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Military Auto Transport Tips

If you’re in the military, especially a part of a military family, and have to be deployed to a base either abroad or in the United States, you will most likely be eligible to have your vehicle shipped directly to the base. However, since many families today have more than one vehicle, unfortunately, you will often have to pay for the second vehicle to be shipped yourself. Before we get into some important tips that can help you out with this process, there is some basic information that you should know first. All Military Branches Cover Just One Vehicle The…

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Auto Transport Discounts

Discounts are what every customer wants when deciding to purchase a service or a product. While everyone wants to pay less for something than the listed price, many fail to put things in perspective in that it is the company’s job to make a profit. After all, they’re not a charity. In spite of this reality, discounts do exist. They’re a way to drive sales, fend off competition, and create good will with some customers. The auto transport industry is an industry that is full of brokers and carriers all vying for the same customers, meaning that it’s one that…

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Transporting a Limousine

Though you don’t often see a limousine being transported, some companies may be in need of a limousine transportation service. While transporting a limousine is highly unusual and not often seen, it can be accomplished. But because of their length and size dimensions, it can be a difficult process. If for some reason, you are in need of limousine transportation services, you should be aware of the following: All Limousine Sizes Can Cause Issues It doesn’t matter if it’s just a regular stretch limo or a super stretch limo; it will involve additional steps to be able to load it…

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The Tools and Equipment Needed for a Household Move

Even if you plan ahead, moving can be a tough and arduous process. Besides having to physically move everything from your home or your apartment to your new location, you will also have to make sure that all of your other affairs are in order. This can include making sure your mail is set up to be forwarded, that you’ve found a place in your new location, that your vehicle will be transported, etc… In order to make the actual physical moving process as painless as possible (both figuratively and literally), you will need to make sure that you have…

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How to Protect Your Vehicle From Theft

Car break-ins are all too common these days. No matter if you park it on a street or in your driveway, your car is vulnerable to theft. If you live in a city, your car is in even more danger. Countless numbers of thieves break into cars on a daily basis, searching for money, valuables, or even stereos (though new technology has made the latter less common). Some may even outright steal it. Protect Your Car Applying These Steps If you’re wondering what you can do to prevent yourself from becoming a victim of car theft, look no further. Here…

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Storing Your Vehicle Long Term

If you plan on going abroad for a considerable amount of time, are simply relocating for awhile and don’t need your vehicle, have purchased a new vehicle while still wanting to keep your old one, or whatever the reason may be, you will have to store your vehicle for an extended period of time. But many people that do this often make many mistakes and don’t take the necessary precautions that are needed, which can end up potentially leading to the vehicle becoming damaged or broken into. Planning on long term vehicle storage If you’re planning on long term vehicle…

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Why More People Are Purchasing Vehicles Online

As consumer buying habits continue to change and gravitate more and more towards online shopping, it’s only natural that this shift has also resulted in more people purchasing vehicles online. With auto transport companies being able to make sure that these vehicles are delivered straight to your door, online auto shopping has been growing in popularity over the last few years beyond just online auto auctions. Some of the alluring benefits of purchasing vehicles online Chech out some of the alluring benefits of purchasing vehicles online in the list below: A-1 Auto Transport ships vehicles worldwide. Click here or call…

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Why DIY Auto Transport is Costly

Deciding to forego hiring an auto transport company and choose DIY auto transport instead may seem like a good idea, but usually, it isn’t. Standing for Drive-It-Yourself, DIY auto transport may appear to be a cost saving choice, especially with the low gas prices in the United States today, but it can be much costlier than you would think. Many people underestimate how much it would cost to transport the vehicle themselves, as sometimes, the allure of a road trip can be blinding. So if you’re wavering between DIY auto transport or hiring a professional company, you need to keep…

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Ship Car To Chișinău

The capital city of Moldova, Chișinău was known as Kishinev in the past. It is the biggest and the most populous city while being the center of industries and commerce. Located on the Bic River, the panoramic city is a prosperous and bustling town that has seen constant development since the crumbling of communism and Soviet Union. Moldova gained independence in 1991 and Chișinău is one of the most upcoming cities in Eastern Europe. If you are moving for business or are a diplomat or a returning citizen, having your own personal vehicle helps to traverse the city and countryside…

