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Ship Car To Osaka

One of the large port cities, Osaka is located on the Japanese island of Honshu and is one of the primary economic centers of the country. It has a large percentage of businesses and merchant class, making it a favorite destination to live and work.  With host of employment opportunities, expatriates prefer the city and thousands have made it their home. Though Osaka has an extensive network of Shinkansen trains and railway lines apart from other public transport, personal vehicles are a necessity. It becomes invaluable when you need to commute short distances or travel to different cities for your…

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Ship Car To Nagoya

The third largest city in Japan, Nagoya is located in central Honshu that is counted among the most populous regions in the country. As one of the major ports in Japan, it is a hub of commercial activity all year round. The city is growing at a fast pace and is considered the center of automobile industry. Mitsubishi Motors and most of the luxury brands of Toyota have their headquarters here, including Aisin Seiki Company, Lexus, and Denso among others. This makes it a popular destination for expatriates for employment in the auto and shipping industries. With a large network…

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Ship Car To West Jerusalem

Moving a motor vehicle to West Jerusalem can seem like a very daunting process to follow. You will need to hire the services of a reliable international automobile shipping company to walk you through the overseas shipping process and handle the actual shipment on your behalf. West Jerusalem has long been the capital are of Israel and the Government of Israel has worked for many years to incorporate new business ventures and employment in the area. The city has been economically divided since the 1980’s with the more affluent in one area and the lower income earners in another. Each…

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Ship Car To Thessaloniki

Salonica, Thessaloniki, or Salonika is the second largest of Greek cities. It is also the major political, economic, industrial, and commercial hub besides being the prominent transport center for southeastern European countries. The commercial port of Thessaloniki is strategically important for Greece as well as hinterlands of south-eastern Europe. Although the transportation facilities in Greece are good, it helps to have your own car to commute within the city and in the larger metropolis for business and leisure. Cost & Time Examples For Shipping a Car to Thessaloniki To/From Ground Ocean Estimated Time San Jose, CA to (California port) to…

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Ship Car To Patra

The third largest city in Greece, Pátra is about 130 miles from Athens and is situated overlooking the Gulf of Patras, in the foothills of Mount Panachaikon. Considered the ‘Gate to the West’ of Greece, the city is a bustling commercial center and port for trade with Western Europe. If you intend staying in Pátra on a short-term basis or on long-term basis, you will need to have your own personal vehicle. However, importing your vehicle to Greece from USA isn’t difficult. Cost & Time Examples For Shipping a Car to Patra To/From Ground Ocean Estimated Time Patra to (California…

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Ship Car To Athens

The capital of Greece and one of the most important cities in Europe, Athens is a major hub of tourism, business, trade and art. Since 1981, Greece has remained a part of European Union. The country enjoys a unique culture and high living standards. Additionally, as an established economic center of Europe, employment benefits ensure that expatriates from world over call it home. Although Athens has a wide network of public transport, commuting is easy, but having your own personal vehicle ensures faster commuting in the larger metropolitan area. If you are planning to move to Athens and need your…

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Ship Car to Piraeus

Located within the urban belt of Athens, the capital of Greece, Piraeus is only 7 miles/12 km away from Athens municipality. It lies along eastern coastal area of Saronic Gulf which is the largest shipping marine port in Greece, besides being its commercial capital as well. As a central hub, the major ship-owners in the country operate their shipping empires from Piraeus.  Thus, imports are easy to Piraeus, so if you are planning to have your own vehicle shipped here from any port in USA, it won’t be too long to enjoy a drive. Cost & Time Examples For Shipping…

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Ship Car To Suva

The administrative and political capital of Fiji, Suva is the most cosmopolitan city in the Southern Pacific. As a major regional center, there has been a steady increase of the expatriates that come here for work and travel on a temporary and permanent basis. For easy commuting, it helps to have your vehicle with you and thus, if you are contemplating getting your own personal vehicle shipped to Fiji, talk with A1 Auto Transport service and get more details. However, you need to know that custom duty exemptions are only given to the diplomatic vehicles that are registered. The permit…

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Ship Car To Tallinn

The panoramic city of Tallinn is located close to the shores of Gulf of Finland, about 80 km from Helsinki. After the disintegration of the Soviet Union, Estonia has slowly built up, with rapid progress in the last few years. Today, the city of Tallinn is counted among the global top ten digital cities and the Old Town has been listed by UNESCO as the World Heritage Site. Additionally, the port of Tallinn is one of the busiest harbors for cruises and commercial harbors in Baltic Sea. With better employment opportunities, the country now attracts students and workers from all…

