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The Year In Review: Auto Trends Of 2015

2015 signaled some big changes in the auto industry, both in terms of what consumers expect from vehicle makers to the new tech-centered features being offered on newer model cars. In this blog post, we’ll take a look at the major shifts in the 2015 auto industry, including new releases that offered a peek into what we can expect from the driving experience moving forward. As to be expected, 2015 signaled a shift toward more electronics in vehicles–something that comes along with the technological developments that now influence every aspect of our lives. Another development we saw in 2015 was…

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Be Leery of Driveaway Auto Transport

When you think of auto transport services, chances are that you’re thinking about standard auto transport, in which your vehicle is loaded onto a trailer and driven to its final destination. But there was a time in which drive away auto transport was much more commonplace and offered as a service by companies. Now, it has faded significantly in popularity and is not usually offered. In spite of this, it has not entirely gone away, but there are many reasons why you should be leery of choosing drive away auto transport in place of the standard options. What is Driveaway…

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Why You Should Use a Credit Card to Pay for Auto Transport

There are many ways to save on auto transport, but not all of the ways may be realistic for you. For example, those that ship multiple vehicles or are constantly using auto transport services can save money on volume discounts. However, the majority of people that use an auto transport service will just need to ship one car for the foreseeable future. But while your options are limited, there is one surefire way to protect yourself from fraud and to save money on auto transport, which is to use cash rewards or travel rewards credit card. Here’s some advice: Don’t…

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Flatbed Auto Transport

The vast majority of transportation services offered domestically involve either open or enclosed trailers, as both are able to transport most types of vehicles. However, there are times when neither type of trailer will suffice, which is when flatbed auto transport comes into play. It’s far from a common transport option, but nonetheless, it is available if your circumstances require it. What is Flatbed Auto Transport? Flatbed auto transport is exactly as it sounds. It features a flatbed trailer that is attached to a truck, similar to an open or enclosed trailer and can come in various lengths and widths,…

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Standby Auto Transport

Even though many auto transport companies, such as A-1 Auto Transport, do their best to try and provide affordable quotes for standard auto transport services, it can still be too much for some to afford. Others may simply be on the lookout for the best rates possible. That’s where standby auto transport comes in. Standby auto transport may be beneficial for some, as it is offered at a lower price, but it’s not for everyone. Here’s an overview: What Exactly is “Standby Auto Transport?” Standby auto transport is similar to other standby services, such as those offered by some airlines,…

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Shipping a Vehicle During the Holidays

The holidays are always a busy time for everyone, including businesses. While ideally, you won’t need to ship your vehicle during the holidays, sometimes, you don’t have a choice. But even though many auto transport companies are operating during this time period between Thanksgiving and New Year’s, you should be aware of a few things in order to ensure that your vehicle is transported with as little delays as possible. Avoid the Day After Thanksgiving No matter what, you should always avoid trying to schedule any auto transport services the day after Thanksgiving. Even though it may seem convenient to…

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Ship Car To Panama City

Panama City is the largest city and capital of Panama. The city is situated at the beginning of the canal by the same name- Panama Canal. It is the commercial, political and administrative center of the country. If you want to import your vehicle to Panama, it is of dire importance to hire the services of an international shipping service that has a successful past of shipping to Panama. They should be aware of the laws and regulations and the requirements at the US port and at the port at Panama. Eliminating any chance of problems right from the beginning…

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Ship Car To Port Moresby

The capital city of Papua New Guinea, Port Moresby is situated on the scenic shores of Gulf of Papua. It is the center of culture, trade, commerce and administration. If you have a residence or work visa, diplomat or student, you will need to have your own personal vehicle as you might not want to depend upon the local transportation. It isn’t easy to ship your vehicle on your own as there are a myriad of procedures and clearances that are needed by US customs and Papua New Guinea Customs Department. That is why you need to contact A1 Auto…

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Ship Car To Oistins

Ship your car to or from Oistins Oistins is a coastal town in the parish of Christ Church within Barbados. It is a popular tourist location and a fishing village. As an offshore landing of ships bringing in fossil fuel, it has opportunities for employment and trade. In case you intend settling here for a few months or are a returning citizen, you can import your vehicle for better connectivity and transportation. However, you will need to consider the eligibility, requirements and limitations of the Barbados import regulations before you start the process of shipment. Take into account the duties,…

