3 Tips For Moving Back To School

Moving Back to School: Tips and Tricks.

Are you heading back to school this month, or leaving home for the first time? So are millions of other students—but many of them have no idea how to plan an efficient and stress-free move. Here are some tips to keep in mind when heading back to school.

Pack Light.

Remember when you were a kid and you had to go camping with Grandpa every summer for two weeks? Remember all those mosquito bites you got and the beetle that crawled into your sleeping back in the middle of the night? You may have hated grandpa by the end of those two weeks, but he did give you a very valuable piece of information: pack light!



You’re never going to wear those green pants and you’re probably not going to play through the “Zelda: Ocarina of Time,” unless you plan on dropping out after the first semester. Make sure to pack only the things that you know you’ll use on a weekly basis. Chances are you’ll be taking boxes home over Fall break anyway when you realize your dorm room has zero closet space.

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Label Your Boxes.

When you arrive on campus with thousands of other students, your boxes may get misplaced or mixed up with your peers’. That probability only increases once the first dorm party kicks off with a rousing game of beer pong and a prompt trip to the hospital for your roommates’ first alcohol poisoning. Make sure to label all of your boxes with your name and dorm room number just in case, especially if you ever want to see your N64 ever again.

Accept Help From Your Parents.

We get it: you finally have the chance to move out and drink cheap vodka with girls who may or may not stay the night in your 10×10 dorm room. Freedom is the name of the game in college, and your parents are the antithesis of that. But guess what? Your parents are a huge help when moving in. Chances are they’re happy you’re moving out too so that your friend Rex quits stealing their liquor and passing out on your dad’s favorite La-Z-Boy.  My advice? Take the help while you can get it because moving into a dorm in the middle of the summer is a tough task. Your dad may even buy you your first case of beer to start your college career off right.

At the end of the day, moving off to college can be a difficult task. Be smart and take help when you can get it. And of course, you can always give us a call if you want to ship your car there and cross one more thing off your list.

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