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Shipping A Trike

How to Ship a Trike When shipping a trike, there are a number of details you must attend to, from finding a shipper, to negotiating costs, setting a shipping date, and preparing the documentation. By Air According to customer feedback, when it comes to international shipping, doing it by air is the cheapest option. Unfortunately, transporting a trike or motorcycle is currently considered dangerous by many U.S. airlines, so you’ll rarely find one willing to carry it. You can try calling each one by phone, but the general immediate answer tends to be NO. By Sea On the other hand,…

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Israel Vehicle Registration Process

The Vehicle Registration Process In Israel Registering an imported vehicle in another country can be a bit daunting because not only does each country have different rules and regulations, but it’s also difficult to find accurate information about specific countries. Luckily, Israel is one of the countries that has ample information available when it comes to importing and registering a vehicle from the U.S. On this page, we’ll review the basics of that information and offer some helpful resources for anyone considering shipping a vehicle to the country. When importing a vehicle into Israel, there are some restrictions on the…

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Ireland Vehicle Registration Process

How To Register An Imported Vehicle In Ireland There’s a lot to know about registering a vehicle in another country, especially since they all have, at least to some extent, different requirements. Ireland is one of the easier countries to ship a car to from the U.S., but there’s still a process you’ll have to go through to get a car or truck registered locally. The Registration Process In order to register an imported vehicle in Ireland, you must take your vehicle to an inspection station within the first 7 days it is in the country and you have a…

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India Vehicle Registration Process

How To Register A Vehicle In India: Process & Procedures If you plan on shipping a vehicle to India and having it registered locally, there are some important facts and information you’ll want to be prepared with first. For example, one of the biggest hurdles to registering a vehicle in India for most people is the cost of the import tax, which can easily match or exceed the value of the vehicle itself. Applying For Registration Once your vehicle has been imported into the country, you will need to apply for temporary registration even if you plan on getting permanent…

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Luxembourg Vehicle Registration Process

Luxembourg Vehicle Registration: Process & What To Know It’s easy to pass through Luxembourg and not know it. With a population of just over 500,000, the country’s roads are well maintained. If you’re thinking of moving there and bringing a special car with you to commute or for recreation, here’s a rundown of what you need to know to register a vehicle there. The process is straightforward and so long as you can navigate the paperwork, you’ll be good to go. You do get a grace period of six months before you need to register a vehicle in Luxembourg. The…

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Liberia Vehicle Registration Process

The Vehicle Registration Process In Liberia | A-1 Auto Transport Africa as a vast continent features a host of countries that give you a glimpse into some of the continent’s culture. One of them is Liberia, a country at the southern tip of the continent with coastal views. Thinking about moving there with your vehicle? Then you’ll be interested in learning how to register your car there as well as some other bits as pieces of information. Look below and see what you can glean from this article. Steps To Getting Your Vehicle Registered One of the first things for…

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Mexico Vehicle Registration Process

The Process Of Registering A Vehicle In Mexico Mexico is a popular destination for travel and tourism. But what if you want to bring more than your luggage? If you’re thinking about importing and registering a car in this vacation paradise, look below for some guidelines on registration, driving and other aspects of getting around Mexico. Getting Your License If you have a valid license from another country, you get to pass the written exam. Don’t have a license? Then you will have to take a written exam that’s only in Spanish. Here are other items that you’ll need: a…

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Latvia Vehicle Registration Process

Latvia Vehicle Registration Process For U.S. Imports The Baltics are a quick way of referring to the nine countries that border the Baltic Sea. Among that group is Latvia, a country squished between Lithuania and Estonia. If you plan to register your car in Latvia, here are your quick and dirty rules for registering your vehicle there. What’s what for registering the vehicle Here’s your quick hitlist for documents you need: Registration document from the previous country where the car operated Proof of ownership If the vehicle is from outside the European Union, proof of the vehicle’s import into the…

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Kosovo Vehicle Registration Process

