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What Vehicle Shipping Paperwork Should I Expect?

Vehicle Shipping Paperwork You Should Expect? When shipping a vehicle with an auto transportation company, you must show the appropriate paperwork, so the transporters may confirm you have insurance and the vehicle is your belonging. Documents required when shipping within the U.S. When transporting a truck, car, ATV, motorcycle or RV inside the continental part of the U.S., the following paperwork and information is required: Original Registration and Title: To ship a vehicle, you must have the original registration and title. If the title has a lien on it currently, you must procure from your Lien Holder a permission letter. Insurance:…

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Should I Ship my Vehicle Open or Enclosed?

Should I Ship my Vehicle Open or Enclosed? The following article will explain the difference between enclosed and open carriers, when and why should you use each one and what is the difference in price. Open Auto Shipping Open auto shipping is the most common way to transport vehicles across country.  Open carriers are available for all vehicles, unless they have suffered significant modifications. Regardless if your vehicle is too small or too tall, it can still be transported this way, though the cost may be higher. You can ship a Porsche, as well as a Honda with an open…

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Moving Companies That Move Cars and Furniture vs. Auto Shippers

Moving Companies That Move Cars and Furniture vs. Auto Shippers Moving companies that move cars and furniture recommend you plan carefully. For example, before thinking of moving your vehicle, selling or donating it to avoid or reduce taxes may also be a viable option. Before making a decision, we recommend you visit your state office for motor vehicles and inquire about the following: The tests your vehicle must pass (ex. Emissions, inspection and safety). If you’ve bought a used car, inquire whether the buyer or the seller pays for the vehicle’s test. Tests may also differ if you’ve bought from…

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Military Motorcycle Shipping

Military Motorcycle Shipping Questions asked by soldiers who are relocated to a new area are often regarding military motorcycle shipping or the transport of other personally owned vehicles. Every branch of this service has identical criteria for a person to be granted permission to ship a motorcycle to a new area. Personally owned vehicles (POV’s) may be sent with the help of your Transportation Officer. Valuable information regarding this topic can be received from your state’s Motor Vehicle Department, or on www.militaryspot.com/travel/relocating_pcs_101. Through these resources, you may find information regarding necessary licenses, license plates and insurance. You can also ask…

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Hot Rod Auto Transport

Hot Rod Auto Transport There are many reasons people choose to ship their vehicle with a professional hot rod auto transport company. Among these, we count: Relocation to a new military base; Buying a vehicle from another country; Services involving automobile auction shipping; Moving to a new home along with your vehicle; Being relocated for a new job; Buying a vacation condo; Seasonal departures to warmer areas of the country; Buying or selling a vehicle online; A collector transporting vehicles. Expenses Made When Driving a Hot Rod Across Country Choosing to drive your hot rod instead of hiring a hot…

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Auto Transport Licensing Requirements

Auto Transport Licensing Requirements Automobile shippers, as well as moving companies, are required to possess a few certifications and licenses to do their business within legal and safe boundaries. Companies that do not meet these requirements may not be trustworthy or safe. Several state and federal associations are in charge of tracking and monitoring such companies to make sure they meet all auto transport licensing requirements. The purpose of these requirements is to ensure auto transporters do their business legally, and they are responsible for their customers’ goods in case something happens during transportation. This article will explain some of…

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Traffic Solutions Courtesy of Lyft

Traffic Solutions Courtesy of Lyft Traffic congestion in big cities is such a hot button issue these days, with so many people and organizations weighing in on the best way to alleviate the daily strain on commuters. We’ve heard about Elon Musk’s hypothetical underground tunnels and we’ve considered the benefits (and drawbacks) of ride-sharing services, but there has yet to be a clear cut long-term solution for the traffic crisis in America…until now…maybe. A newly announced plan created by ride-sharing giant, Lyft, in collaboration with transportation experts may just be the answer we’ve been seeking, but the idea actually sounds…

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Cars of the Future

Cars of the Future There has been a lot of buzz in the auto manufacturing industry as technology advances and most auto makers are now producing autonomous, self-driving, cars. There is, however, a type of vehicle currently in the works that would put a driver-less car to shame, and could signal the wave of the future. I’m referring to flying cars. In fact, there are multiple versions created by different companies already well in the works. Although the styles vary, these flying cars are just about as close to science fiction as you can imagine. One such aerodynamic beast in…

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Meet EV100: A Global Initiative to Fully Transition to Electric Vehicles

EV100: A Global Initiative to Fully Transition to Electric Vehicles Huge news was announced during Climate Week NYC as ten major corporations introduced their electric vehicle campaign, dubbed EV100 (for 100% electric vehicles). The coalition consists of giant brands like Ikea, Unilever, and even shipping giant, DHL. Modeled after RE100 and EP100, this campaign will have huge bearing on the future of businesses and car manufacturers everywhere, especially considering that over half the vehicles on the road today belong to companies. The goal of the initiative is help businesses achieve a 100% target in an effort to help the environment….