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Ship Car To Zagreb

The panoramic city of Zagreb is the capital and the largest city in Croatia. Nestled in the foothills of the Medvednica Mountain along the meandering River Sava, the city is the hub of all commercial, scientific research institutes, government and industries. Nearly all of the major businesses and companies have the headquarters in Zagreb. Citizen returning to Croatia or US expatriates moving on business prefer importing their vehicles here as the cost of cars is less in U.S. However, there are legal regulations and duties that need to be considered when you import cars to Zagreb or any other city…

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Ship Car To Yangon

Yangon or as it was known in the past, Rangoon is the largest city in Burma (now Myanmar) and is an important financial and cultural center of the country.  One of the ports in the country, Yangon boasts of an impressive skyline with gilded Buddhist pagodas and mix of modern high-rises and colonial architecture that still exists. Most of the roads are in bad condition and are not very wide to sustain the increasing number of vehicles. This includes paved and unpaved roads, so you need to ensure that the car you import can sustain rides over rough terrain. However,…

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Ship Car To Mandalay

The second largest city in Burma (Myanmar as it is now known) Mandalay is located in the northern part of Yangon, situated on Irrawaddy River eastern banks. Its distance from Yangon is about 445 miles. The city is an economic hub in the upper parts of Myanmar and is a well-known Burmese cultural center as well. When you are shipping your car from USA to Burma, you need to know that there are associated taxes and duties. However, diplomats enjoy a waiver of these tariffs. Others though have to pay approx 300% of the overall assessed value of the vehicle…

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Ship Car To Thimphu

Thimphu is both the economic and political capital of the Buddhist kingdom of Bhutan with dominant livestock and agricultural base. With a rugged and mountainous topography, it is scenic with meandering rivers and deep valleys. Cost & Time Examples For Shipping a Car to  Thimphu To/From Ground Ocean Estimated Time New York, NY to (New York port) to Thimphu $275 $2500 5+39 days Thimphu to (California port) to Los Angeles $350 $2300 5+38 days Boston, MA to (New York port) to Thimphu $400 $2500 5+39 days Thimphu to (California port) to Las Vegas, NV $450 $2300 5+38 days Seattle, WA…

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Ship Car To Phuntsholing

Phuntsholing is a scenic border town situated in the Kingdom of Bhutan. It is only 7.3 km from Jaigaon, a town in India. Thus, brisk trade and commerce has enhanced the local economy of Phuntsholing as cross-border trade is lucrative. The geographical location is fraught with high mountains, pastures and meandering rivers, making it a popular tourist area. The hostile and rough topography of Phuntsholing has necessitated the creation of paved roads. So while this network is available across the city public transportation is scarce because of frequent and expensive maintenance requirements of vehicles. In such situations, having your own…

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Ship Car To Brussels

The capital of Belgium, Brussels is one of the cities and the largest municipalities of the greater Brussels-Capital Region, which includes Haren, Avenue Louise, Laeken, Neder-Over-Heembeek among others. An important city of not just Belgium but, is a bustling city and commercial and trading hub of European Union. Thus, whether you are moving on business or for any other reason, it always helps to have your own vehicle with you. However, if you are importing a vehicle from within EU, due to common trade agreements, it is less regulated and cheaper than importing your vehicle from USA. Cost & Time…

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Ship Car To Bruges

Ship your car to or from Bruges The largest province and capital of West Flanders in Belgium, Burges is a beautiful city oftentimes referred as the Venice of the North. It is an important economic and commercial center as it is a port city. Though local transportation is convenient, yet if you are there on a long-term basis, you would want your personal vehicle to commuting within the city and all over Belgium. Cost & Time Examples For Shipping a Car to Bruges To/From Ground Ocean Estimated Time New York, NY to (New York port) to Bruges $275 $2150 5+12…

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Ship Car To Minsk

Ship your car to or from Minsk Located on the panoramic banks of the Rivers Nyamiha and Svislach, Minsk is the largest city and capital of Belarus. Additionally, it is the administrative headquarters of the Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS). If you are moving there due to work or returning to your home country on a short term or a long term basis, it makes sense to have a personal vehicle shipped to Minsk, even though the public transport is fairly good. However, shipping from U.S to Belarus might seem cumbersome but it is not as difficult as it sounds….