The Process Of Registering A Vehicle In Kosovo Visiting southeastern Europe could mean a trek through Kosovo. Landlocked with two distinct nationalities – Albanian and Serbian – the country has a little more than 1.8 million people. If you’re thinking about moving there or even driving through, take a gander at the following tidbits of information for registering your vehicle in the country. What You Need To Know First things first: Your vehicle has to clear customs before you can register it. That means checking off the duty fee from customs, an excise tax and a value-added tax. After that,…

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Japan Vehicle Registration Process

How To Register An Imported Vehicle In Japan If a vehicle is imported into Japan and remains in the country for less than a year, local duties and taxes do not have to be paid. In order to qualify for this, however, you will need a Carnet de Passage en Douane, which must be certified by the Japan Automobile Federation. (See the links at the bottom of this page for more information about the Carnet de Passage en Douane and the required steps of obtaining it.) Registration You have three months to get the vehicle registered after the first inspection….

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Italy Vehicle Registration Process

Italy Vehicle Registration Process | Imported Vehicle Registration This page explains the details of the process of registering an imported vehicle in Italy. As with most western European nations, importing a car, truck, or motorcycle from the U.S. is easier than it is some other parts of the world, largely due to the harmonization of E.U. auto standards. Required Documents Vehicles imported into Italy from the U.S. must have a certificate of origin from the manufacturer of the vehicle. The best method of getting the certificate is to contact the U.S. automaker or dealership directly. In addition to the certificate…

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Why You Will Probably Need Your Car When Moving to California

Why You Will Probably Need Your Car When Moving to California Living in California differs greatly from living in other areas of the nation. With a thriving economy and the highest state population, you may want to consider having your own vehicle. Although public transit is bountiful in the state, especially in major cities such as Los Angeles and San Francisco, it can be difficult to solely rely on these transportation methods when you have a job to get to or strict timeframes to work within. With interstate highways and a great street network, relying on your own vehicle will…

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Why Is California a Top Auto Transport Hub?

California as a Top Auto Transport Hub The State of California happens to be one of the major import/export hubs in the U.S. In 2014, over $251 billion worth of goods had been imported into the Los Angeles port with the top import being vehicles. The top export that year for that port included vehicle parts. Long Beach and San Francisco also held the ranks for vehicles being the top imports that year. These statistics alone show just how prevalent the auto industry is in the state. The location of California is one reason it is such a huge region…

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Vehicle Inspections and Smog/Emissions Inspections in California

Inspections in California: Vehicle and Smog/Emissions When you have a vehicle shipped to California, there are certain things you must do in order to lawfully have the car registered in the state. First you must be registered as a resident. From there, you can begin the process of vehicle registration. This process may require you to pass a vehicle inspection or smog/emission inspection before it can be registered. You will have anywhere from 10 to 20 days depending on circumstances, to complete this process so it is best to get started right after the vehicle enters the state. What Is…

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Shipping Motorcycles to California

Shipping Motorcycles to California Shipping motorcycles is a common practice for auto transport companies. In fact, many dealerships and manufacturers use shipping companies to have their vehicles relocated all over the world. It is by far the safest and most effective method of motorcycle shipping. Fortunately, finding a reliable auto transporter is simple, especially in the U.S. Use your online resources when you begin to look for the right transport company to ship your motorcycles to California. Read any reviews and testimonials you can find about the local motorcycle shippers you are interested in calling for a quote. You may…

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Shipping Motorcycles Overseas from California

How to Ship Motorcycles Overseas from California As an owner of multiple motorcycles, a dealership or a manufacturer, you may be used to shipping out several motorcycles to a location at once. Nevertheless, shipping them overseas is a whole other story. When you go to ship vehicles of any kind overseas you must make sure that you are following the rules listed in that nation’s foreign import policy, yet complying with another country’s laws can get confusing and difficult. That’s why it is in your best interest to hire a reliable, experienced motorcycle shipping company with international transport services. There…

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Shipping Cars Overseas from California