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Ship Car To Tiraspol

However, it always helps to have your own transportation so that you are not dependent on the local transportation and commuting within and around Moldova is a breeze. However, there are certain restrictions and regulations that need to be adhered to for a safe import of your personal vehicle. In addition, you will need to take into consideration the weather conditions. For faster shipping, spring and summer season are best as extreme weather conditions can delay the freight shipping carriers. Cost & Time Examples For Shipping a Car to Tiraspol To/From Ground Ocean Estimated Time New York, NY to (New…

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Ship Car To Kuala Lumpur

The most populous city and capital of Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur is one of the fastest growing cities in Asia. It is the financial, cultural and economic center apart from being the hub of commerce and trade.  There has been a steady influx of foreigners and expatriates from the West for employment and trade in the recent years. With steady increase in the tourism and work opportunities, more people have come to Malaysia on a temporary or permanent basis, and require a personal vehicle. If you are exporting a vehicle to Kuala Lumpur, you will need to pay the custom duties,…

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Ship Car To Johor Bahru

Previously known as Iskandar Puteri, Johor Bahru is the capital of the Johor state in Malaysia. It is the part of the larger metro area of Iskandar. It was granted the status of a city in 1994 and has emerged as the second most populous city in the country. Whether you are moving here due to work or business and intend staying on a long term basis or even a few years, it helps to have your own vehicle. When you are importing a vehicle in Johor Bahru, there are certain laws and regulations to meet. Like any other international…

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Ship Car To Blantyre

The center of commerce and finance in Malawi is located at Blantyre, the 2nd largest city here. While the political capital is Lilongwe, Blantyre is easily the thriving commercial capital. Besides this, it is the capital of the southern regions of the country and of District Blantyre as well. Within some years, there has been significant growth in traffic movement. This is the result of economic liberation and overall development of the country. An important change is that on roads public transport has given way to presence of minibusses and private cars. There is a 9,601-mile stretch of road network…

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Ship Car To Lilongwe

The capital of Malawi, Lilongwe, is the largest city in the country. It is located close to Zambia and Mozambique borders. An important transportation and economic hub, the city is named after a river by the same name. In case you are visiting Lilongwe for extended time length or relocating here permanently, having your own personal vehicle makes sense. This allows you greater freedom and control as you will be able to travel faster to your desired destination. Due to wide connection of roadways and border sharing with other countries, local travel is quite simple. What is more, here you…

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Ship Car To Klaipeda

Situated on the banks of Dane River in Lithuania, Klaipeda is a picturesque city. Its location is exactly at the river mouth from where the water flows into Baltic Sea. The 3rd largest of all the cities in the country, it is capital of Klaipeda County. In spite of a comfortable and well-developed public transport system, there is nothing like having your own car to drive around as you please. Those who want to import their own vehicles need to meet the regulatory requirements besides presenting the relevant documents to the Lithuania Custom Department. Cost & Time Examples For Shipping…

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Ship Car To Kaunas

Kaunas in Lithuania is its 2nd largest city and has remained a prominent place from historical times. It is known as the hub of Lithuanian academic, cultural, and economic life. Its location is quite important, right on the confluence of major rivers in this country – Neris and Nemunas – near Kaunas reservoir. This is the largest water body in the country and is the most prominent riverside port among all Baltic States. With time, there has been an increase in the number of expatriates in Kaunas along with foreign students that stay and study here. And that brings with…

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Ship Car To Vilnius

Vilnius is the capital of beautiful Lithuania and is located in its southeastern region. Among Baltic States, this is the 2nd largest city. In the past, Lithuania was part of Soviet Union but today it is a sovereign country in its own right. The capital city is like any other of the European nations, and is the hub of commercial and business activities. Newly developed City Center, has turned into the main business and administrative district towards the northern side of River Neris. Cost & Time Examples For Shipping a Car to Vilnius To/From Ground Ocean Estimated Time New York,…