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Ship Car To Teyateyaneng

The scenic town of Teyateyaneng is located in the district of Berea in Lesotho. It is known for carpet manufacture and other craft related industries and businesses. The city is about 40 km. from Maseru and has rapidly urbanized over the last two decades. Being a landlocked country, all freight shipping cargo is delivered at Port of Walvis Bay in Namibia and then land transported to cities in Lesotho, including Teyateyaneng. For those planning to stay here on a long term basis or are on a work permit, it is important to have your own means of transport as the…

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Ship Car To Mafeteng

Located about 76 km from Maseru, Mafeteng is a large city in Lesotho and is an important center of culture and trade. If you have a work permit a diplomat or returning citizen, chances are high that you might want to import your vehicle from USA. However, it is important to consider that Lesotho is a landlocked country and thus, all sea faring freight ships anchor at Port of Walvis Bay, Namibia and then are driven across to Mafeteng. When you think about moving your car to an international location, it is better to discuss it with an experienced auto…

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Ship Car To Saint John’s

The capital of Antigua, Saint John’s is the largest city and the center for all trade and commerce within the Caribbean nation. It is one of the destinations for retirees, students and those seeing employment from overseas. If you are following suit and coming here for any of these reasons, it helps to bring over your personal vehicle with you for faster and easier commuting. Talk with a shipping service that has a successful track of importing vehicles to West Indies with considerable ease. They will be able to help you get a head start with the different pre-shipping procedures…

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Ship Car To Liberta

One of the largest cities in Antigua, Liberta is connected by road from Falmouth Harbor. If you intend moving here on retirement, work or to study, you would need to have a vehicle to travel around. However, it is expensive to buy vehicles in Antigua but if you import your own car from USA, it might be a more affordable option. It is better to hire the services of an international shipping company that has successfully navigated through the different procedures and has shipped vehicles to Caribbean. A1 Auto Transport service has been pioneer in international auto shipping and understands…

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Ship Car To Kuala Belait

Kuala Belait is second largest city in Brunei and is an administrative headquarters for the district of Belait. As Brunei has trade agreements with USA and other countries, export and import of vehicles is fairly easy, with fewer restrictions and limitations. Cost & Time Examples For Shipping a Car to Kuala Belait To/From Ground Ocean Estimated Time New York, NY to (New York port) to Kuala Belait $275 $4800 5+44 days Kuala Belait to (California port) to Los Angeles $350 $2200 5+29 days Boston, MA to (New York port) to Kuala Belait $400 $4800 5+44 days Kuala Belait to (California…

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Ship Car To Hebron

About 19 miles from Jerusalem, Hebron is the largest city in West Bank and the second largest in Palestine. There may be many reasons to move to Hebron for a short term or a more permanent basis. Whether you are a returning citizen, on a work/resident visa or planning to study here, you will be glad to have your car with you to commute through the cities.  As soon as you decide about importing your vehicle to Hebron, it is best to consult with a shipping service that has experience with international shipping to Palestine. This is important because there…

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Ship Car To Gitega

The second biggest Burundi city, in terms of area and population, Gitega is located east of Bujumbura. It is an important center of trade and business in the country. If you are contemplating a move to this city for work or personal reasons, you might require your personal vehicle to help you commute. However you need to find trusted and experienced shipping company that will help you get the vehicle imported to Gitega. Cost & Time Examples For Shipping a Car to Gitega To/From Ground Ocean Estimated Time Gitega to (California port) to San Jose, CA $200 $5700 5+46 days…

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Ship Car To Gaza City

The famed Palestinian city at the Gaza Strip, the highly populated Gaza City, has been recently undergoing political upheavals yet business and trade continues. If you are a returning citizen, on a work permit or working with a non-profit organization, you might want to take your vehicle with you when you move to Gaza City. However, the fact is that it is important to know about the vehicle regulation and other related rules governing the imports in Palestine. It is essential to work with a shipping service that understands the rules and regulations of the sea ports in Palestine. And…

