10 Important Areas You Need To Know Around Your Neighborhood

10 Important Areas You Need To Know Around Your Neighborhood

Moving to a new neighborhood is a stressful process. This is because you are taken from a familiar set-up, to a community where you need to re-acquaint yourself with the environment and the basic amenities. This is a quick guide on the 10 most important areas you need to know around your neighborhood.



  • Gyms: If you are a work-out enthusiast, this should be your first area of interest. Take a drive or walk around your new neighborhood keeping a look-out on establishments that could house a gym. The closer it is to your new area of residence, the easier it shall be to access.
  • Schools and colleges: This is a very vital aspect in the neighborhood. You may have school-going children, so it is important to find schools that are near you. Colleges are also important facilities to look out for in the area; you never know when that night course bug might bite.
  • Police station: Access to a police station within your neighborhood should be of top priority. You may need their services at one time.
  • Train and bus stations: Most city and suburb dwellers need a reliable commuting system near them. The most common systems in most neighborhoods are scheduled trains and buses. Take time to find out where the train and bus stations are found.
  • Butcher: Most people prefer to buy their meat straight from the butcher’s rather than buying pre-packaged, frozen meats. If you fall in this category, then it is paramount that you find out where your closest butcher is located.

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  • Farmers markets: Everyone enjoys fresh fruits and vegetables, and where better to find them than in a farmers market. Ask around to find out where the nearest farmers market is, and on what days it is.
  • Grocery stores: A very important aspect of our daily lives is healthy groceries. A grocery store is a convenient place to pick up daily or weekly groceries. Most are located in areas that have a community of people living nearby. Find out where the one closest to you is, as well as their opening and closing times for your convenience.
  • Churches and social halls: It is important to plug into a community, and one of the ways to do this is by joining a church or participating in social meetings. Churches are usually very conspicuous, so finding one won’t be difficult. Ask around for directions to your neighborhood’s social hall and find out when social meetings are held.
  • The local salon and barbershop: Another important part of your neighborhood is the local salon and barbershop. It is important to find the one closest to you as well as the one that offers the most affordable, yet reliable services.
  • Restaurants: Finally, everyone enjoys eating out once in a while. Find restaurants close to your new neighborhood through social media and phone listings. Plan to pay them a visit as soon as you can.

With this exhaustive list of services, you will be able to find your way around your new neighborhood like a pro.

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