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Saco Motorcycle Shipping

The most reliable means to ship a motorcycle are available through a professional shipping service. There are many complications that could arise when trying to ship a motorcycle, especially for those who do not have the proper tools or experience. A motorcycle transport company can provide their customers with a fast delivery and a few safe and efficient shipping options. A shipping service can provide a safe way to get a bike into Saco, Maine and keep it protected from potential hazards, driving conditions and weather. For a low cost, a customer can have their motorcycle transported to Saco with…

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Ship Car To Azores Islands

Shipping A Car To The Azores Islands Typical Shipping Prices – How Much Does It Cost? Costs for shipping a car to the Azores Islands fall around the same as they do for other parts of Western Europe; roughly $2,000 to $4,000, plus additional costs for taxes and duties. One of the autonomous regions of Portugal, Azores Islands (Região Autónoma dos Açores), are a group of nine volcanic islands. Located in the Atlantic Ocean, 850 miles away from Portugal, these major islands include Graciosa, Terceira, Pico, São Jorge,  and Faial in the middle; in the west are Corvo and Flores…

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Can You Sell Your Car if the Bank has the Title?

If you’re planning on selling your car yourself and have financed the car through a bank, you may be wondering if you can actually legally sell it with the bank holding its title. The answer is that it can be done, but it does require a lot of effort on your part and also for the buyer to agree to it. So if you want to sell your car without holding the title yourself, make sure to follow the steps below in order: See How Much You Still Owe  Before you do anything else, you first need to determine how…

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How to Screen Potential Car Buyers

If you’ve chosen to sell your car yourself on a site such as Craigslist or AutoTrader.com, rather than go through a third-party service that’ll do it all for you, you might find yourself in a position in which you’ll need to see if the potential buyer is being honest. If you don’t engage in some form of a screening process, you may be setting yourself up to be scammed or worse. But screening out potential car buyers is actually pretty simple. Whether they e-mail, call, or text you, the following suggestions should still be followed, though not necessarily in order:…

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Are Student Auto Transport Discounts Available?

Most college students are on a tight budget, especially with the cost of tuition and the additional expenses of attending college. This can include having to purchase textbooks, to pay for housing, and to deal the various living expenses that they will encounter. In addition, some students may also have the need for auto transport services if they’re attending a school that’s far from their hometown. And since auto transport can be expensive enough as it is, many students may feel as if they can’t afford it. But there’s good news – most auto transport companies do offer special student…

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How is Construction Equipment Transported?

The auto transport industry ships a wide variety of vehicles. Besides consumer vehicles, commercial vehicles such as buses and limousines are also transported. However, even yet another type of vehicle that is transported is construction equipment. As heavy-duty vehicles, heavy construction equipment can create many logistical issues for auto transport carriers. Not only are they extremely heavy, in which their weight is measured in the tons, but they’re also oddly shaped. So how can heavy-duty construction equipment be transported? Read below to find out: Flatbed Trailers are the Default Method As mentioned, construction equipment is extremely heavy and consists of…

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How Many Miles Do Auto Transport Carriers Drive in One Day?

Auto transport carriers try their hardest to make sure that your vehicle is delivered in a timely manner and as soon as possible. However, one of the limitations of ground transportation is that the amount of time that it takes for your vehicle to be delivered largely depends on how far an auto transport driver can drive during a 24 hour period before having to get some sleep. As you will see, it’s not always up to the drivers themselves. Here’s some more information: Laws and Regulations Must Be Followed Even if a driver thinks that he or she can…

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World Leaders Meet For Paris Climate Talks: COP-21

In December of 2015, the United Nations Climate Change Conference was held in Paris, signaling a significant move forward in minimizing the negative impact of the transport industry on the environment. The 2015 meeting was the 21st such Conference of Parties, for which the event is also called “COP-21.” The main goal of the Climate Change Conference is to limit the effects of global warming to within 2 degrees Celsius of pre-industrial levels, a number that was amended to 1.5 degrees at the conference. The Paris Climate Talks included leaders from more than 190 countries, climate change representatives, and professionals…

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How to Qualify for the Federal Tax Incentive for a Newly-purchased Hybrid or Electric Vehicle

There are myriad of rebates and incentives for purchasing some form of a hybrid or electric vehicle. These rebates and incentives are provided by both the federal government and state governments, which can add to the confusion in terms of which ones you qualify for. While each state has their own qualifications, if you meet them, you can even double up on your incentives/rebates by qualifying for both the federal and state ones. However, we’re going to focus on the federal tax incentive that’s being offered, which is a part of the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act. It can range…

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What Are COMCHEKs?

