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The United Kingdom Vehicle Registration Process

Vehicle Registration Process In The United Kingdom The UK is an island made up of several countries so the information presented here will be as specific as possible, while still trying to be general enough to apply to vehicle registration throughout the United Kingdom. The information here applies to registration of a vehicle that is permanently imported into the United Kingdom, though many of the same requirements may be necessary for temporary import as well. Forms Needed For Imported Vehicle Registration There are a few documents you’ll need to register an imported vehicle in the UK. Note that there are…

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Turkey Vehicle Registration Process

Register An Imported Vehicle In Turkey – Process & Procedure Registering an imported vehicle in a foreign country may seem a little more daunting in theory than it is in practice. The main distinction you’ll need to concern yourself with is whether you’re importing on a temporary or permanent basis. While some of the forms, documents, and requirements are the same, there are some key differences. Temporary Vehicle Import & Residency Permit For vehicles that are brought into Turkey on a temporary basis, they can be operated for a period of up to two years without local registration. It should…

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The Netherlands Vehicle Registration Process

The Process Of Registering A Vehicle Shipped To The Netherlands This article will address the basic aspects of getting an imported car registered in the Netherlands. The topics covered here will include the road tax (Bpm), import duties and value added tax, and the road safety test that all registered vehicles must undergo. At the bottom of the page you’ll find some helpful resources with more in-depth information on various related topics. Road Tax (Bpm) The import tax for vehicles shipped to the Netherlands is commonly referred to as “Bpm,” sometimes also called the Green Tax. The Bpm is a…

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The Bahamas Vehicle Registration Process

Registering An Imported Car In The Bahamas: Process & Guidelines Before we get into the topic of how to register an imported vehicle in the Bahamas, there are a few points that should be made clear. The first is that driving in the Bahamas is done on the left hand side of the road as opposed to the right, though you will find vehicles with steering columns on either side of the vehicle. The second is that driving conditions in many areas, especially those that are less heavily trafficked, are not on par with what you’re used to on American…

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Thailand Vehicle Registration Process

The Process of Vehicle Registration In Thailand For Imported Cars, Trucks, & Motorbikes When shipping a vehicle to Thailand, there are two approaches you can take: temporary or permanent registration. Naturally, temporary registration has a few less hoops to jump through, but most of the paperwork and documents needed for temporary registration also apply to permanent registration. Here’s what you’ll need for a temporary vehicle registration permit in Thailand: Identification/Passport Declaration form Invoice Registration Temporary import application The rest of this page will focus on requirements for permanent import and registration of a foreign vehicle in Thailand. Required Documents For…

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Taiwan Vehicle Registration Process

Registration Process & Required Documents For Vehicles Shipped To Taiwan Registering an imported vehicle in Taiwan does involve a process with a few steps to it, but it’s not much different from it would be in any other country. Almost every country in the world has the same type of requirements for registering an imported car or truck. You’ll need to present a set of documents, have your vehicle inspected, and then pass an emissions test. Required Vehicle Registration Documents Any time an imported vehicle is registered in Taiwan, the following documents will be required: Passport Driver’s license Bill of…

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Switzerland Vehicle Registration Process

Registering An Imported Vehicle In Switzerland: Process & Requirements This page will cover the basic steps involved in registering an imported vehicle in Switzerland. As with any country outside of the U.S., there is a process involved in getting your car, truck, or motorcycle in the system of legally operable vehicles. In Switzerland, the process is not as complicated as it is in come other foreign countries. Two of the more important things to consider when importing and registering a car in Switzerland are that you will need to provide supporting documentation and have your vehicle inspected. (The technical inspection…

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Sweden Vehicle Registration Process

Registering An Imported Vehicle In Sweden? Learn About The Process Here! Shipping a car or truck to another country is neither easy nor cheap, but it doesn’t have to be a hassle. Finding the right car shipping service can go a long way toward making the process relatively pain-free. Good communication on both sides is usually the key. However, there is another element of to the equation: how to register your vehicle once it arrives. If you’re bringing a car to Sweden from the U.S., you are allowed to use it on a temporary basis, but if you plan on…

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Spain Vehicle Registration Process