How to Ship Your Car Overseas from California The act of shipping a vehicle overseas may seem like risky business, but when you hire reliable, experienced help you can rest easy knowing your car is in good hands during its transport across the ocean. To hire dependable help, begin searching online for the best international auto transport companies nearest your home in California. Find a company that has plenty of experience shipping to another nation. There is a lot entailed in the process of shipping a car or vehicle internationally, including falling into compliance with their import policies. A-1 Auto…

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Registering a Car in California

How to Register a Car in California It’s imperative that you register your car almost immediately after it arrives in California. There is only a 10 to 20 day period where the vehicle can be registered before you are subjected to late fees. To avoid the extra expense, begin the process of registration right away. If your car is being shipped to California through an auto transport company, get it registered as soon as it’s delivered. The Process for California Car Registration Before you can register your car, you must first be registered as a resident. If you are new…

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Cheap California Auto Transport

Cheap California Auto Transport Having your vehicle shipped to another location through professionals in the auto transport industry is the safest and quickest way to get the job done. Any experienced car transporter will have the proper qualifications and tools to see that your car arrives safely to its destination in a timely manner. They’ll even guarantee their services by providing insurance coverage for the entire value of the vehicle while it is in the shipping process. Finding an affordable and reliable auto transport company in California is easier than you might think. If cost is your number one concern,…

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Door to Door Shipping to California

Door to Door Shipping to or from California Door to door delivery methods are favored among many shipping customers. This service will makes it easier on the customer by allowing them the convenience of staying at home while the transport company comes to retrieve the vehicle from your California home. They’ll pick the car up from its address and deliver it to the next. Then you won’t have to deal with the terminals and the stress of dropping the vehicle off to the transport company. Most transporters will have a variety of services to choose from, even for those shipping…

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California Weather and Car Transportation

California Weather and Car Transportation If you plan on shipping a car in California it’s in your best interest to check the weather report for the time you wish to begin your vehicle’s transport. The climate in California varies greatly depending on the region you’re in. You may experience everything from subpolar climate to record high heat to more moderate temperatures along the coast. If the weather is too severe, it could affect the car’s transport. However, experienced transport companies have ways to avoid and protect the vehicle from possible harm that may be caused by the weather. Shipping Method…

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California Traffic Information

California Traffic Information As we all know, the traffic in California isn’t always friendly. In fact, there are certain areas throughout the state that may seem impossible to drive through and when the weather acts up, these traffic patterns may become more persistent or even change routes. There is a lot that must be taken into consideration by a transport company if they are to deliver the vehicles in their care in a time efficient manner. A reliable car transport company will have the knowledge and tools to get the vehicles on their hauler delivered successfully regardless of traffic or…

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California RV Transportation Services

California RV Transportation Services The process of shipping an RV isn’t as difficult as what might assume it would be in comparison to shipping a smaller vehicle. Of course, it is best left to the auto transport experts due to the vehicle’s size and weight. It takes durable hauling equipment to get the RV successfully delivered to its final home. There are many people that use RV shipping services throughout the world, including manufacturers and dealers. The services provided through a California RV transport company are affordable, safe and time efficient. It’s important to research the transport company you hire…

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California Military Discount Vehicle Shipping

Shipping a Military Vehicle with Discount to or from California With all of the wonderful car shipping companies available throughout the United States, it’s no wonder it’s easy to find affordable rates and transporters that offer generous discounts to members of the military. The men and women in the military are always on the go and accustomed to moving from one base to the next as soon as they are given orders. Military transport companies know exactly how to accommodate the needs of the base you’re on so they can get your vehicle loaded onto the car hauler and on its way…

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California Boat Transport

Shipping a Boat to or from California Boat transport is quite common. It’s nearly impossible to get a boat from Point A to Point B over land without calling on the help of a professional boat shipping company. Fortunately, there are many great boat shipping companies in California that have the experience and qualifications to safely and successfully deliver your boat wherever it needs to go. A good transport company will have the proper licensing and certifications to prove their reliability. They may also have approval from the Better Business Bureau and U.S. Department of Transportation. A-1 Auto Transport ships…

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