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Dubai Offers Significant Incentives to Consumers Driving Electric Vehicles

Dubai Electric Push All around the world, countries seem to be banding together in a push toward electric vehicles. With carbon emissions, greenhouse gases, and air pollution being a common theme in congested cities, there really isn’t a lot of other options. In alignment with the common goal, we have popular companies like Volvo promising an all electric line-up in the near future, while China (where over half of the entire world’s electric vehicles are made) has a rather ambitious goal of 5 million electric cars on the road by 2020. Some countries are even taking a more proactive approach…

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FHWA Considers Revising Car Hauler Definition

FHWA Considers Revising Car Hauler Definition The Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) is currently considering the possibility of revising the definition of automobile transporter in order to reduce frustrating regulatory burdens on the industry. Of course, this directly affects A1 Auto Transport, so we are very much vested in the outcome of this deliberation. Current regulations define an “automobile transporter” as “any vehicle combination designed and used for the transport of assembled highway vehicles.” The three main most common types of potential car haulers included in this general description are traditional, low boys, and stinger steered. In addition, the regulations also…

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Why Hydrogen Fuel Cell Technology Might Be Better Than Battery-Powered EVs

Why Hydrogen Fuel Cell Technology Might Be Better Than Battery-Powered EVs It’s an exciting time for the development of vehicles with alternative sources of energy. As companies such as Tesla have shown, all-electric vehicles have a tremendous amount of potential and capability. What’s not as commonly known though by the general public is that electric vehicles don’t necessarily have to be battery-powered. There’s actually two main forms of electric vehicles, which are: Battery-Powered EVs; Hydrogen Fuel Cell EVs. Battery-powered electric vehicles use lithium-ion batteries, while hybrids use nickel metal-hydride batteries. Lithium-ion batteries have grown so much in popularity in recent…

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What is the SmartWay Program?

What is the SmartWay Program? As the human population continues to grow, and globalization becomes more ingrained in countries around the world, one of the by-products is that this has led to a major increase in freight transportation. According to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), freight activity is expected to double by the year 2040 from its current levels. By 2050, the emissions from global freight transport will most likely exceed the emissions from passenger vehicles. Because of the harmful effects that freight transportation can have on the environment and the public, the EPA created and launched the SmartWay program…

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Ship a Car from Honolulu to Los Angeles

Ship a Car from Honolulu to Los Angeles When you go through a reputable, experienced car shipping company, you can expect your car’s transport from Honolulu to Los Angeles to go smoothly and on time. What a lot of potential shipping customers don’t realize is that hiring a transporter is actually affordable and even cost effective. There aren’t many other options available especially when the car must travel from land, over water and back to land again. There’s a lot to stay cautious of and many tools and transport equipment needed to safely deliver the vehicle. Should I Ship My…

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How to Find the Best Collector Car Transport Services

How to Find the Best Collector Car Transport Services As a car collector or someone who frequently deals with the buying, selling or trading of valuable or classic vehicles, professional transport services are exceptionally helpful. Matter of fact, they’re cost effective and can actually save you time, stress and money. Dealerships and manufacturers all over the world are frequent users of auto transport services. These services help them transport collector cars all over the world without jeopardizing their condition. Whether you are shipping your collector car overseas or to another state, there are numerous auto transport companies to consider. Find…

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How Much Would It Cost to Ship a Car to South America?

How Much Would It Cost to Ship a Car to South America? Shipping a car through a licensed transport company is the safest and most affordable way to have a car relocated to South America or anywhere else in the world. Anytime you need to ship a vehicle to another country, you must abide by the import policies of that nation. Experienced international auto transporters will have the knowledge and ability to help you comply with these regulations. The cost of shipping a car to South America is dependent on a lot of things and any transporter you go to…

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How Long Does It Take to Ship a Car to Hawaii?