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25 Years Old Cars: Import into the U.S.

Importing 25 Years Old Cars into the U.S. The United States is a great place to call home, but there are downfalls to being an American citizen. One such issue for car enthusiasts is that some of the hottest exotic cars in world are not able to be sold in America. The main reason for this is that there are stringent requirements for vehicles to be sold or imported into the U.S. and one of those is that all cars must pass the Department of Transportation crash test. Unfortunately for car collectors and sports car enthusiasts, some of the fastest,…

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Tips For Shipping Motorcycles Overseas

Tips For Shipping Your Motorcycle Overseas Motorcycle enthusiasts often want to ride wherever the road may take them. However, when the next road is across the ocean, auto transport is the only option to keep chewing up the road. Shipping a motorcycle overseas not only depends on working with a company knowledgeable about this type of transport, but also a certain level of preparation for the bike owners as well. This is an intricate process, but taking the time to do it right ensures that your bike makes it to its overseas destination with no issues. There are numerous reasons…

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Take It Or Leave It? Benefits To Shipping Vehicles For Expatriates

Take It Or Leave It? Benefits To Shipping Vehicles For Expatriates When relocating overseas, determining what to take is on the list just under where you might plan to live. The obvious answer would be to take everything, but this is not always the logical move. Most expatriates weed out what is important to them and make determinations accordingly when they relocate to an international destination. One of the most pressing issues is whether or not to take your vehicle(s). After all, depending on the destination in question, driving may not be advisable. For example, those that have relocated to…

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Know Your Rights: What To Expect of Your Shipping Company When Shipping A Vehicle Overseas

What To Expect of Your Shipping Company When Shipping A Vehicle Overseas When you are shipping a vehicle overseas, it is important to take the time to choose a company that suits your needs in terms of price and shipping options. While many auto shipping companies are reputable and will not take advantage of unknowing consumers, there are those that will. This is why understanding consumer protections and rights are essential when shipping one of your most valuable possessions: your car. Here are a few tips on what to expect of your chosen auto transport company: Get everything in writing:…

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International Vehicle Shipping – The Process…and The Paperwork: What You Need To Know

The Process and The Paperwork of International Vehicle Shipping Shipping a vehicle domestically comes with its own amount of process, but sending a car across the ocean is an entirely different transport beast to tame. The process and the paperwork is different because international shipping means crossing borders into other countries and adhering to logistical nuances that don’t apply domestically. While it may seem prudent to work with a company already in the country of origin, this can be a riskier endeavor than necessary. Rather, it is easier and more sensible to work with an auto transport company domestically that…

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International Travel In An Recreational Vehicle: Why You Need Your RV On Your Next International Trip

Why You Need Your RV On Your Next International Trip There are numerous modes of travel in which to see the world, particularly overseas. People travel by plane, boat and car from country to country to explore all that the world has to offer. However, there is no other mode of transportation as rewarding and convenient as that of a recreational vehicle. For most, the thought of traveling in an RV is one restricted to stateside endeavors. The adage of the family traveling camping out from state park to state park is the very vision of Americana. However, RVs are…

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How To Prepare Your Classic Car For International Shipping

Prepare Your Classic Car For International Shipping Classic cars require a lot time, effort and good old-fashioned hard work to keep them in peak condition. Given the effort expended on these vehicles, cost is not often the first consideration when shipping them overseas. It comes down to quality of the transport company. However, preparation is key on behalf of the owner is as well. Preparing your classic car for international shipping is key to a successful transport. Consider a few tips to ensure a smooth process: Gas up: Ensure that your vehicle has just enough gas to get to the…

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Choosing A Port For International Shipping: Close To Home or Cost Effective?

