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Motorcycle Transport to Hawaii

While Hawaii isn’t huge, the weather is fine for motorcycle riding year-round. With narrower roads than on the mainland it’s a great place to have a motorcycle, which is exactly why you should consider transporting your motorcycle when you move. Having a motorcycle in Hawaii will save you on fuel costs, which is important since fuel is more expensive here, and will provide you with plenty of fun riding opportunities that you won’t want to miss out on. Shipping a Motorcycle is Like Shipping a Car If you’ve gone through the process of shipping a car to Hawaii, you’ll be…

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Ship Your Boat to Hawaii

When living in a place like Hawaii with coastlines for miles you really want to have a boat available. There’s nothing like getting out onto the open water for some fishing, water skiing or just relaxing in the waves. There are so many boating destinations around Hawaii that you can go exploring, but before you can do any of that you must get your boat over to Hawaii. Generally, that means placing it in a large shipping container and sending it over on a massive ship. Sometimes the boat will be put in a container, and other times it will…

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Ship RV to Hawaii

While there are not quite as many areas to camp in Hawaii as there are on the mainland there are still ample opportunities to make use of an RV. If you’re planning to move to Hawaii and you want to bring your RV along you’ll have to work out shipping for it. This is easy to set up, but you’ll want to talk with the shipping company first to find out just what the expected costs are going to be and how long transport is going to take. Preparing for Shipping To get your RV ready for shipping make sure…

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How Much Does It Cost to Ship a Motorcycle to Hawaii?

There’s something magical about riding your motorcycle around the scenic roads across Hawaii, and that’s something that you can enjoy just if you don’t mind shipping your bike overseas from the mainland to Hawaii. Of course, there is going to be a cost to this service if you decide to send your bike on the trip, but most people agree that it’s well worth the expense. So just how much will this service cost you? The real answer is it depends! You must account for the location that you are coming from and where in Hawaii the bike is going…

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Shipping a Car to Hawaii From the East Coast

When shipping a vehicle to Hawaii from the east coast an additional step will have to be made before the car is loaded onto a boat and moved to a port in Hawaii, that’s transporting it to a west-coast shipping port. Generally, it’s fastest and cheapest to transport a vehicle overland to California where it will be sent from a port somewhere like San Diego toward its destination in Hawaii. Drive to Port or Factor in Port Delivery When paying to ship your vehicle from the east coast to Hawaii it’s important to factor in the cost of transport to…

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Shipping Car from Hawaii to Mainland for Military

One of the main reasons that vehicles are shipped out from the mainland to Hawaii is for the military. Members of the Navy are often placed at a base on Hawaii, and when that happens it’s nice to have a personal vehicle throughout the duration of the time spent on Hawaii. For this reason, it’s important to find out what shipping services are available, whether the Navy will cover shipping costs to get a car out to Hawaii and what sort of wait times there are when transporting a vehicle for military personnel. Is Vehicle Transportation Covered by the Navy?…

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Inter-island Car Shipping Hawaii

Many people are happy to have their vehicles shipped right to the nearest port in Hawaii from the mainland, but for some people it makes more sense to rely on an inter-island shipping service that will deliver the vehicle even closer to home. If you’re having your vehicle shipped to Hawaii, take the time to consider whether you want to pick your car up from the nearest port or if you would prefer that it’s closer to home. There are some reasons that inter island shipping is necessary, for instance if the vehicle isn’t drivable, but most of the time…

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How Long Will It Take to Ship My Car to The Hawaiian Islands?

If you’re on a deadline when shipping your vehicle to Hawaii and you need access to your vehicle after arriving it’s important to know exactly how long it’s going to take to get it there. The trouble is that times vary quite a bit depending on where you are coming from and what service you rely on. while some providers are very fast, others take more time to get the job done. Consider Drive Time There is drive time to consider if you’ll be shipping a vehicle to Hawaii that isn’t nearby to one of the California ports that are…

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Can I Ship My Household Goods in My Car to Hawaii?