How Long Does It Take to Ship a Car to Hawaii? Shipping a car to Hawaii through a transport company with an outstanding reputation and long history in the industry is the absolute greatest way to assure it is delivered in time. Fortunately, shipping a car to Hawaii isn’t a terribly long process. In fact, from the East Coast all the way to the Hawaiian Islands takes about two to three weeks on average. A lot of experienced transporters will offer a variety of high priority services such as guaranteed delivery or expedited shipping. These types of services put your…

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Daily Direct Motorcycle Transport

Daily Direct Motorcycle Transport When you’re looking for quick, daily direct motorcycle transport services, contact A1 Auto Transport. We have some of the most affordable rates and quality shipping services for motorcycle transport. No matter how near or far you need the bike to ship, we are certain we have the services and fast delivery you expect. At A1 Auto, there are certain things we can guarantee our customers such as experience, on-time deliveries, insurance coverage, affordable rates, convenience, and an overall pleasant experience with your transport. With the high demand for motorcycle shipping, we have plenty of experience with…

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Cost for Shipping an Automobile 500 Miles

Cost for Shipping an Automobile 500 Miles The act of shipping a car through professionals is often practiced by dealerships, manufacturers and individuals relocating. It’s the safest and most affordable way to ship a car anywhere in the world even if it’s only 500 miles away. Domestic car shipping services are actually cost effective in comparison to any alternative methods of transport you may come up with, even if you choose to do it yourself. When you ship through experienced and licensed auto transporters such as A1 Auto Transport, you can expect that the car will safely make it to…

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Chicago Cars Shipping Overseas Companies

Chicago Cars Shipping Overseas Companies Perhaps the best thing you could do for your cars when you need to have them shipped out of Chicago is to find a transport company with a positive reputation and years of history in the industry. The Internet will be your most useful resource during your search for shipping companies. Look for international car shipping or cross country moving companies, depending on where you need the cars sent. As you use your online resources to find the best transport company to ship your car from Chicago to another location, pay close attention to the…

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Cost for Shipping an Automobile 450 Miles

Cost for Shipping an Automobile 450 Miles There are many factors that determine the cost of shipping your car. However, the cost of auto transport services is actually very cost efficient and affordable in comparison to alternative methods of delivery. Based on the information you provide to the shipping company, they’ll be able to give you a rough estimate on what the cost of your car’s transport will total to. It’s necessary to provide the transport company with the requested information before you can truly receive a quote for shipping services. Below, you’ll find some of the information you’ll likely…

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Car Shipping Company in Orange County

Car Shipping Company in Orange County If you need to ship a car away from the West Coast, find the right transport company for the job. Luckily, finding car shipping services within Orange County isn’t difficult. There are many great transporters that offer everything from state to state shipping to international deliveries. The key is to find the one with the services you need and all the right qualities. How to Find the Right Orange County Transporter Hiring an auto transport company that showcases good qualities is the best way to assure the safety of your car. Use online resources…

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Can I Ship a Car I’m Still Paying For?

Can I Ship a Car I’m Still Paying For? Whenever you’re in need of shipping services on a vehicle that you’re still paying for, don’t fret- because it is usually possible. Of course, dependent on whether the car is shipping overseas or domestically, the documentation you must present may differ. Nevertheless, getting the car where it needs to go is almost always a possibility. If you’re still paying for the vehicle that you wish to transport, you’ll need a copy of lien and possibly more information provided by the lien holder. The lien holder can deny the right of transport…

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Best Company to Ship a Motorcycle

Best Company to Ship a Motorcycle Shipping a motorcycle without causing it harm and getting it delivered safely is a responsibility only a professional transport company should undertake. Fortunately, it isn’t expensive to hire a transport company for your motorcycle’s delivery. Auto transport services are known for cost efficiency and affordability. A-1 Auto Transport ships vehicles worldwide. Click here or call 1-800-452-2880 to get a free, no obligation to buy price quote to ship your car. Choosing the Best Company for Motorcycle Transport Services Do a little Internet research before hiring a transport company to ship your bike. It’s important…

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Poland Vehicle Registration Process

Understanding The Vehicle Registration Process | Poland Registering an imported vehicle in Poland is pretty straightforward, as it is with most countries in the E.U. Though they are differences between how some European countries handle vehicle registration, the process and requirements are more or less harmonized in member countries. The taxes paid on an imported vehicle in Poland are also in line with European norms. There is a 10% tax on cars, 22% tax on trucks and an additional value added tax of 23% on used vehicles. It’s easy to see how this can quickly add up to a significant…

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Portugal Vehicle Registration Process

Portugal Vehicle Registration Process | A-1 Auto Transport In order to register a vehicle in Portugal on a permanent basis, you’ll be required to obtain a residency card. It should be noted that you do not need to register an imported vehicle if it will be in the country for less than 180 days, providing it has current registration in its country or origin. To qualify for the 180 day grace period for foreign vehicle registration, there are some conditions that must be met. It must only be for private use and the vehicle must be brought into the country…