Vehicle Registration Process For Imported Vehicles In Spain The information on this page pertains to cars, trucks, and other vehicles that are shipped to Spain for permanent use. If you are bringing a vehicle into the country for temporary use, it may driven without Spanish registration, provided it has current tags and a clean title. Temporary usage only applies for six months. Registration Documents You’ll need more than just your personal identification and the title of your vehicle to get it registered in Spain. Here are the essential documents required: Purchase invoice (original & copy) Current driver’s license & passport…

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Slovenia Vehicle Registration Process

The Registration Process For Imported Vehicles In Slovenia This guide addressed the main aspects of registering an imported car, truck, or motorcycle in Slovenia. The rules, regulations, and formalities mentioned here apply to vehicles that are permanently imported into the country and may no apply to temporary imports. Registration Documents Current driver’s license & passport Registration & road tax Valid insurance Proof of ownership paperwork Roadworthiness certificate VAT (value added tax) payment Vignette Tolling System To drive on toll roads in Slovenia, of which there are many, you will need to pay for and display a vignette. All vehicles must…

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International House Moving Tips

International House Moving: Tips For Moving Abroad There’s a million things to think about when you’re planning to move to another country. Your life is going to be different, maybe drastically so, and there’s some common sense preparations you can make to ease the transition. These tips cover some of the common preparations you’ll want to get out in front of before moving and there are additional resources at the bottom of the page. We encourage readers to contact us with any questions. Get Minimalist If you’re making the big move to another country to live and work there, you’re…

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Basics Of International Car Shipping

The Basics Of International Car Shipping | Overseas Auto Transport Shipping a car internationally is, in many respects, not much different from doing so within the U.S. One of the main differences involve the method of transport that is used: most international car shipping is done by boat. Specifically, a cargo boat designed to move cars, or in a shipping container with other goods being transported around the world. The basic steps to having a car shipped overseas are as follows: Contacting a shipper or shipping company to compare pricing. Decide on the best option and sign a shipping agreement….

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A-1 Importing A Car Into US From Canada

How To Import A Car Into The U.S. From Canada This page explores some of the finer details of importing a car into the U.S. from Canada. Though it can be a headache to import a car from some countries—or not allowed at all—it’s a relatively pain-free process coming from Canada. That said, there are some important things to know, especially those that relate to U.S. emissions standards and safety protocols. Any vehicle imported into the United States must conform to the standards set forth by both the Environmental Protection Agency and the Department of Transportation. Cars that do not…

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How To Import Cars Into The USA | A-1 Auto Transport

A-1 Guide To Importing Cars Into The USA There are two important consideration when importing a car into the U.S.: emission standards and vehicle conformity (“safety” might be a better way to describe conformity for these purposes). Emission standards are dictated by the Environmental Protection Agency and conformity is overseen by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), which is part of the U.S. Department of Transportation. Here’s a little more about each of them as it pertains to importing a vehicle. Emission Standards If a car is brought into the U.S. for permanent usage, you will need to get…

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Vehicle Exporting Laws

Vehicle Exporting Laws The entire export process is a huge headache. Whether you are shipping a small product or something larger like a vehicle, the government is always passing new regulations and the penalties for breaking these rules are strict. Let’s pretend we are Bob Bob needs to export his truck. He is moving to Turkey for work. Bob does not want to leave his truck behind as he would like to bring it with him. Luckily for Bob, Turkey is not a landlocked country, so having a truck shipped to a Turkish port in the Mediterranean Sea is a…

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International Car Shipping Rates Calculator

International Car Shipping Rates Calculator When it comes to shipping your car, usually only one thing matters. How much is this going to cost me? There are many factors that go into calculating shipping rates. In this article, we will discuss eight of the most common ones that you can expect. This way, once you decide to ship your car internationally, you will have a better understanding of why your car shipping rates cost what they do, and how you can lower them. Is your car operational? If your car is not operational, it will not be as cost-effective to…

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Cheapest Way to Ship a Truck