One way that many people believe they can save on shipping costs when moving from the mainland to Hawaii is by packing up their vehicle with belongings before sending it across the sea on a ship. That’s simply not the case. Nearly every shipping company available today will not allow a vehicle owner to pack the car with personal belongings before shipping. Strict Shipping Rules When shipping a car across the sea most companies have strict shipping rules in place to protect themselves and make sure the job goes smoothly. One of the rules is that no belongings can be…

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Cost to Ship a Car to Hawaii

When shipping a vehicle from the mainland to Hawaii, your chief concern will likely be how much it is going to cost to do the job. This figure is difficult to come up with exactly because it largely depends on where you are located and where in Hawaii the car needs to be. With that said, most people are impressed by just how affordable it is to complete the job. Factor in All the Costs There are generally two costs to consider when having a car shipped to Hawaii, the cost to get the vehicle to and from both ports,…

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The Cheapest Way to Ship a Car to Hawaii

If you’re planning an extended trip to Hawaii or want to move to the islands for the long term, it’s an excellent idea to ship your car before when you move. Having your own vehicle out on the islands makes travel much more convenient and it’s much more affordable than buying something new once you arrive. The trick is finding an affordable shipping method to get your vehicle out to Hawaii. Choose Between Large Carrier or Small Private Boat There are generally two ways to send a car from the mainland over to Hawaii. The first is by placing it…

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Best Door To Door Van Shipping Services

Shipping A Van Door To Door | Point To Point Vehicle Transport Shipping a van can come with its own set of challenges since they are larger and heavier vehicles than most that are transported. Luckily, there are plenty of services and options out there if you are looking to have a van shipped. What Is Door To Door Shipping? Standard auto transport typically involves having the vehicle picked up and delivered to a transport terminal. What this means for the customer is that they must both drop off and pick up the vehicle at the nearest terminal. The other…

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Best Door To Door Truck Shipping Services

Door To Door Truck Shipping & Transport Services As with any other type of vehicle, a truck can be shipped door to door, but there are a few details that are slightly different. On this page, we’ll cover those details as well as some other tips to help you understand the process and how to go about finding the right services from the right shipper. For smaller trucks, the process of door to door shipping doesn’t really differ much from a car. Larger trucks can be a little more challenging to deliver door-to-door because a larger truck requires a larger…

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Best Door To Door SUV Shipping Services

Door To Door SUV Shipping | A-1 Auto Transport Door to door shipping, whether for an SUV or any other type of vehicle, is the most convenient and hassle-free way to transport a vehicle. Not only does it save you time, but it can also save you money when you factor in the costs associated with driving time, food, and lodging when making the trip yourself. Shipping A New SUV One of the most popular reasons that customers ship an SUV is that they’ve recently purchased one that’s not in their area. It may be because you found the particular…

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Best Door To Door RV Shipping Services

The Challenges Of Door To Door RV Shipping It can be a challenge for any auto transport company to ship an RV, especially door to door. Unlike standard forms of shipping which require the customer to pick up the RV at a delivery terminal, door to door means that the shipper will drop it off at the specific address for delivery, or as close as possible. There are some limiting factors that determine how close an RV can be delivered to a particular address. For one, the size of the RV may make it difficult to navigate smaller streets with…

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Best Door To Door Motorcycle Shipping Services

Door To Door Motorcycle Shipping Explained Motorcycles, more than any other type of vehicle, are the type most commonly shipped using the door-to-door transport method. Since they are smaller and lighter than cars and trucks, motorcycles are both easier to to fit onto shipping trucks, and easier to deliver to a specific address. Unlike transport carriers that haul multiple cars and require significant space to turn around, carriers for motorcycles are often smaller and more able to handle tighter areas. This is not to say that every truck that hauls motorcycles is on the small side. To the contrary, there…

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Best Door To Door Luxury Car Shipping Services

Door To Door Luxury Car Shipping | Process & Procedure Most of the vehicles that are shipped door-to-door are moved using an enclosed vehicle carrier, which works out doubly well for customers transporting a luxury car. Standard car carriers are open-air and move multiple vehicles—sometimes up to 12 or more—at the same time. You’ve likely seen one driving on the highway stacked with several cars on two levels. An enclosed carrier, on the other hand, moves fewer cars at once and they are completely covered in the enclosed cargo are of the truck. Enclosed carriers usually move no more than…