How to Choose A Port For International Shipping There are so many questions to be answered when determining auto transport needs. From choosing the right company for your needs to assessing cost and process, the questions may initially seem endless. However, with each answer falls in place an auto transport process that ensures the vehicle ends up where it needs to be and the customer content. Choosing a port is part of this process, particularly for those shipping their vehicles internationally. This method of shipping must be done, at least partially, via boat. Customers have many options from which to…

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Dos and Don’ts of International Vehicle Shipping: What To Leave – and What To Stow

International Vehicle Shipping: Dos and Don’ts Shipping your vehicle overseas comes with a number of key considerations. From cost to paperwork to everything in between, it may seem as though there are a million questions to be answered. To help navigate the process, here are some do’s and don’ts of international shipping to better answer the question of what to leave and what to stow: DO remove all attachments from the vehicle that didn’t originally come with it. Auto shipping companies take extreme care with your vehicle, but attachments often aren’t as secure and may fall off during the bumps…

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Best Vehicle Deals Overseas? Tips For People Buying Cars Over There – And Shipping Them Back Here

Tips for People Buying Cars Overseas and Shipping them to U.S. Car buying is a tenuous process no matter where you go seeking a deal. Many people will drive tens or even hundreds of miles to find a great deal on the vehicle of their dreams. However, there are those looking for a car so perfect for their particular needs, that they will go thousands of miles – sometimes halfway around the world – to get their dream machine. There are definitely deals to be had for those purchasing vehicles in other areas of the world. The trickiest part of…

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Air or Sea: Which Mode of Transport Is Right For Your International Shipping Needs?

Air or Sea Transport For International Shipping? Shipping a vehicle is a complex process with many ways to come to the same result. This is particularly so for international vehicle shipping because there are two options by which this can happen: air or sea. Air is less commonly used for auto shipping because the cost is so significantly prohibitive. Shipping companies often prefer sea travel because it allows for the shipment of more than one vehicle at a time, resulting in cost savings for consumers. Here is a breakdown of the benefits and drawbacks of shipping a vehicle via air…

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Military Shipping Motorcycle to Germany

Military Shipping Motorcycle to Germany Military shipping motorcycle to Germany from the United States is increasingly easier. The following article explains all you need to know to prepare for it. Airfreight vs. Ocean There are 2 ways to ship a military motorcycle into Germany: with an airplane or a cargo boat. Your choice will depend on delivery time, budget and distance. Generally, your motorcycle will arrive at its destination far quicker with airfreight, but the costs are much higher, and finding an airline willing to ship your vehicle can be difficult. Cargo boats travel much slower, but are the cheapest…

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Military Motorcycle Shipping

Motorcycle Shipping for Military Frequent questions asked by soldiers who are relocating to a new area are often regarding military motorcycle shipping or transporting similar vehicles. Every branch of this service has identical criteria for a person to be granted permission to ship a motorcycle to a new area. Personally owned vehicles (POV’s) may be sent with the help of your Transportation Officer. Valuable information regarding this topic can be received from your state’s Motor Vehicle Department, or on here. Through these sources, you may find information regarding necessary licenses, license plates and insurance. You can also ask the MVD…

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Car Shipping To Or From Port of Ponce, Puerto Rico

Shipping Cars To or From Port of Ponce Puerto Rico The Port of ponce or more commonly, The Port of the Americas, has the capability to become the next global frontier in transshipping of goods between the Atlantic Ocean and Panama Canal. Below is a step by step guide of shipping cars to or from the port of Ponce Puerto Rico should you choose to partner with A-1 auto transport. Fill out our online quotation The first step in shipping cars to or from the port of Ponce, Puerto Rico, is by completing our online quotation. This will allow us…

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Car Shipping To Or From Port Of San Juan

Shipping Cars To or From Port of San Juan A-1 Auto Transport Inc. offers car shipping services to all 50 states of the United States of America. Our services are, however, not limited to the 50 states. We also serve the greater part of unincorporated territories of the US including the Free Associated State of Puerto Rico. Puerto Rico is an associated state of America and an island in itself. Its biggest city, San Juan, is also the home town of the biggest port in the region, Port of San Juan. Natural features of Port of San Juan The sea…

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Documents Needed To Transport A Car Across State Lines

Documents Needed To Transport A Car Across State Lines People transport cars across stateliness for different reasons. Some are transporting for the purposes of sale and repair while most people seek car shipping services to relocate to a new state. When preparing to ship a car, finding a good auto transport company is a huge concern. However, do not forget that there are documents needed to transport a car across state lines. Read on to find out the documents you need. Documents needed by the shipping company Shipping companies require the following documents before shipping your vehicle out of state;…

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