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Philippines Vehicle Registration Process

Vehicle Registration Process In The Philippines Most cars imported into the Philippines are considered “used” even if they might be considered new by U.S. standards. The reason for this is that the definition for a new vehicle in the Philippines requires that it has never been used, registered, or driven beyond 50 kilometers (which is roughly 31 miles). Though there are some exceptions, the general rule is that only citizens of the Philippines can import a vehicle from another country. Even in those cases, they must have lived in another country for a year or have been a native Filipino…

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Norway Vehicle Registration Process

The Process Of Registering A Vehicle In Norway These are the basic steps to take to register an imported vehicle in Norway.  There may be some slight variance based on the specific type of vehicle and how long you plan to stay in the country, but the process is basically the same. After clearing your vehicle through customs, you’ll have to take it to a local traffic center where it will be given a roadworthiness test. This is to ensure that the vehicle is in good working order, has all the required safety measures, and that it meets emissions standards….

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New Zealand Vehicle Registration Process

Importing & Registering A Vehicle In New Zealand: Process and Procedures This page will explain the process of registering an imported vehicle in New Zealand, including the steps you’ll need to take and the documents you’ll need to have. Before we discuss registering a vehicle, it’s important to note that foreign visitors can bring a personal vehicle into the country without having to register it for a period of one year. The vehicle must have current registration status in the home country to qualify for the temporary registration exemption. Entry Certification Before a vehicle can be registered in New Zealand,…

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The Potential Dangers of Self-Driving Cars

The Potential Dangers of Self-Driving Cars Self-driving cars are not yet fully realized, but it’s only a matter of time before they eventually become the norm. Yet, while the benefits that autonomous vehicles can offer have been explained ad nauseam, their potential dangers have not. Of course, as self-driving technology is developed and continually improved, many of these potential dangers will lessen in severity, but as of now, here are the top five dangers of self-driving vehicles: Vulnerable to Being Hacked A driverless or semi-driverless car relies heavily on sophisticated computer software that’s built right in for it to operate….

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How V2V Technology Will Make Driving More Safe

How V2V Technology Will Make Driving More Safe It’s not talked about much. It’s actually not even in mainstream consciousness. But there’s a potential change coming that to all vehicles that has nothing to do with self-driving technology, if you can believe it. So what is it? It’s known as V2V Technology, and it has the potential to drastically reduce or even eliminate vehicle accidents and collisions. What’s V2V Technology? V2V Technology, which stands for Vehicle-to-Vehicle Technology, is a technology that has been created for the sole purpose of allowing vehicles to be able to communicate with one another through…

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Autonomous Vehicles Debut in Retirement Community

Autonomous Vehicles Debut in Retirement Community With updates on the technology development of self-driving cars taking over the industry, it’s no surprise that a company has already launched two of their fleet in what seems to be the ideal environment. Voyage, a subdivision of Udacity, has introduced a pair of fully-autonomous Ford Fusions into Villages Golf and Country Club, a retirement community, located in San Jose, California. The gated environment makes for the perfect test course, composed of 15 miles of road to drive on, with pedestrians, golf carts, and roundabouts serving as obstacles the vehicle can learn to circumnavigate….

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World Maritime Day 2017

World Maritime Day 2017 September 28th of this year was World Maritime Day and the theme was, “Connecting Ships, Ports, and People.” Although not a traditional holiday in any sense of the word, World Maritime Day is in fact an official United Nations day. The International Maritime Organization recognizes the importance of the maritime sector and the huge part it plays in international relations, commerce, and shipping. Each year, the theme changes, but it always centers around raising awareness for the impact that trade by sea has on the Member States of the UN. Not usually viewed as the most…

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Founder of Dyson Announces Plans to Make an Electric Car

Founder of Dyson Announces Plans to Make an Electric Car Dyson, best known for making vacuums, air filters, and hand driers, is branching out and joining the already crowded and competitive field of auto making. Founder, James Dyson, just announced the company’s plan to build an electric car by 2020. In an investment that dwarfs all expenditures spent on research and development in their current field of expertise, the company intends to allocate $1.34 billion dollars EACH to the development of the car and the creation of solid-state batteries to power it. The current competition in the electric car battleground…

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