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Shipping Cars Overseas With A-1 Auto Transport

Shipping Car OverseasWhen shipping cars overseas, there are many things to be considered. The first factor worth thinking about is which method of shipment you would like to use for your overseas car shipping. There are two conventional ways of doing this: the RoRo Ship or the container. Each of these methods have different prices and car shipping rates.

How To Ship A Car Overseas

The RoRo method allows for your car to be driven directly onto the ship for transport. It is then secured in place by the use of straps and braces as well as wooden blocks to prevent movement during overseas auto shipping.

The container method involves loading the vehicle into a container for overseas auto transport. The containers available include a 20 ft. as well as a 40 ft. model. The difference between the two is that a 20 ft. container can only fit one vehicle, whereas a 40 ft. container can fit two vehicles.

One big advantage of choosing the container method is that you have the option of shipping personal items along with your vehicle, which you cannot do with the RoRo Ship.

For vehicles that need shipment but are not close to a major port, many auto transport companies will arrange the pick-up by a carrier truck to ship your vehicle to the nearest port.

Something else to consider when vehicle shipping overseas is the location that you will be shipping your vehicle to. Your vehicle will be required to have all necessary paperwork, such as the export documentation, attached so that there is no confusion or problems with customs. Many foreign governments have various stipulations and fees that may influence the price as well as the fluidity of your transaction.

So before choosing an auto transport carrier, you should be sure that they will be able to effectively deal with any such stipulations to ensure that your transport service goes down without a hitch.

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Why Take My Car With Me Overseas?

Many people need to do this for a variety of reasons. Some people are moving to a new country for family, work or retirement. Other people are coming off of active duty in the military where they were stationed overseas, so they will want their car to come home with them. Still others are selling a very high end or rare car to someone and they are moving their car for a collector. Whatever the reason for needing to ship cars , there is a lot you need to know. First, it is critical that you have an expert working with you to make the arrangements. There are a lot of laws and regulations which can make the whole process very difficult if you’re not aware of them.

How To Ship Your Vehicle Properly - Information Guide

For most people, this process is something they’ve never even given any thought to since it is not a very common experience, and is definitely different than shipping a car across the country. Since it is not something most people know how to do it can become a very stressful endeavor if you don’t get the help from an expert you’ll need. Shipping cars overseas is not just a matter of calling up a boat and having them load your car onto the boat to send it to its destination port. There are a significant number of rules and regulations which are often specific to the country you are transporting to and from. It is virtually impossible for an inexperienced individual to work out all the arrangements on their own. Hiring an experienced company or individual to help get through all the regulations is very important.

overseas shipping by A-1 Auto TransportWhen choosing a company or individual to help you with your shipment, it’s important to find one that has a lot of experience and lots of public car transport reviews. Trusting your vehicle to an unproven company is a dangerous option which could lead to your car being stolen or badly damaged. Sometimes it can seem difficult to find the right company to help you but with a little research online you’ll quickly be able to sort the good from the bad and make a wise choice.

Another item to consider when shipping cars overseas is how long the shipment will take. There are many times when it takes weeks or longer to complete the shipment because a lot is dependent on the cargo ship and when it is traveling to your desired port. Cargo ships typically have thousands of items on them and may be traveling to several different ports so it’s important to note that it can be difficult to get the exact pick up and drop off days and times that you want. Fortunately though most cargo ships are pretty good at getting to the places they are scheduled to be on time. So even if it’s not your ideal date and time you can still count on the fact that when they give you the date they can deliver it you’ll know it’s pretty sure to arrive that date.


Being Flexible Helps

If you are able to be flexible about which port you can pick the vehicle up in, you may be able to get it quicker than if it must go to a specific one. Most cargo ships travel a long distance and may drop things off and pick them up in several ports in and around their destination country. This can save you several days if you’re willing to go to the first port which they arrive at in the destination country. Just make sure you give a list of all the options to the transportation company so they can work with you to choose the ideal destination.

There may be some taxes, tariffs or other fees associated with this process depending on where you are shipping to and from so it’s important to keep that in mind. If you are moving a car to a port which is near several countries, it may be wise to find out which has the lowest import taxes or tariffs and have it shipped there. It can be well worth your money to go a little out of the way to pick it up if the difference in fees is significant enough. There are often many tips and tricks a car moving expert can suggest to try to help save you some money. The fees the professionals charge are often less than the amount of money they can save you by avoiding taxes, fees and other complications.

Whenever you are shipping cars overseas, there is a worry that something will happen to your car. It could be stolen or damaged while shipping. It could be lost for weeks or longer if the paperwork was not filed correctly. Depending on how it was shipped, it could even be delivered but then just sit in a storage yard until they can figure out exactly what happened. It is a much more complicated process than simply having your car shipped somewhere within the United States. Working with professionals really helps avoid the vast majority of these issues because they have the experience and know how to properly follow all the standards and processes which help to ensure nothing goes wrong. Their experience is invaluable in helping to avoid complications during the shipping process because they know how to fill out every paper properly.

Whatever your reason for needing to have your car shipped overseas, it is important to know what you need to do before you start the process. Attempting to handle everything on your own is difficult and foolish because it can often lead to disasters, or at the very least, a lot more work than it would be to hire someone who has experience with shipping cars overseas. Fill out a quote form today and we’ll take care of all your auto transport needs!

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