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Ship Car To Barysaw

Ship your car to or from Barysaw The scenic city of Barysaw is situated within Minsk Voblast close to the Berezina River. After the end of socialist regime, Belarus started the process of rebuilding the nation and today it is one of the leading Eastern European countries in terms of trade and business. If you are on a work permit in Barysaw or intend staying there on a long term basis, it is best to have your own personal vehicle with you as public transport system in a different country can be tricky. However, transportation of the car from US…

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Ship Car To Bridgetown

Ship your car to or from Bridgetown The largest city as well as capital of Barbados, Bridgetown, as we know it, came into being in year 1628. An English settlement, it was originally under authority of James Town and Sir W. Courten. Besides being one of the largest tourist hubs of West Indies, it acts as crucial informatics, financial, and convention center. The location of Barbados is in Caribbean Islands, somewhere above the continent of South America. Cost & Time Examples For Shipping a Car to Bridgetown To/From Ground Ocean Estimated Time New York, NY to (New York port) to…

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Ship Car To Speightstown

Ship your car to or from Speightstown Another name for Speightstown in Barbados is Little Bristol, the 2nd largest town center. It is situated 12 or 19 km towards the northern side of Bridgetown, the capital city of Barbados. Additionally, its location is in northern St. Peter parish. Duty charges and taxes associated with vehicle import make it a little expensive proposition, if you are looking to bring your vehicle for a short or long stay. Expenses will depend upon age and value of the vehicle. Cost & Time Examples For Shipping a Car to Speightstown To/From Ground Ocean Estimated…

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Ship Car To Khulna

Ship your car to or from Khulna The 3rd largest city in Bangladesh, Khulna is administrative centre of both Khulna District. Strategically located on the banks of Rupsha River, it is an established port for years. Import of goods and the ever-growing expatriate population have contributed well to the economy of Bangladesh. Owing to such favorable developments, the laws and customs related to both shipping and moving to this country have become better, easier, and stronger with time. If you intend moving to Khulna due to business or personal reasons on a long term or short term basis, it is…

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Ship Car To Dhaka

Ship your car to or from Dhaka Dhaka is the capital of Bangladesh and is considered to be one of the fastest growing cities in the world. Though facing challenges of traffic congestion, crime and population apart from political upheaval in the recent past, Dhaka has seen an increase of direct foreign investment which has improved employment opportunities. With extensive gas reserves, development of industries has led to increased trade and commerce. Though undergoing major development in public transportation, bypass projects and metro system, it is easy to commute by public transport but having your own vehicle can make all…

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Ship Car To Chittagong

Ship your car to or from Chittagong One of the major coastal port and financial and economic hub of Bangladesh, Chittagong is situated on the banks of the River Karnaphuli. It is located in the midst of the Bay of Bengal and the Chittagong Hill tracts, making it one of the larger seaports of the country.  With numerous industrial setups in Bangladesh, particularly in Chittagong, there has been an increase in employment and demand for imported vehicles.  However, if you plan to move on a long-term basis, having a personal car becomes important. Cost & Time Examples For Shipping a…

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Ship Car To Riffa

Ship your car to or from Riffa The second largest city of Bahrain, Riffa has two zones namely the Eastern and Western Riffa. Although the transportation system has improved over the years between the two zones and inter-city, the authorities here have taken recent measures to expand the roadways, developing a well-maintained network. The bustling trade and global trade have put Bahrain on the commercial map of the world and expats in Riffa enjoy their personal vehicles. For those considering relocating to Riffa, importing vehicles from USA is easy. There is no requirement to pay any customs levies. Shipping is…

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Ship Car To Manama

Ship your car to or from The capital of Bahrain, Manama is its largest city. Home to approximately 157,000 people, it has long enjoyed the status of being the crucial trading hub of Persian Gulf. With people from different parts of the world coming here and settling, it offers veritable potpourri of cultures and traditions. An expansive road network connects different parts of the city to various other parts of Bahrain as well. Traffic situation being quite congested, developments are underway to ameliorate this problem. Cost & Time Examples For Shipping a Car to Manama To/From Ground Ocean Estimated Time…

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