You’ve probably encountered this scenario: You need to ship a truck. You do not have a large budget, and you need to find the cheapest way to ship it. Since your shipment will be international (you are shipping a truck to Canada), you have multiple options available to you. You could ship your truck overland, overseas, or by air. Beyond knowing about these options, you do not know much about shipping or logistics. You want to learn more about how trucks are shipped using these different methods so that you can make the most informed decision and arrive at the…

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Enclosed Shipping a Truck

Enclosed Shipping a Truck Are you looking to ship your truck and feeling a bit overwhelmed? Shipping a truck is a lot like shipping a car. We’ve seen it all, the good, the bad, and the ugly. If you’re looking to ship a truck, you’re going to read what we have to say. Here’s what usually happens You need to ship it by trailer or shipping container across the country, or even to another country. Driving the truck yourself is not an option. It’s not easy for you to take a week off work to drive across the country, or…

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How to safely transport your Christmas tree

How to safely transport your Christmas tree Tis the season to be jolly, but it is also the season to be safe. And since transport is our area of expertise, A1 Auto Transport wants to help make sure your tree makes it home safely, so you can enjoy a festive Christmas. According to the AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety, between 2011 and 2014 over 200,000 accidents occurred that involved roadway debris, and some of those involve Christmas trees. There is also the risk of damaging your vehicle during transport, or even damaging your tree before you get it home. A-1…

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Shipping Trucks Overseas

Shipping Trucks Overseas Are you looking to ship your truck overseas? Take a deep breath. We’re going to help you get through this as quickly as possible. The process you will use to ship your truck overseas will primarily depend on the size and dimensions of the truck you are hoping to ship. As a rule, larger, heavier trucks will be more difficult and more expensive to ship. It shouldn’t come as a surprise that small and medium-sized trucks share similar dimensions and weight to most passenger cars. Because of this, they are usually a little cheaper to ship overseas….

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How to Ship Three Cars at Once

How to Ship Three Cars at Once With the continued rise of global trade, many Americans are looking to ship vehicles to overseas. Whether you want to ship one vehicle, or more than 3 vehicles, auto shipping has become a lot easier. If you are looking to ship three or more vehicles at once, there are several things you will want to know. Many clients prefer to ship three cars at the same time because there are benefits to shipping multiple cars together. You can ship your three cars domestically or internationally, using a variety of options to best customize…

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How to Ship Two Cars at Once

How to Ship Two Cars at Once At face value, it seems odd to have to ship two cars. However, there are some valid reasons why someone would have two cars shipped at once. Whether you are shipping your vehicles to your new home, or transporting them internationally to a client, there are many reasons why you would need to ship more than one vehicle. Think about it like this One common scenario is when a family needs to move to a new city, country, or even continent. With multiple cars being used by the household, especially if sentimental value…

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Low Loader Vehicle Transport

Low Loader Vehicle Transport Does this scenario seem familiar? You have a vehicle you want shipped to another state and you need a shipping process that is quick, simple, and cost-effective. A lot of the companies you have talked to are offering convoluted car shipping methods that seem like more effort than they are worth. Car shipping doesn’t need to be complicated Look, if you are like us, you just want a simple, time-tested method of shipping your vehicle without having to drive it yourself! We have the answer: low loader vehicle transport Low loaders are a great option to…

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Is Shipping a Truck Different Than Shipping any Other Vehicle?

Is Shipping a Truck Different Than Shipping any Other Vehicle? The idea of shipping a truck may seem strange, but it really isn’t that hard. Shipping a truck is a common procedure, especially for individuals who use their trucks at their jobs, like construction contractors, truckers, and subcontractors. Even if you have never shipped a truck before, the process is easy to understand. The most complex thing that you can do is think that the process is complex, so don’t worry. Almost any truck can be shipped. The only difference will be the shipping method, and that is really dependent…

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How to Transport Scrap Cars

How to Transport Scrap Cars Transporting scrap cars is a little bit different than transporting new or used vehicles. It is still doable, but there are a few key differences that will influence the overall shipping process. It is common for scrap cars to be non-operational at the time of shipment. This limits the types of shipping options the owner of a scrap car can use. We are going to explain to you how to transport scrap cars both domestically (i.e. in America) and internationally. What is a Scrap Car? A scrap car, also referred to as a salvage car,…

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