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Ship Car To Bujumbura

The largest city and the main port of Burundi, Bujumbura are situated on the shores of the second deepest Tanganyika Lake. As a major center of mining and other exports, the city is crowd-puller with plenty of employment opportunities. Cost & Time Examples For Shipping a Car to Bujumbura To/From Ground Ocean Estimated Time New York, NY to (New York port) to Bujumbura $275 $4800 5+36 days Bujumbura to (California port) to Los Angeles $350 $5800 5+47 days Las Vegas, NV to (California port) to Bujumbura $450 $5800 5+47 days Bujumbura to (California port) to Portland, OR $475 $5800 6+47…

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Ship Car To Bandar Seri Begawan

Bandar Seri Begawan is the capital and biggest city in the Sultanate of Brunei. Situated off the coast of Borneo, shipping to Brunei is comparatively easy. However, it is best that when you are moving your vehicle from USA to Bandar Seri Begawan, it is best to hire a trusted international shipping service like A1 Auto Transport Service. The advantage of having your personal vehicle to commute within the city and inter-city is that you don’t have to depend upon public transportation. With plenty of diplomats, expatriates and returning citizens looking to import vehicles, it is best to know the…

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Ship Car To All Saints

It is the second largest city in Antigua and is about 5 miles from St. John’s the capital of the island nation. With aquamarine sea and verdant palms, the white sand beaches are alluring to tourists and those looking to relocate here. However, traveling becomes a breeze when you have your own personal vehicle with you. Thus, if you are on residence or work permit to All Saints in Antigua, importing your vehicle from USA isn’t difficult. The first step that you need to take is hire the services of a trusted international shipping service like A1 Auto Transport service,…

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Ship Car To Holetown

Ship your car to or from Holetown A small town, Holetown is one of the most popular destinations for tourists in Barbados. Situated on the western coast, the scenic location is located in the parish of St. James. Many people move to Barbados to work or retire, while plenty of returning citizens call it home. And when you are here, having your personal vehicle can be an asset. However, there are limitations and requirements that need to be adhered to before your vehicle can enter the Barbados. Cost & Time Examples For Shipping a Car to Holetown To/From Ground Ocean…

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Ship Car To Lae

Lae is one of the largest cities in Papua New Guinea and is located on the delta of Rover Markham and on the trade routes between coast and Highlands. It is the biggest cargo port and is known as the industrial hub of the nation. If you are moving for a few months or a few years, it will be a help to have your own vehicle to drive around in the city. However, it is important that the imports meet the government laws and regulations and to do that professional assistance of trusted international shipping service will be required….

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Ship Car To Erdenet

Erdenet is bustling city that is considered the third largest in terms of population. It is about 150 miles from Ulaanbaatar, and is situated in the scenic valley of the Rivers Orkhon and Selenge. When you are shipping to a landlocked country, there is additional transportation needed, apart from sea faring shipping requirements. Cost & Time Examples For Shipping a Car to Erdenet To/From Ground Ocean Estimated Time New York, NY to (New York port) to Erdenet $275 $5100 5+47 days Los Angeles to (California port) to Erdenet $350 $4300 5+38 days Erdenet to (California port) to Las Vegas, NV…

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Ship Car To Darkhan

The second largest city in Mongolia, Darkhan is the industrial center and the capital of the Darkhan-Uul Province. As one of the most prominent cities of the country, people study and work in large numbers. Thus, if you are planning on moving here to work or stay, it helps to have your vehicle as you might not want to depend upon public transportation for everyday commuting. Cost & Time Examples For Shipping a Car to Darkhan To/From Ground Ocean Estimated Time San Jose, CA to (California port) to Darkhan $200 $4000 5+35 days Boston, MA to (New York port) to…

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Ship Car To Ulaanbaatar

The largest city in Mongolia, Ulaanbaatar is also the capital of the country. It is located in the Rover Tuul’s valley and is the industrial, cultural and financial center. It directly connects with the Trans-Siberian Railway and Chinese railway paving the way for better commerce and trade. This creates employment and that is why it is the most populated city. If you are moving here on a work permit, to study or for other personal reasons, it will help to have your own vehicle with you. Tus, start looking for a trusted and experienced shipping company like A1 Auto Transport…

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