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Best Door To Door Hybrid Vehicles Shipping Services

Door To Door Car Shipping | Hybrids Vehicles One of the first things you should understand about shipping a hybrid vehicle is that not every vehicle transport company will offer the service. While there is nothing drastically different from when shipping a gasoline powered vehicle, you may find that some companies are reluctant to ship a hybrid. Just like any other type of service you pay for, it’s generally a good idea to seek out a professional or company that has ample experience. This also holds true for shipping a hybrid car, or any other type of vehicle for that…

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Best Door To Door Classic Car Shipping Services

Door To Door Classic Car Shipping Services & Process Shipping classic cars requires an extra level of care beyond standard vehicle transport services, which is why it’s important to know the best practices when it comes to shipping one. Since classic tend to be older vehicles and often have a higher value than modern cars, it’s usually recommended that they be transported in an enclosed carrier. An enclosed carrier is just what it sounds like: a transport truck that keeps the vehicle completely secured inside the cargo area of the truck during shipment. The alternative would be an open air…

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Best Door To Door ATV & UTV Shipping Services

ATV & UTV Door To Door Vehicle Shipping ATVs and UTVs are among the easier vehicles to ship using the door to door transport method. The job is made easier by the fact that all terrain vehicles and utility task vehicles are both smaller and lighter than other types of vehicles that are typically shipped. This translates to cheaper shipping costs, as well as a vehicle that’s easier to deliver to a specific location. When vehicle carriers ship larger cars and trucks, they often have to drop them off at the nearest possible location, rather than at the specified address….

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Best Door To Door Antique Automobiles Shipping Services

ShippingAntique Automobiles Door To Door Any time you need a specialized service in the auto transport industry – and both door to door shipping and moving antique automobiles fall into this category – it’s essential that you find a company with experience and a proven track record. Most auto shippers can move just about any type of car or small truck in the standard fashion aboard an open air carrier. Door to door shipping, especially when dealing with an antique or classic car, requires special care, as well as the requisite experience to know how to do the job safely…

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Enclosed Car Transport Delivery Times

Enclosed Car Transport Delivery Times When choosing enclosed car transport, understanding the process is ideal but knowing the delivery times is especially important. This is important since you must be there to sign for the vehicle when it arrives. Living in a home in a new area for months without personal transportation can be tough. Knowing when to expect delivery will help you plan how you will get around until the car is delivered. Luckily, with a little knowledge in the enclosed car transport industry, you can have an ideal time of when your vehicle might arrive for you to…

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Cost of Enclosed Auto Transport

Enclosed Auto Transport: How Much Does It Cost? Enclosed auto transport can be for anyone, anywhere. Whether you have a vehicle you drive every day to and from school or work or you have a high-end, luxury, rare or sports vehicle, then enclosed shipment is available for your car. If you’re considering an enclosed vehicle shipment, you probably want to consider the prices that might come along with doing so. It is important to note that open shipment of vehicles is an option that is more affordable. However, it may not provide the additional benefits needed when shipping your vehicle….

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Why Use Enclosed Car Transportation Services?

Reasons to Use Enclosed Car Transportation Services Auto transport companies use various methods for shipping vehicles. Enclosed car transport is one of the premium methods used worldwide for the safe shipment of valuable, high-end cars and trucks, classic cars, vintage cars and other important vehicles. This type of shipping provides a safe alternative option to conventional shipping methods. Vehicles are shipped by using a fully enclosed trailer, with four sides and a roof. When you need an environment that is safe and secure for your vehicle while being transported, enclosed car transportation services are the best way to go. To…

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Should I Ship My Vehicle Enclosed?

Shipping Vehicle Enclosed Shipping your vehicle is a big consideration to make. Planning the transportation of a car can be overwhelming as there are so many options for moving the car as well as numerous companies all vying for your business. Who can you trust when it comes to doing such a big task? If you own a luxury car, classic car or other special vehicles, you not only need to consider the company you will hire to ship, but you also need to think about whether you should ship with enclosed transport to ensure a secure environment during shipment….

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