In the auto transport industry, COMCHEKS are extremely popular in how auto transport brokers pay carriers. However, most of the general public may not be aware of what COMCHEKs actually are, as well as the benefits that they can offer. The following guide will provide a nice overview: How Do They Work? A COMCHEK is a type of payment that is used by auto transport brokers (or any type of freight broker) to pay carriers. They can be thought of as being similar to standard checks, yet with some very important differences. In addition to paying contract carriers, COMCHEKs can…

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The Benefits of Fleet Fuel Cards

There are many reasons for why a trucking company may want to get fleet fuel cards as opposed to credit cards. Much of the general public and even some companies may not be aware of the benefits that fleet fuel cards can offer, which is definitely a mistake, as they are missing out on a lot of their advantages. Here are five of the main benefits of fleet fuel cards: Online Modification  Fleet fuel cards can be modified online 24/7 a day. Company managers would have the ability to go online, add new cards, make changes to current ones, get…

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The New Surface Transportation Reauthorization and Reform Act

If the House of Representatives has their way, specifically the U.S. House’s Transportation Committee, there will be a major overhaul of the trucking industry in the United States in terms of regulatory reforms. On October 15, 2015, they proposed a $325 billion, six-year long-term highway funding bill known as the Surface Transportation Reauthorization and Reform Act that could have major ramifications for the trucking industry, which includes the auto transport industry. Here are some of the main proposals: CSA-Related Changes In terms of its trucking industry reforms, most will be focused on changes to the provisions of the FMCSA, also…

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Auto Transport Services Are Ideal For Interstate Purchases

Because of the connectivity of today’s information age and infrastructure, more and more people are choosing to buy their vehicles Interstate than ever before. Online purchases, in particular, are growing quite common, such as on eBay Motors (http://www.ebay.com/motors). However, one of the issues with buying a vehicle interstate is having it transported to your desired location. That’s where auto transport services come in, as they’re absolutely ideal for interstate vehicle purchases. Here’s why: It’s the Fastest Option Say that you’ve purchased your vehicle in California, but you’re living all the way in New Jersey. How else do you expect to…

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What Happens if You Can’t Pay the Owed Amount?

Emergencies come up that we can’t control sometimes. But if you’ve already had your vehicle transported by an auto transport company yet are not able to pay the remaining balance, this creates a conundrum for everyone involved. On the one hand, an auto transport company is a business, and many auto transport carriers are run by individuals that rely on the money, or at least the cash flow, to be viable. On the other hand, things can simply happen through no fault of your own. Assuming that you’ve already paid some upfront amount, such as a deposit, here’s an overview…

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Auto Transport Business Discounts

If you’re a business in need of auto transport services, such as a corporation or a car auction company, you shouldn’t expect to pay full price. Unlike with individuals who are in need of auto transport services, businesses often need multiple vehicles shipped at once, not to mention are frequently in need of repeat services. Many corporations, for example, may need to transport company cars, especially if they have multiple offices across the country. Auto transport companies, due to the competitive nature of the industry, want to both attract and retain this business and are sure to provide companies with…

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Can You Cancel Your Auto Transport Order?