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Ship Car To Misrata

Situated in Northwest Libya, Misrata is 116 miles away from Tripoli, the capital of Libya. It si the third largest city and is the business capital of the country. Located at the Mediterranean coast adjacent to Cape Misrata, the closest harbor is Qasr Ahmad. Irrespective of whether you intend living here due to your work or are returning to your homeland, you need to have your personal vehicle for easy transportation, as public transportation is erratic. Cost & Time Examples For Shipping a Car to Misrata To/From Ground Ocean Estimated Time San Jose, CA to (California port) to Misrata $200…

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Ship Car To Benghazi

Benghazi is a prominent and second largest city in Libya. It is the largest city in Barqah region besides being the joint former capital of the country. The eastern part of Libya is the hub of transport activities besides being a prominent location on the coastal North road. The road network here is designed quite efficiently with underpasses, roads, and bridges covering the city. However, on certain stretches, you may also come across poor maintenance and traffic jams. If you are planning to work in Libya/ stay on a temporary basis or are a returning citizen, it is important to…

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Ship Car To Tripoli, Libya

The capital and the largest city in Libya it is situated at the cusp of the desert and projects into the Mediterranean Sea, forming a large bay. The geographical location makes it perfect for trading and business, making it a hub of commercial activities in Libya. If you are an expatriate and have a work permit, or are a returning national, you might require having your own personal vehicle in Tripoli. It is easy to import from USA, if you understand the regulations and import guidelines for shipping the vehicle. There are documents to file and custom duties to pay…

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Ship Car To Maseru

The capital of Lesotho, Maseru is the most populous and is the largest city in the country. Situated on the banks of the River Caledon, the city is the hub of commercial and economic activities in the country. Although it is an independent country, Lesotho shares quite a few of the laws with Namibia along with the border. As Lesotho is landlocked, when you are shipping your personal vehicle to Maseru, ocean bound freight shipping can deliver it to the nearest port and after that it needs to be land transposed to the city. Additionally, you will need to work…

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Ship Car To Tripoli

Tripoli, the largest city in the Northern Lebanon is situated 85 kilometers north of Beirut (capital of Lebanon). Being the second largest city in the country, it is the capital of the Tripoli District and North Governorate. Tripoli is the eastern port in Lebanon, overlooking Eastern Mediterranean Sea. It is the key of holding off shore string of 4 tiny islands, the only surviving Lebanon islands. Shipping a vehicle into this country is a difficult endeavor. Although by equipping yourself with apt research before the time and appointing a credible transport auto company, the process will become much easier for…

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Ship Car To Beirut

Beirut, capital and largest city of Lebanon, plays an important role in Lebanese economy. The National Government is located in this city along with many major banks and corporations in areas of Ashrafieh, Rue Verdun and Hamra Street. After the disastrous Lebanese Civil War, city’s cultural landscape witnessed a major change. Being known for its world-class advertising, accountancy, law, banking and finance, Beirut is called as Beta World City by Globalization and World Cities Research Network. Importing your vehicle into Lebanon can be a taxing endeavor. However by doing proper research before the time and by hiring well established auto…

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Ship Car To Kuwait City

A global cosmopolitan and multi-ethnic Kuwait city is the capital of Kuwait and is one of the richest countries in the Middle East. With numerous ports and well-connected by air, the city is home to expatriates from all over the world. If you are a U.S citizen or a returning citizen, or have a work or residence permit, you might be looking to import your vehicle to Kuwait. The ports where you can ship your vehicle in Kuwait are Port of Shuwaikh, Port of Doha and Port of Shuaiba. However, you need to be aware of the stringent protocols and…

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Ship Car To Yokohama

Located at the Tokyo Bay, close to Tokyo, Yokohama is the largest incorporated city in Japan. A bustling port city, and major business hub of Greater Tokyo Area, it is home to many large companies and business, making it a favored destination to expatriates in Japan. Though Japan has one of the largest networks of public transportation, you need to have your personal vehicle with you to commute through the city and to the neighboring cities and ports. Yokohama is a high-tech city with well-maintained road systems and stringent regulations, and if you are planning to ship your vehicle from…

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