.

While you may want to opt for the convenience of door to door shipping where a driver picks your car up for transport to the first port and delivers it to your doorstep once it reaches Hawaii, port to port can actually help save you quite a bit of money. For port to port shipping you would need to drive your car to the West Coast to be loaded onto the ship and on its arrival in Honolulu, you would need to collect it.

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4. Automobile Preparations.

When shipping vehicles to Hawaii your auto carrier service will require a few mandatory preparations. For instance –

  • They require copies of the keys for any and all locking compartments such as the glove box and gas tank.
  • Keys for the ignition and trunk.
  • Copies of the registration and original title of the vehicle.
  • If your car is leased or financed then they will require acknowledgment of the shipment from the bank that has been notarized.
  • All personal possessions must be removed from the vehicle.
  • Any alarm systems must be disconnected.
  • The car must be functional and the gas tank must not be more than a quarter filled.

All these processes must be taken care of before the vehicle arrives for shipment to ensure efficient transportation.


By following these 4 tips for finding the best auto carrier and by adhering to their prerequisites you can rest assured that your car will not only leave the first port in perfect condition but also arrive without so much as a scratch. A little bit of research and compliance can go a long way to avoid mishaps while shipping your car to Hawaii.

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