Deciding to pay for auto transport services is a big decision to make. But, just like with anything,   there may be a time when you have to cancel an auto transport order after you’ve already made it. Yet because you’ve already given them a deposit in most instances, you may be wondering if you can even cancel an order and not to have to pay an additional penalty or to even get a partial refund back. While each auto transport company is different in terms of their policies, you should be able to do so, especially if the company is…

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Car Theft Rings in the United States

Every single day in the United States and throughout the world, cars are stolen or broken into. Most instances involve just a single thief or a small group. However, unbeknownst to many are the international car theft rings that exist in the United States. But they are certainly known to law enforcement, as they are in a daily uphill battle to bust these theft rings. In many of the major transportation hubs in the country, particularly ones with large shipping docks, car theft rings are unfortunately thriving. To give a better idea of how extensive these car theft rings are,…

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Why Cash-on-Delivery is Still the Norm

While many people today pay for most things with either their debit card or credit card, in the auto industry, cash-on-delivery is still the norm for many companies. But there’s still some confusion by customers as to why this is so. On the surface, it may seem archaic to only accept cash-on-delivery, but understanding why will shed some light on the issue. What Does “Cash-on-Delivery” Consist Of? Many would assume that cash-on-delivery only refers to actual cash that has to be handed over. But that’s not the case. While you can certainly pay with actual physical cash, it also can…

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How to Get a Great Deal on Your Auto Loan

Managing to bargain down the price of a vehicle that you’re planning on purchasing is obviously great, but another important component for many is finding a great deal on an auto loan. Though some may be able to pay for a new vehicle completely upfront, most will need to take out a new car loan. Knowing how to get one with a favorable interest rest will make your purchase even more of a fantastic deal. Keep Your Loan Applications to a Two-Week Period Every single time that you apply for an auto loan, the creditor will run a hard inquiry…

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How To Ship Your EMF We are a top shipping company with years of experience. We offer reliable shipping services to our clients. We have been shipping various vintage automobiles for several years now. Due to our focus on customer satisfaction, we always have positive reviews. As specialists in the business, we have the expertise for the safe transport of your EMF vehicles. We have the capability to handle any of your shipping needs. For short distance domestic auto relocation, we have local auto industry experts that ensure your cars are delivered on schedule. For the international route, we have…

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How To Ship Your Elcar We are an auto shipping company offering a number of services within the auto transport industry. We have years of experience on our side, shipping vintage vehicles, conventional and luxury cars to various clients in most parts of the world. We have the capability to handle local auto relocations and international shipping of your ELCAR cars. For any of your domestic or international shipping needs, we have dedicated professionals to deliver. We offer the following auto shipping related service: Fast Track Services We offer fast track services in the shipping of your ELCAR cars. There…

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How To Ship Your Edsel Do you want a reliable shipping company to handle the shipping of your EDSEL vehicle? We are a fully registered and licensed auto shipping outfit with years of experience in the auto shipping industry. We are a car shipping company with the capability to handle local auto relocations and international shipping of your EDSEL cars. For any of your domestic or international shipping needs, we have dedicated professionals to deliver. We offer the following auto shipping related service: Prompt Shipping We offer fast track services in the shipping of your EDSEL cars. There are various…

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How To Ship Your Eagle Do you want to ship any EAGLE car model? Do you want reliable service for every shipment? We are a top auto shipping company. We have been shipping automobiles for several years now. Due to our focus on customer satisfaction, we always have positive reviews for every shipment. As specialists in the business, we have the pre requisites for the safe transport of your EAGLE vehicles. We have the capability to handle any of your shipping needs. For short distance domestic auto relocation, we have local auto industry experts that ensure your cars are delivered…

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How To Ship Your Eshelman It is not well known, but Eshelman is one of the oldest motor vehicle manufacturers in the world. Transporting such a vintage vehicle requires the right amount of care and expertise, which is not found in just any car shipping company. Now, a random search for vintage auto shipping will likely produce thousands of hits. Anyone online can claim to be the best in the car transport industry, and there is no way of truly knowing the truth without first doing some due diligence. Here are some of the signs to look out for when…

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How To Ship Your Duryea We are a fully licensed and insured company. We offer auto shipping services to numerous locations. We are a car shipping company with the capability to handle local auto relocations and international shipping of your DURYEA cars. For any of your domestic or international shipping needs, we have dedicated professionals to deliver. We ship cars to the state; we also relocating cars from state to state. All of these top notch quality services are offered at pocket-friendly rates. We offer the following auto shipping related service: Fast Track Services We offer fast track services in…

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